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Watching Horror Movies Burns Nearly 200 Calories

Watching a horror movie could burn off 200 calories or a whole bar of chocolate, according to new research released.

Viewers who put themselves through 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping horror movie terror can use up as much as 113 calories, close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and the equivalent to a chocolate bar.
The movie top of the list of calorie-burners was found to be the 1980 psychological thriller The Shining, with the average viewer using up a whopping 184 calories.
Jaws took the runner-up spot, with viewers burning on average 161 calories, and The Exorcist came third, with 158 calories.
The University of Westminster study measured the total energy expenditure of ten different people as they watched a selection of frightening movies.
Scientists recorded their heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output - and discovered the number of calories used increased by on average a third during the films.

The research also revealed films featuring moments designed to make viewers jump in terror are the best calorie-burners, as they cause heart rates to soar.
Dr Richard Mackenzie, senior lecturer and specialist in cell metabolism and physiology at the University of Westminster, said: "Each of the ten films tested set pulses racing, sparking an increase in the heart rate of the case studies.
"As the pulse quickens and blood pumps around the body faster, the body experiences a surge in adrenaline.
"It is this release of fast acting adrenaline, produced during short bursts of intense stress (or in this case, brought on by fear), which is known to lower the appetite, increase the Basal Metabolic Rate and ultimately burn a higher level of calories."
Helen Cowley, editor of the movie rental company LOVEFiLM - which commissioned the University of Westminster study - said: "We all know the feeling of wanting to hide behind the sofa or grab a pillow when watching scary or hair raising scenes, but this research suggests that maybe those seeking to burn some calories should keep their eyes on the screen."
The top 10 calorie-burning frightening films were:
1. The Shining: 184 calories
2. Jaws: 161 calories
3. The Exorcist: 158 calories
4. Alien: 152 calories
5. Saw: 133 calories
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: 118 calories
7. Paranormal Activity: 111 calories
8. The Blair Witch Project: 105 calories
9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 107 calories
10. [Rec]: 101 calories

Ghosts in Haunted San Diego

The Paranormalistics are in the news for a Halloween ghost hunting report for haunted San Diego!  We took reporter Lillian Cox from "The Coast News"  on a ghost hunt in haunted North County San Diego.  Pick up a copy on news stands this week!  Here is her story.

Ghost hunters examine paranormal past of North County San Diego

Ghost hunters examine paranormal past of North County
Maritza Skandunas (left), founder San Diego Ghost Hunters and her partner, Colleen Rose at Leucadia Roadside Park at 11 p.m., Oct. 16. Using an electronic device called an Ovilu X, Skandunas made contact with a spirit who identified himself as Tom Kelly. Photo by Lillian Cox
COAST CITIES — Local tales about the supernatural are as old as Wee-La-Me, a mountain in San Marcos thought by Native Americans to be their Garden of Eden where ancestors communicated with the spirits of water, land, rocks, trees, animals and birds. Centuries later, spiritualists arrived in the region, settling in Harmony Grove and, some say, Leucadia. Legends persist today including a belief that Encinitas lies on a spiritual vortex.
One of the most recent and widespread accounts of the supernatural relates to the haunting of the Hunter Steakhouse on Vista Way, which was built on the site of Oceanside’s Buena Vista Cemetery after it was removed in 1970.
“Grading was then done on the property and it is well known that several bodies, unceremoniously left behind, were discovered in the ensuing weeks of early construction,” wrote archaeologist Karen Angel. “Witness accounts relate that the abandoned remains were dumped into or towards the Buena Vista Lagoon.”
Maritza Skandunas is founder of San Diego Ghost Hunters and has been featured on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story.” She has done investigations of the Hotel Del Coronado, The Star of India and Whaley House.
On June 16, 2006, she was recruited to investigate Hunter Steakhouse by a friend who was a regular at the restaurant and friend of the manager.
“We went downstairs in the bar off to the right and there’s a storage room where a man was kind of hostile,” she remembered. “We’d hear a noise like he was throwing things. He didn’t want women there.”

A spirit orb forms near the arm of Steve Wileman of Paranormalistics. The item on the headstone is an electronic device called a ghost attractor, a tool used by ghost hunters. Courtesy photo
Last week Skandunas and her partner Colleen Rose visited the ladies room at La Paloma Theatre for some psychic sleuthing. Their tools were a digital voice recorder and video camera.
Initially, there was no response to questions the women posed.
“Why don’t you want to talk to us?” Skandunas asked.
“Get out! … Don’t talk to her!” was the answer when Rose replayed the tape.
“This may have been the men’s room?” Rose asked.
“Yes,” was the response.
“What was your last name?”
“Julian,” the voice said.
Afterward, around 11 p.m., Skandunas and Rose drove to Leucadia Roadside Park to follow up on a legend they heard that it was once the site of a spiritualist settlement.
Using an electronic translation and recording device called an Ovilus X, a clear voice identified himself as “Tom Kelly.”
“Colleen and I were sitting there and he knew my name, and then we were asking him who he was,” Skandunas recalled. “It was Dolores Spears, a spiritualist in San Diego who helped my parents get rid of a spirit in our house in the 1960s and 1970s.”
Last year Carlsbad residents Steve Wileman and Misty Oliver founded Paranormalistics. Like Skandunas and Rose, their interest in ghost hunting stems from a childhood experience living in homes later discovered to be haunted. They don’t charge for their services in detecting and eliminating spirits from homes.
Wileman says his most frequent requests are from those who want advice or validation of what they experienced.
“There are a few sad cases where people are afraid to stay, so we go out and try to help them retake their home,” he said.
One of the most serious cases was a demon that occupied a duplex in Oceanside.
“We witnessed a purse sliding across a table when we arrived,” Wileman said. “It was a demonic EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) calling the renter’s name — clearly saying the girl’s name. Things were moving around the house — it was very negative and didn’t want us there.”
After clearing a home of spirits, he said a client’s final request, fearing ridicule, is confidentiality.
Wileman said more and more people are becoming ghost hunters and can do so for a reasonable investment. An Ovilu X ranges from $30 to $229. A Paracorder 667, which detects, attracts and communicates with spirits, costs about $89.
For more information, visit and
A class, Psychic and Paranormal Adventures, is offered Tuesday evenings at the Mystical Dragon, 570 Grand Ave. in Carlsbad. For more information, call Carol Gibbs at             (760) 889-9567      .

The Coast News

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Paranormal Music Video of the Year

Paranormal Music Video : This is the best paranormal music video (so far) of the year! When you think paranormal you don't usually think music video, but this is the best and funniest of the year! Nekrogoblikon put out this music video (No One Survives) recently and its hilarious. There is even a special guest appearance by comedian John Jolie.

What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty, music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, the band has perfected their brand of crushing goblin music!!!

The Paranormalistics support the arts anyway we can and we give props to making such a hilarious paranormal music video. Great job Nekrogoblikon!

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Spooky, Scary Halloween Stories

Since Halloween is a spooky and scary time of year, here's some scary & spooky stories for your Halloween holiday. We forgot to mention these Halloween stories are true urban legends!

 Scary Halloween Stories - The Hanging "Decoration" - A True Halloween Urban Legend

In October of 2005, the body of a 42-year-old woman was discovered hanging from a tree in Frederica, Delaware. Neighbors believed the post-suicidal woman was a Halloween decoration and did not contact the authorities until the body had been hanging there for three hours.

Spooky Halloween Stories - The Candy Man - A True Halloween Urban Legend

On Halloween night in 1974, a father in Pasadena, Texas, by the name of Ronald Clark O'Bryan poisoned four jumbo-sized Pixy Stix with cyanide. He had taken out a sizeable life insurance policy on his children and passed out the cyanide-laden candy not only to his son and daughter, but to four other children to cover up his crime. Only his 8-year-old son, Timothy Marc O'Brien, ingested the candy and died soon after. Ronald Clark O'Bryan was put to death for his crime on March 31st, 1984. It is believed that this incident is what prompted the "candy scare" of the 80s and 90s.

Scary Halloween Stories - A Case Of Mistaken Identity - A True Halloween Urban Legend

In October of 1992, 16 year old foreign exchange student Yoshihiro Hattori and his homestay brother, Webb Haymaker, went to a Halloween party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When they arrived at the house, they rang the front doorbell but received no response. They then went around to the back of the house and surprised owner, Rodney Peairs, who shot and killed Yoshihiro Hattori thinking the high school students were burglars.

Spooky Halloween Stories - Accidental Death Sentence - A True Halloween Urban Legend

In October of 1990, 15 year old North Carolina resident, William Anthony Odem, accidentally hung himself while staging a dramatic gallows scene at a Halloween party.

Scary Halloween Stories - The Napa Valley Murders - A True Halloween Urban Legend

This took place in Napa Valley, California. On Halloween night 2004, house mates Lauren M., Adriane Insogna and Leslie Ann Mazzara handed out candy to trick-or-treaters and went to bed around 10:30 p.m. Lauren awoke to the sound of breaking glass at 2:00am followed by screaming from Adriane. She ran out of the house and hid in the backyard. Upon hearing Adriane scream again, Lauren came back inside and tried to dial 911 but the phone didn't work. Upstairs, she found both her friends had been stabbed and were barely clinging to life. Realizing she could not help them, she left the house again and called 911 from her cell phone. Both women soon died. The killer turned out to be Eric Copple, Adriane's best friend's fiancé, who apparently committed the murders out of jealousy of the friendship between Adriane and his wife-to-be.

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Haunted Places in Hollywood

Hollywood, haunted places. Here are some of the most haunted places around Hollywood.
Haunted Hollywood Places
Haunted Movie Theater
Haunted Los Angeles
The Comedy Store
The Silent Movie Theater
Grauman's Chinese Theater
Pantages Theater
Vogue Theater

The Comedy Store

The Haunted Comedy Store : The paranormal hauntings at this famous Sunset Strip comedy club are no joking matter. Formerly known as a hangout for gangsters Ciro's in the 1940s, reported regulars from the hereafter include murdered victims of mobsters in the basement as well as stand-up alumni who play pranks on the staff.

The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California is reportedly haunted by prankster ghosts that will reset a room prepared for the evening or stack a mountain of chairs within seconds if no one is in the room. It is also claimed a dark entity exists in the basement that comedians Blake Clark and Joey Gaynor claim to have witnessed manifest.

Ciro’s opened in 1940. Today, it is called the Comedy Store, world-famous laugh club; but late at night, the ghosts of Ciro’s rule the roost.

I was a cocktail waitress at “The Store” for one extraordinary year of my life during 1981 and 1982.  After the laughter died out and the last glass was washed, another kind of show began. At that hour, the club was in the hands of Blake Clark, a charming, funnyman who doubled as security.

One night on his way out the back door, he heard banging on the piano in the Belly Room, a small venue on the second floor.  Some of the waitresses had already reported odd occurrences in there — pranks, really.

One of the young women would open the room, light candles, arrange tables and leave. Five minutes later, she’d return to find the candles out, the lights off, the door locked. When she returned with the key, she’d find the door open and the room set up again. Clark rushed upstairs when he heard the piano, thinking someone was locked in.

As soon as he unlocked the door, the noise stopped. He flipped on the light. No one was in the room. He checked all corners, then locked up. As he turned to leave, he heard it again... someone deliberately banging the keys of the piano. Clark heard the piano on numerous other occasions. There was never anyone to be seen in the room...just a playful spirit with a tin ear having a laugh.

Another night, Blake made the final rounds in the large showroom which had been Ciro’s main room. He moved to lock up, but stopped in his tracks. A chair on one end of the stage began to slide across to the other side. He stood frozen, watching as the chair glided effortlessly three feet, ten feet, twenty. In a flash, he found his feet and got out of there. Still another night, he went to the rear of the empty stage to turn off a light. Seconds later, he turned around to find 40 chairs silently piled center stage, ten feet away.

Clark’s wife had her doubts when she first heard the stories, but she got all the proof she wanted one evening waiting in the car for him by the back door.  As Clark turned the corner and walked toward her, he saw her go pale, her mouth open. She pointed and he spun around. A ghostly form, a transparent male figure was peeking around the corner of the building at him, making sure the coast was clear.

Sightings weren’t limited to night. One afternoon, as Clark played a video game in an annex off the kitchen, he felt a man watching from several feet behind. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a guy in a brown leather bomber jacket. Clark reached a break in the game and turned to acknowledge the guy. “He disappeared right before my eyes,” Clark said. “I didn’t even wait for my bonus man, I just ran.”

Later that afternoon, the same “man” was seen in a third floor office, crouching in terror in a corner.

Psychics believe ghosts often recreate the moment of their deaths. If that’s true, then it would appear this man met his maker here. The mob had fingers in this club in the ’40s and ’50s. Gangster Mickey Cohen shook the place down every week. Chances are someone got bumped off.

There were so many occurrences at The Store, we called the parapsychology department at UCLA in the summer of 1982. One of them, Dr. Barry Taff, gained fame with the “Entity” case. The moment he entered the basement, Taff fell to the ground, struck with agonizing pain in his legs. His powerful psychic ability tapped into excruciating pain that someone sometime had suffered in that spot. He felt very strongly that this pain was no accident, that it was purposely inflicted.  The basement, to him, felt like the “heart” of the building, where the mob carried out evil deeds.

Clark agrees. Around 3 am one morning, he heard a guttural growling coming from the basement. He stood in horror as the padlocked gate across the entrance began to bulge out into the hallway under tremendous weight. The gate groaned, then suddenly snapped back in position. But standing in the hall was a hulking blacker-than-black amorphous figure, almost seven feet tall. “I got a tremendous feeling of malevolence from it,” Clark told me, vowing never to go to the basement again.

As the fates, and owner Mitzi Shore would have it (Mitzi is the mother of Pauley Shore)  Blake did have to go to the basement again. To be safe, he took 2 friends. The trio was no sooner downstairs than one of them saw a black shadow rising from a corner. “No! No, stay away!” he cried, holding up his hands. Blake didn’t see anything this time, but he didn’t have to.

He grabbed his friend’s hands; they were burning hot as if he’d held them against a stove. And yet, they could see their breath like it was freezing. As they clambered up the stairs, a piece of cardboard fell from out of nowhere and hit Blake on the hand. He picked it up.  It had his name written on it.

The Silent Movie Theater 

The Haunted Silent Movie Theater : John Hampton opened the Silent Movie Theatre in 1942, 15 years after motion-picture sound had been introduced in Hollywood.

He started the theater with his own personal collection of silent films and sought to collect and restore the silent classics during a time when most studios were destroying their leftover silent prints.

Hampton preserved thousands of films using toxic chemicals in his bathroom tub above the theater and in film labs around the Hollywood area. In the process of saving many of these classic titles from extinction, Hampton exposed himself to dangerous toxins that would eventually prove fatal. In the late 1970s, Hampton and his wife Dorothy announced that the proprietor had contracted cancer from many hours of chemical exposure. Hampton died in 1990.

The theater reopened in 1991 under a new proprietor, Lawrence Austin, but it wasn't long before tragedy struck the Silent Movie Theatre again.

In 1996, Austin became the target of a murder plot, which was conspired by his live-in companion and theater projectionist James Van Sickle, also a beneficiary of the theater corporation. Austin was shot and killed on Jan. 17, 1997, in the lobby by 19-year-old gun-for-hire Christian Rodriguez during a screening of a Larry Semon, comedy short. Rodriguez and Van Sickle were both convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Ghosts of the Haunted Silent Movie Theater : Now under the operation of a third proprietor, Charlie Lustman, the Silent Movie Theatre is known to be haunted by the spirits of its two former owners.

"The first proprietor (Hampton) regularly haunts the upstairs lounge, which used to be his and Dorothy's apartment for over 45 years," Lustman said.
The second proprietor, Austin, has also made the theater his post mortem stomping ground.

"He is regularly seen in the lobby by many confused employees after hours," Lustman said.

Lustman said the Silent Movie Theatre has a special connection to Halloween.

"I reopened the theatre on Halloween night in 1999, after John Hampton, the original owner, spoke out to me while I was riding by one day on my way to a falafel sandwich" he said.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

The Haunted Grauman's Chinese Theater : Among the many ghosts is the murdered actor Victor Killian who moves objects around inside the theater, still in search of the culprit who took his life at his apartment, which was once right down the road from Grauman's. Others have reported seeing the impressions of hands in the velvet drapes and witnessed them violently shake.

The theater has secret rooms behind a wall.  Grauman built them for private parties after a premiere or the Oscars where he and his famous friends could celebrate comfortably. He hid buzzers near lamps in the lobby to signal people inside to open the secret panel. Sadly, these rooms have long been sealed and all buzzers disconnected.

The Pantages Theater

The Haunted  Pantages Theater : In 1949, millionaire-aviator Howard Hughes turned studio owner when he took the reigns of RKO Studios, including its flagship theater.  Hughes loved the Pantages and set up plush offices on the second floor.  In the early ‘50s, he invited the Academy to hold two Oscar ceremonies there before he sold RKO and retired from public life.

Today, Hughes is seen time and again in the executive offices and his footsteps are heard throughout the building. Assistants in the outer office know he’s approaching when the room fills with the smell of cigarette smoke – which Hughes despised. Then, the young Hughes, tall, lanky, dressed in a plain suit, strides around a corner and walks through a wall that was the original doorway to his office. Karla Rubin, a former executive assistant, felt a presence primarily in the conference room, which had been Hughes’ office.  “There’s something about the temperature of the room — a coldness.

I would feel a wind go past me when there was no air on.” She also heard a lot of bumping and banging and the clicking of the brass handles on the desk drawers.  She’d run in only to find the room empty and very cold. After vandals broke in and damaged the upper balcony area, the ghostly activity increased. “It seemed like someone was really mad or upset.  Things were really banging around.”

A female presence also calls the theater home. Back in 1932, a female patron died in the mezzanine during a show. After some time passed, when the auditorium was dark and quiet, the voice of a woman could be heard singing…sometimes in the day, other times late at night after everyone had gone home. Employees at the Pantages developed a theory about the voice. The unfortunate young woman who died in the theater may have been an aspiring singer who’d come to see one of the musicals so popular in the early ’30s.

She watched her favorite star in this most glamorous of theaters, dreaming that she, too, might be seen on this stage. With these thoughts in her head, she succumbed to death; but she lives out her dream of performing at the Pantages. And she’s lost her stage fright. Her voice has been picked up on microphone on stage and carried over the monitor during a live performance.  Engineers actually picked up the voice of someone who was not visible on the stage.

Whoever the ghosts are at the Pantages, they love and protect this magnificent theater and the people who take care of her. Recently, a wardrobe lady was the last to leave the darkened theater. As she walked toward a side exit in the auditorium, the emergency lights along the aisles went out. Thrown into complete darkness, she stumbled, bumping into something. Completely disoriented, she couldn’t find her way out. In the darkness, someone took her elbow and helped her up, then, with a firm hand, guided her toward the door.  She opened it, letting in some light. The grateful woman turned to thank her rescuer, but no one was there.

The Vogue Theater  

The Haunted Vogue Theater : In the late 1800s, Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Avenue. The Prospect Elementary School stood at the site where the Vogue Theater, which opened in 1936, now stands. In 1901, tragedy struck the four-room schoolhouse, and it burned to the ground killing 25 children and the teacher, Miss Elizabeth.

The movie theater remained in operation until the spring of 1992, when the Vogue closed its doors and was left empty until 1997. At that time, the International Society for Paranormal Research, headed by parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz, acquired the property and moved in to set up shop.

When ISPR moved into the Vogue Theatre, the team had no idea the property was haunted by nine resident entities, including six children and three adult ghosts, Montz said.

"When we took over the Vogue, we were intending to use it for offices and a place to do screenings," he said. "When it turned out to be active, it turned into a research center. Now, there have been literally thousands of accounts of people who had paranormal experiences there."

Montz said the Vogue was so active with paranormal occurrences that the ghosts developed relationships with members of the ISPR team.
The children, Montz said, all died in the 1901 fire at Prospect Elementary. One of the adult ghosts was Miss Elizabeth, the schoolteacher who also died in the fire.
Two other adult ghosts identified as Fritz and Danny also took up residence at the Vogue.

Fritz, a German immigrant, was the Vogue Theatre projectionist for 40 years, and he died of a heart attack in the projection room in the 1980s.

Danny was a maintenance engineer for Mann Theatres who also worked at the Vogue from time to time. He died of a drug overdose in the 80s.

For four years, the Vogue Theatre was the home of ISPR and its ghost expeditions, which allowed visitors to participate in a paranormal field investigation combining both scientific and clairvoyant methods.

Among the reports of paranormal activity occurring in the Vogue were accounts of full-form apparitions, poltergeist activities when objects move around the property, strange odors and visits from outside entities who did not regularly haunt the theater. "It was one of the most active sites I've ever worked on," Montz said.

Paranormalistics is the study of all things paranormal using investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena. Most situations have logical explanations, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal.

Paranormalistics HQ is located in Carlsbad Ca North San Diego County. We primarily service California and Nevada, but  will travel as far as it takes. We now have a new Paranormalistics Las Vegas Nv Chapter and Paranormalistics Boulder City Nv Chapter to better service those regions.

Contact us to schedule an investigation for your residence, property, business or if you want to report, study or need help with paranormal activity. This is a free service. All consultations are confidential.

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Paranormal Investigators in San Diego

Our team of paranormal investigators are located in haunted San Diego. San Diego has many haunted locations & our paranormal investigators are here to help. Paranormalistics headquarters is located in Carlsbad Ca North San Diego County.

We deal in hauntings, ghosts, spirits & other paranormal activity. This is a free service. Contact us to schedule a paranormal investigation or to report, study or obtain help with paranormal phenomena. All consultations are confidential.

We primarily service California and Nevada but will travel as far as it takes.

Paranormalistics is the study of all things paranormal using investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena. Most situations have logical explanations, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal.

A Haunting is when paranormal activity has been occurring for a lengthy period of time in a certain location. An area can become haunted for many reasons, not just untimely deaths or tragic accidents. Sometimes an area can become haunted because it was the favorite place of a person who has passed. People do not have to die at a location for it to become haunted and it can technically happen anywhere. The architecture of a structure, the minerals in the land, underground springs and other water sources can have a major factor as well. For example, you should never build structures on top of limestone or water tables, because limestone retains energy and water is a conductor of energy. This belief dates back over 5000 years in ancient China and other areas in the region.

Haunted can refer to a person, object, or place that has a ghost or spirit attached to it. Haunted objects can be anything from jewelry to an old piano and often have an aura in photos. Sometimes it can be a person that's haunted and not the area.

Residual Haunting 
An imprint left at a location that repeats itself over and over again. Residual ghosts usually live out their final hours at haunted locations. Residuals most often show no intelligence or self awareness, they will go right past or through you without a flinch. Many believe it was their emotional energy that left an imprint or recording on our our dimensional frequency, like a tape recorder.

Intelligent Haunting
An intelligent haunting is when paranormal activity interacts with the living and shows some type of intelligence.

Demonic Haunting
A Demonic haunting, is when a negative, non human spirit or spirits haunt a location. These types of hauntings usually start out playful but can quickly turn very dangerous and even deadly. Demons destroy families and can haunt people their entire lives. Even if they move, the demons will follow. An exorcism or cleansing must be conducted to rid the victim, object or location of these negative entities, by a demonologist, priest or shaman, but there's is no guarantee this will work.

The term 'Infestation' is used when multiple ghosts, spirits or demons are involved in a haunting. Infestation can also used to describe a very intense rise in paranormal activity at a location.

Haunted San Diego
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Christopher Columbus and the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle and Christopher Columbus : Christopher Columbus had a paranormal experience in the Bermuda Triangle with a USO.

One of the first reported cases of USO's was by the Great Explorer Christopher Columbus in the Bermuda Triangle and here's one of his Logs:

Thursday, 11 October. Steered west-southwest; and encountered a heavier sea than they had met with before in the whole voyage. Saw pardelas and a green rush near the vessel. The crew of the Pinta saw a cane and a log; they also picked up a stick which appeared to have been carved with an iron tool, a piece of cane, a plant which grows on land, and a board. The crew of the Nina saw other signs of land, and a stalk loaded with rose berries. These signs encouraged them, and they all grew cheerful. Sailed this day till sunset, twenty-seven leagues.

After sunset steered their original course west and sailed twelve miles an hour till two hours after midnight, going ninety miles, which are twenty-two leagues and a half; and as the Pinta was the swiftest sailer, and kept ahead of the Admiral, she discovered land and made the signals which had been ordered.

Christopher Columbus and a UFO / USO
The land was first seen by a sailor called Rodrigo de Triana, although the Admiral at ten o'clock that evening standing on the quarter-deck saw a light, but so small a body that he could not affirm it to be land; calling to Pero Gutierrez, groom of the King's wardrobe, he told him he saw a light, and bid him look that way, which he did and saw it; he did the same to Rodrigo Sanchez of Segovia, whom the King and Queen had sent with the squadron as comptroller, but he was unable to see it from his situation. The Admiral again perceived it once or twice, appearing like the light of a wax candle moving up and down, which some thought an indication of land. 

But the Admiral held it for certain that land was near; for which reason, after they had said the Salve, which the seamen are accustomed to repeat and chant after their fashion, the Admiral directed them to keep a strict watch upon the forecastle and look out diligently for land, and to him who should first discover it, he promised a silken jacket, besides the reward which the King and Queen had offered, which was an annuity of ten thousand maravedis. 

At two o'clock in the morning the land was discovered, at two leagues' distance; they took in sail and remained under the square-sail lying to till day, which was Friday, when they found themselves near a small island, one of the Lucayos, called in the Indian language Guanahani.

The crew saw strange lights below the ocean water and rise above it!

U.F.O.   : An unidentified flying object.

U.S.O.   : An unidentified submerged object.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mammoth Carcass Found in Siberia

An 11 year old boy found the remains of a Mammoth carcass in Siberia! The Mammoth carcass was found in the permafrost of northern Siberia. 

The remains were discovered at the end of August in Sopochnaya Karga, 3,500km (2,200 miles) northeast of Moscow.

A team of experts from St Petersburg then spent five days in September extracting the body from frozen mud.

The mammoth is estimated to have been around 16 years old when it died; it stood 2m tall and weighed 500kg.

It has been named Zhenya, after Zhenya Salinder, the 11-year-old who found the carcass while walking his dogs in the area.

Alexei Tikhonov, from the St Petersburg Zoology Institute, who led the team excavating the mammoth, said this specimen could either have been killed by Ice Age humans, or by a rival mammoth.

He added that it was well preserved for an adult specimen.

His colleague Sergei Gorbunov, from the International Mammoth Committee, which works to recover and safeguard such remains, said: "We had to use both traditional instruments such as axes, picks, shovels as well as such devices as this "steamer" which allowed us to thaw a thin layer of permafrost.

"Then we cleaned it off, and then we melted more of it. It took us a week to complete this task."
But several juvenile examples have come to light that are more complete.

Earlier this year, a very well preserved juvenile mammoth nicknamed Yuka was unveiled by scientists.
Found in the Yakutia region of Russia, it preserves much of its soft tissue and strawberry-blonde coat of hair. There were also signs from its remains that humans may have stolen the carcass from lions and perhaps even stashed it for eating at a later date.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Beast of Bray Road

The Bray Road Beast : Is also known as "Bear-Wolf" and the "Indigenous Dogman", This cryptid beast or werewolf of Bray road has terrorized the rural areas of Elkhorn, Wisconsin for decades. This cryptid werewolf like creature has been reported in other parts of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois as well.

The American Werewolf 

Bray Road itself is a quiet country road near the community of Elkhorn. This animal or beast respectively called the  Beast of Bray Road is described by purported witnesses in several ways: as a bearlike creature, as a hairy biped resembling Bigfoot, and as an unusually large (2-4 feet tall on all fours, 7 feet tall standing up) intelligent wolf like creature apt to walk on its hind legs and weighing 400-700 pounds. It also said that it's fur is a brown gray color resembling a dog or bear. This cryptid creature and was first reported on Bray road in the 1980s outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

The earliest sightings of a werewolf in Wisconsin go back to the last century during the year 1936.

A strange creature was spotted near a country road east of Jefferson, Wisconsin. According to the witness, Mark Schackelman, he saw a man-wolf digging in what he thought was an old Indian grave. Fearing for his life, Schackelman watched the beast briefly, and then quietly fled.

Reportedly, intrigued by what he had seen, Schackelman returned to the same area the next night hoping for another glimpse of the beast. Imagine his surprise when he not only saw the creature again, but also heard it speak a bizarre, gutteral language.

Later, Schackelman shared his experience with friends and described the man-wolf he twice encountered as tall—about six feet—with a muzzled face, long curved fingers, and a sickening odor reminiscent of decaying beef.

Another report from southern Wisconsin emerged during the closing weeks of 1939. A young couple reported their terror-filled encounter to the local police, describing a shaggy, wolf-like man walking along the highway on its hind legs. They claimed the creature was extremely muscular and had long grey hair hanging from its body. When the lights from their car lit up the beast it turned, snarled, and then ran into the shadows farther away from the shoulder of the road.

The couple's description is very similar to Schackelman's and all other sightings since. The last major sighting of The Bray Road Beast occurred during 2011.

The majority of sightings occur in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many of these reports have come out of Elkhorn, starting in 1989. The first person to come forward with a werewolf sighting was Doristine Gipson of Elkhorn. Gipson was driving down Bray Road when she felt her right tire hit something. She got out to see what it was; she turned around and saw a dark, hairy wolf-like creature running toward her. She ran back to the car and started to drive away when the beast jumped onto her trunk and quickly fell off. She described the beast as a large wolf like animal with human-like arms and hands.

Between 1939 and the present hundreds of werewolf sightings were reported. One of the most spectacular involved Doristine Gibson, an 18-year-old resident of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Almost all encounters with the nocturnal creature occur at night. People driving down the road spot the beast as it's crouching or standing by the side of the road with their headlights.

Some witnesses insist that the werewolf stared at them. Those shaken people swear the man-wolf's hungry, primitive gaze is enough to freeze the heart.

A few testify that the thing's eyes are deep red, but most witnesses report that headlight beams reflect back glowing yellow-colored eyes.

Many of the witnesses insist that what they encountered was not imagined or a trick of the shadows at night, but a real living and breathing werewolf.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Real Life Mad Scientists

Real Mad Scientists : Welcome to our real life tales of mad scientists. Mad scientists like the real, and truly maddest of mad scientists "Giovanni Aldini" have had a real impact on mankind's development, both scientifically and socially.

A True Dr. Frankenstein

Giovanni Aldini was the nephew of Luigi Galvani. He became professor of physics at Bologna in 1798, in succession to his teacher Sebastiano Canterzani (1734-1819).

His scientific work was chiefly concerned with galvanism and its medical applications, with the construction and illumination of lighthouses, and with experiments for preserving human life and material objects from destruction by fire.

Giovanni Aldini was the greatest of all Galvani’s supporters. He helped to organize a society at Bologna to foster the practices of galvanism in opposition to a Volta society established at the University of Pavia.

Aldini traveled all over Europe publicly electrifying human and animal bodies, and his performances were extraordinary theatrical spectacles. In 1802 Giovanni Aldini came to London with a spectacular demonstration. Such spectacles performed on humans (and ox heads) produced repeated, spasmodic movements of facial muscles, arms, and legs.

He stimulated the heads and trunks of cows, horses, sheep and dogs. An eyewitness reported: "Aldini, after having cut off the head of a dog, makes the current of a strong battery go through it: the mere contact triggers really terrible convulsions. The jaws open, the teeth chatter, the eyes roll in their sockets; and if reason did not stop the fired imagination, one would almost believe that the animal is suffering and alive again".

Though a showman in many respects, Aldini was among the first to treat mentally ill patients with shocks to the brain, reporting complete electrical cures for a number of mental illnesses.

These experiments were described in details in Aldini's book published in London in 1803 "An account of the late improvements in galvanism, with a series of curious and interesting experiments performed before the commissioners of the French National Institute, and repeated lately in the anatomical theaters of London, by John Aldini." It was an influential book on galvanism, that presented for the first time a series of experiments in which the principles of Volta and Galvani were used together.

The fine series of plates illustrated the experiments which involved bodies and heads of animals and humans. For the first time a description appears here of the magnetization of steel needles through connection to a voltaic circuit.

The most famous experiment took place at the Royal College of Surgeons in London in 1803, on a hanged man named George Forster. Anatomical dissection had formed part of Forster’s death sentence, but no one could have visualized quite the violation that Aldini was going to inflict on him. Before a large medical and general audience, he took a pair of conducting rods linked to a powerful battery, and touched the rods to various parts of the body in turn.

The results were dramatic. When the rods were applied to Forster’s mouth and ear, “the jaw began to quiver, the adjoining muscles were horribly contorted, and the left eye actually opened.” When one rod was moved to touch the rectum, the whole body convulsed: indeed, the movements were “so much increased as almost to give an appearance of re-animation”.

And so it went on, with Aldini moving the two rods around the body in a different combinations like a switchboard operator. According to newspaper reports of the time, some of the spectators genuinely believed that the body was about to come to life, and were suitably awestruck even though it did not happen.

George Forster was hung at 8am on 18th January 1803 at Newgate Prison, for the drowning of his wife and youngest child in the Paddington Canal. After hanging for an hour in sub-zero temperatures, Aldini procured the body and began his galvanic experiments.

On the first application of the process to the face, the jaws of the deceased criminal began to quiver, and the adjoining muscles were horribly contorted, and one eye was actually opened. In the subsequent part of the process the right hand was raised and clenched, and the legs and thighs were set in motion. Mr Pass, the beadle of the Surgeons’ Company, who was officially present during this experiment, was so alarmed that he died of fright soon after his return home.

“The jaw began to quiver, the adjoining muscles were horribly contorted, and the left eye actually opened … The action even of those muscles furthest distant from the points of contact with the arc was so much increased as almost to give an appearance of re-animation … vitality might, perhaps, have been restored, if many circumstances had not rendered it impossible.”

"Galvanism was communicated by means of three troughs combined together, each of which contained forty plates of zinc, and as many of copper. On the first application of the arcs the jaw began to quiver, the adjoining muscles were horribly contorted, and the left eye actually opened."

"The first of these decapitated criminals being conveyed to the apartment provided for my experiments, in the neighbourhood of the place of execution, the head was first subjected to the Galvanic action. For this purpose I had constructed a pile consisting of a hundred pieces of silver and zinc. Having moistened the inside of the ears with salt water, I formed an arc with two metallic wires, which, proceeding from the two ears, were applied, one to the summit and the other to the bottom of the pile. When this communication was established, I observed strong contractions in the muscles of the face, which were contorted in so irregular a manner that they exhibited the appearance of the most horrid grimaces. The action of the eye-lids was exceedingly striking, though less sensible in the human head than in that of an ox."

But Aldini himself gave no indication that he expected any such thing – although he did describe his ultimate aim as learning how to “command the vital powers.” In practice, he confined himself to concluding that galvanism “exerted a considerable power over the nervous and muscular systems.” He also noted that nothing could be done with the heart. 

In recognition of his merits, the emperor of Austria made him a knight of the Iron Crown and a councilor of state at Milan, where he died on the 17th of January 1834. He left by will a considerable sum to found a school of natural science for artisans at Bologna.


Many writers and historians recently have stated Aldini was an inspiration for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein due to his many public experimentations of bio-electric Galvanism. Aldini's most famous public demonstrations of the electro-stimulation technique of deceased limbs was performed on the executed criminal George Forster at Newgate in London in 1803.

While it is true that Aldini did do these attempts at human reanimation during the same time of Shelley's writings, and Forster execution was a sensational notice in the public venue, there is no specific reference that Shelley did actually adapt Aldini into her works despite obviously being aware of Aldini's experiments which were done in public at the Royal College of Physicians in 1803.

Raising the Dead

Cryogenics is a method of trying to preserve cellular tissue by means of cold temperatures. There have been a few 'successes' in cryogenics but by and large, since the 1960's, the problem has still always been the same: all matters of life have water in their cells, and water expands when frozen, thus destroying the cells, thus no preservation of life.

Then there is genetics and the field of cloning, or even the genetic study of manipulating genes to 'perfect' an individual. Genetics was first hypothesized, believe it or not, by a monk/pea farmer named Gregor Mendel, who noted that inheritance patterns of certain traits in pea plants and showed that they could be described mathematically.

Real Mad Scientists
It has been proven in recent years that the DNA of a human being can be placed into the cell of an animal, and if breaded and born would be a man/animal, 90% man and 10% animal. Such ideas are considered blasphemous, and even in H.G. Well's time, who once wrote The Island of Dr. Moreau, was considered science-fiction and if possible, would be a great abomination; now it is possible.

These days, scientists are trying to 'bring back' extinct species of animal, most notably the Tasmanian Tiger and the Wooly Mammoth. But the question of whether or not dead tissue can be reanimated is still undetermined. Some scientific communities say they are close to the answer.

Stay tuned for more of  'Real Life Mad Scientists' coming soon!

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Vampires and Aliens

Vampires, Aliens, or Alien Vampires : Vampire encounters share many similarities with alien abductions. Could aliens have been misinterpreted as vampires in ancient times? The original vampire description seems more alien than the romantic vampire we know today. This is due to Bram Stokers "Dracula" novel. Before the book was published, vampires where described as more alien looking in nature. The original vampire film "Nosferatu" depicted a vampire as it was believed to look like from ancient reports.

Down through the centuries people have been visited by all sorts of strange paranormal beings. Some of these have been utterly fantastic in description as well as activity. By far the most common type, however, have been humanoid -- and by that I mean having some semblance to the human physical configuration --although their powers have been distinctly super-human.

The general outline of many of these visits is that a creature with strange, glowing or compelling eyes comes in the night and somehow drains the energy, blood, or life-force from the victim who is unable to call out for help because they are paralyzed in both mind and body.

Other common effects are unusual lights and freezing temperatures. 

The strange beings are reported to have powers that include the ability to disappear, fly, control weather, direct the behavior of animals, change into the form of animals, pass through solid objects and produce hybrid offspring by having sex with their victims. The producing of offspring seems to be only by the interaction of "male" beings with human females, although the incidence of succubi, or female creatures, having sex with human males is quite common as well.

The point is that there is a tradition stretching back thousands of years of beings abducting humans and their offspring; these beings fly in globes of light, can paralyze their victims, induce amnesia about the event, force strange drinks on their victims, have sex with them and, in many cases, ultimately drive them to madness, physical ruin, or even take over their bodies for their own use. This possession can be permanent or semi-permanent. (Possession takes place after a long period of wearing down of the will through repeated forced encounters which generally include draining of energy.)

Some occultists see any sexual activity as part of man's lower nature. Others see it as a sacrament. Cornelius Agrippa described copulation as "full of magical endowment," and Aratus said that:
"As the physical union of man and woman leads to the fruit from the composition of each, in the same way the interior and secret association of man and woman is the copulation of the male and female soul, and is appointed for the production of fitting fruit of the divine life."
Many occultists believe that the mysterious psychic energy producing all phenomena is sexual in nature. In point of fact, poltergeist activity is usually associated with a disturbed adolescent who is unable to "ground" their sexual energy. It is asserted that sexual currents of the libido are manifestations of an energy that can be transferred from one person to another. In this way, it is suggested, the old can draw the life force from young persons.

For example, King David regularly slept with a young virgin when he had become old, and the same technique was used in classical Greece and Rome.

Some physicians of the past went so far as to hypothesize that the life energy was strongly concentrated in young blood and suggested that vampirism should be employed by those enfeebled by age.

Legends of the vampire have persisted since the beginning of recorded history. The problem lies in sorting fact from fiction. The fact is that reports in Eastern Europe tell us that something called vampirism reached almost epidemic proportions in the 18th century. The stories are quite lurid and many of the details must be attributed to the terrified imaginations of superstitious peasants, yet much of the documentation is so detailed and the witnesses so reputable that it seems impossible that there is not something going on here. The question is, what is it? The idea of a corpse coming out of their coffin at night to suck the blood of the living seems pretty irrational and I think we can discard it as confused reports of a phenomenon of an entirely different nature.

From beyond recorded history the ritual drinking and spilling of blood has been the vital element in sacrifice, gaining power and appeasing the gods. For life, one must have blood. From what has this idea arisen?

For many years occultists have talked and written about demonic bloodsucking materialisations. Dion Fortune believed that the astral body can escape from a persons's living body and assume another form such as a bird, animal or vampire. Vampirism is believed to be contagious; the person who is vampirized, being depleted of vitality, is thought to be a psychic vacuum who then draws energy from the people they encounter in daily life. This energy is then available for the vampirizing entity on their next call to collect.

The cultic vampire, created largely by Bram Stoker in 1897, carries overtones of sexuality that may be more than mere accident. The combination of violence, psychic seduction, sex and giving up of life force made vampirism very popular.

Vampire as Incubus

This phenomenon is part and parcel of the alien abduction, vampire and possession syndromes. When possessing entities have been questioned during exorcism about how they selected a target for possession they often reply that the subject was chosen before he was born. In most cases, line of contact and the gradually building assault can be traced back to childhood. It could be said, in general, that the process of possession has already begun before either the target or those around him are aware of the signs.

In most cases there is a sensation of the presence before an actual encounter takes place. The Betty Andreasson alien abduction is a classic. The scenario described is quite common in many abduction cases. For the sake of comparison, let's look at a condensed version.

A light appeared outside the window. The rest of her family appeared to go into a state of suspended animation. Four small creatures entered the room passing straight through a door. One of them communicated with her telepathically and led her outside where an oval craft was waiting. On board she was subjected to a painful physical examination. A probe was pushed up her nose. Another probe was inserted into her navel and she was told she was being measured for procreation. Next she was made to sit in a glass chair where she was enclosed by a transparent cover and immersed in fluid; she could breathe through tubes attached to her nose and mouth.

A sweet liquid oozed into her mouth. When she was released from the chair she found that she had traveled to the alien's planet. Two of the creatures took her along a tunnel and through a series of chambers. The first was full of small reptile-like creatures; the second was a large green-colored space where they floated over pyramids to a city of mysterious crystalline forms. She was taken into one of the crystal shapes where she was confronted by a giant bird that burst into light and then collapsed into a pile of embers. A voice told her that she had been chosen for a special mission which would be revealed to her.

When Betty stated she believed in God, the voice told her that that was why she had been chosen... the leader, Quazgaa, told her that secrets had been locked in her mind. She was then escorted back to her home where she saw the rest of her family still in a state of suspended animation. The aliens put the family to bed.

The Betty and Barney Hill case, and all subsequent abduction cases with similar format, describe a simulated medical test in which a long needle is inserted into the navel. A fifteenth century French calendar, the Kalendrier des bergiers, shows the tortures inflicted by demons on the people they have taken. The demons are depicted piercing their victims' abdomens with long needles.

Anything is possible in this universe and it is highly probable that aliens where misinterpreted as vampires in ancient times, since humans have misinterpreted many things thorough history and in modern times.

For example, an alien encounter in pre modern times could easily be mistaken for a strange,supernatural vampire encounter when in fact it was actually an extraterrestrial encounter.

We would like to add that studying lesser evolved species is human nature. If and when the shoe is on the other foot, mankind will be doing the same scientific research when lesser evolved lifeforms are discovered on other planets.