Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Beast of Bray Road

The Bray Road Beast : Is also known as "Bear-Wolf" and the "Indigenous Dogman", This cryptid beast or werewolf of Bray road has terrorized the rural areas of Elkhorn, Wisconsin for decades. This cryptid werewolf like creature has been reported in other parts of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois as well.

The American Werewolf 

Bray Road itself is a quiet country road near the community of Elkhorn. This animal or beast respectively called the  Beast of Bray Road is described by purported witnesses in several ways: as a bearlike creature, as a hairy biped resembling Bigfoot, and as an unusually large (2-4 feet tall on all fours, 7 feet tall standing up) intelligent wolf like creature apt to walk on its hind legs and weighing 400-700 pounds. It also said that it's fur is a brown gray color resembling a dog or bear. This cryptid creature and was first reported on Bray road in the 1980s outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

The earliest sightings of a werewolf in Wisconsin go back to the last century during the year 1936.

A strange creature was spotted near a country road east of Jefferson, Wisconsin. According to the witness, Mark Schackelman, he saw a man-wolf digging in what he thought was an old Indian grave. Fearing for his life, Schackelman watched the beast briefly, and then quietly fled.

Reportedly, intrigued by what he had seen, Schackelman returned to the same area the next night hoping for another glimpse of the beast. Imagine his surprise when he not only saw the creature again, but also heard it speak a bizarre, gutteral language.

Later, Schackelman shared his experience with friends and described the man-wolf he twice encountered as tall—about six feet—with a muzzled face, long curved fingers, and a sickening odor reminiscent of decaying beef.

Another report from southern Wisconsin emerged during the closing weeks of 1939. A young couple reported their terror-filled encounter to the local police, describing a shaggy, wolf-like man walking along the highway on its hind legs. They claimed the creature was extremely muscular and had long grey hair hanging from its body. When the lights from their car lit up the beast it turned, snarled, and then ran into the shadows farther away from the shoulder of the road.

The couple's description is very similar to Schackelman's and all other sightings since. The last major sighting of The Bray Road Beast occurred during 2011.

The majority of sightings occur in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many of these reports have come out of Elkhorn, starting in 1989. The first person to come forward with a werewolf sighting was Doristine Gipson of Elkhorn. Gipson was driving down Bray Road when she felt her right tire hit something. She got out to see what it was; she turned around and saw a dark, hairy wolf-like creature running toward her. She ran back to the car and started to drive away when the beast jumped onto her trunk and quickly fell off. She described the beast as a large wolf like animal with human-like arms and hands.

Between 1939 and the present hundreds of werewolf sightings were reported. One of the most spectacular involved Doristine Gibson, an 18-year-old resident of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Almost all encounters with the nocturnal creature occur at night. People driving down the road spot the beast as it's crouching or standing by the side of the road with their headlights.

Some witnesses insist that the werewolf stared at them. Those shaken people swear the man-wolf's hungry, primitive gaze is enough to freeze the heart.

A few testify that the thing's eyes are deep red, but most witnesses report that headlight beams reflect back glowing yellow-colored eyes.

Many of the witnesses insist that what they encountered was not imagined or a trick of the shadows at night, but a real living and breathing werewolf.


  1. I would love to have the honor of seeing this creature myself. I almost made a trip to Wisconsin this week, but my vehicle was not running quite right so i decided against it. With a heavy heart, i now have to wait until the next full moon for a good chance to see him. My comment may sound strange to some, but my spirit has not been tainted by the fearful spite and ignorance of humanity. I believe that this creature, is indeed real, and it is just so awe inspiring and exciting to have these cryptids in our world. When you dig deep into the dynamics of our universe, it is not unreasonable to acknowledge their existence amongst us.

  2. I lived on Bray Road in the late 1980's. I saw the animal. It was a very large dog/wolf mix. It ran right in front of my car at 6:00 am in the morning. I saw it leaping through the corn field out of the corner of my eye so I stopped my car as I did not want to hit it. Not a mythical creature just a large and long legged dog.