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Haunted locations in Carlsbad Village

Carlsbad Village CA has many haunted locations. Perhaps its the mineral springs under the city. Underground water sources can have a major factor in paranormal activity because water is a conductor of energy.

Haunted Twin Inns Carlsbad Village
On Carlsbad Boulevard and Carlsbad Village Drive, stands the haunted mansion of Carlsbad. The Victorian mansion  is now home to offices and the Ocean House. For decades it was the hub of the Village and now stands watch over the paranormal city of Carlsbad. There have always been rumors that the Twin Inns was a haunted mansion with its trap-door tower and secret room.
Ghosts of the Haunted Carlsbad Mansion
Tenants say there are multiple spirts in and around the property. Strange unexplained noises are often heard at all hours of the day. A delivery driver was walking up the stairs to an office on the top floor. He passed an oddly dressed little girl sitting near the top of the stairs who smiled at him. When he delivered the package he told the two people in the office "cute kid". They said there where no kids around. The driver described the young girl who he stated was dressed in old fashioned clothing. They looked at each other and then told him that he had seen one of the ghosts they have around here. Her spirit has been seen many times, throughout the mansion. Other apparitions include an adult woman who is seen looking out the very top windows of the building. People walking near the property have reported seeing a group of transparent little girls playing . One man stated "I saw a group of ghost children playing games like ''ring around the rosey'' near the courtyard fountain of the Carlsbad Village Faire on a early Sunday morning".

History of the Haunted Twins Inn Carlsbad Village
It was built in 1887 as the home of land speculator Gerhard Schutte, who was the president of the Carlsbad Land and Mineral Water Co. The German immigrant and Civil War vet (on the Union side) was not looking to be a city's founding father, but rather saw an investment opportunity. Land and water were prosperous ingredients in Western expansion and Carlsbad had both—and not only water, but artesian spring water similar to the world-famous Well No. 9 in Karlsbad, Bohemia (now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic).                                                      

D.D. Wadsworth, a partner in the company, built his house as the mirror image to Schutte's; they were beach front homes at the time. (The Wadsworth house was torn down in 1950.) The properties went through a few owners until Eddie Kentner Sr. purchased the two homes on three acres in 1919. He and his wife, Neva, took over the matching houses 'the Twin Inns'.
This was the same year the 18th Amendment was enacted, but prohibition wasn't all bad for entertainment industries. It was a boon for moonshiners and rum-runners, and it kept a steady flow of traffic streaming through Carlsbad. When alcohol was banned, many of Hollywood’s elite would come down to Agua Caliente to keep the '20s roaring. Roughly halfway between L.A. and Tijuana was the Kentners' Twin Inns, with its famous chicken dinners. Ed "Bup" Kentner Jr. says, "There was a call button on the back of the house for the bootleggers to use when they delivered. The Twin Inns had a standing crop of about 10,000 chickens, and about 1,000 were butchered each week.

Haunted Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort
The Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort lies catty-corner from the former Twin Inns.
Ghosts and Spirits of the Haunted Carlsbad Inn
The majority of paranormal activity takes place in the administrative offices. Night shift employees report lights being turned on only minutes after shutting them off almost every other night at the resort. There is also a strong feeling of being watched along with the presence of something standing directly behind you while alone in the offices. A large dark figure has been seen standing in the corner of the gift shop directly below the offices as well. In the courtyard an Ecto mist like cloud was seen floating around in a strange, almost intelligent like manor. The witness said it was a clear night with no fog or mist in the air.

History of the Carlsbad Inn
The Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort sits on the site of the former Royal Palms, which was a destination resort that included a charming wedding chapel. Over the years, this fell into disrepair, and in 1985, Watkins, a developer and CEO of Winners Circle Resorts International, bought the prime piece of real estate and built the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort. Within the scope of his highly successful career as a real estate developer, Watkins built his first hotel in 1962 and subsequently specialized in resort development along the California coast. Appreciating the uniqueness of the property’s location and history, Watkins had the vision to try something different with the Carlsbad Inn, and it became the first ever mixed-use resort property with a portion of the units sold as vacation ownership condos, and the rest operating as traditional hotel rooms.

Haunted Carlsbad Village Train Station
This small train station has its share of paranormal activity. People have reported hearing strange noises from the upstairs & seeing a ghostly figure out of the corner of their eye.
History of Carlsbads haunted train station
Old Santa Fe Depot (400 Carlsbad Village Dr. on the National Register of Historic Places). The depot was built in 1907 (replacing the first built in 1887) by the Arizona Eastern Railway, and also served as a telegraph office, a Post Office, a Wells Fargo Express Office and a general store. It served in later years as a shipping point for local fruit, vegetables and flowers. Closed in 1960, it is now the home of the Visitor's Information Center.

Haunted Carlsbad Lagoon
The houses and apartment complexes that surround the lagoon have many cases of ghostly activity. This is probably due to the fact that the land across the lagoon was once Oceanside's Buena Vista Cemetery. The first known burial was in 1885 and the last known was in 1906. It's not known why burials stopped at Buena Vista; some people disinterred and moved their loved ones' bodies to the nearby Oceanside Cemetery. The land the cemetery was on was purchased by a schoolteacher in the 1950s. She wanted to preserve the view of Buena Vista Lagoon from her home located on Stewart Street. The land was later purchased by a developer who wanted to use the site for commercial properties. In January 1970, 17 bodies were disinterred and removed to El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley while others went to other resting places. During the grading of the site for use, and during the creation of the ramp for the I-5 freeway, construction workers found human remains and coffins. These discoveries were swept under the rug by developers so the workers took it upon themselves to rebury any remains they found on the site.
The residents in the area report seeing ghostly apparitions in their backyards and along the lagoon.
One man who lives in an apartment complex said "Sometimes I can hear a mans voice mumbling or sometimes calling my name. The voice is sort of deep and I know it's not anyone upstairs or downstairs."

Haunted Plaza Cinema Carlsbad CA
In theater 3 a female usher was frightened by a trashcan rolling up the hall way while cleaning. The girl also heard a name being whispered in the theater. When she came out to see if it was another employee doing the whispering everyone else was busy. She then started crying and then quit the next day. Theater 4 has reports of objects falling from the ceiling.

Carlsbad abandoned house investigation, Carlsbad CA Case File 3

We arrived at the location at 11:36 PM on 9/10/2011. Our team of four, entered the house through the back kitchen entrance. We checked every area of the house with flashlights and EMF detectors for any persons, animals or high amounts of electricity that could contaminate our evidence. All was clear, so we decided to set up the equipment. It was a very old house that had been abandoned for ten or more years and had no utilities. The only thing unusual was what appeared to be blood on the walls, curtains and ground throughout the inside of the house. This could have been leftover from a practical joke, but we are still unsure of this and it looked very disturbing. We set up in the main bedroom where the air was thick and you had the feeling something was watching. Everyone all agreed, this would be a good place to start. It was the darkest part of the house and you could feel a presence toward the corner, where a small, add on bathroom, with no door was located. This is where we started our EVP session. Three minutes into the EVP session both of the two female investigators experienced migraine like headaches on the left side of their head. We stopped the EVP session and made sure they were all right and the headaches ended as fast as they started. We then started taking photos of the area and went back to the EVP session. A few minutes later we heard a woman's voice come from the bathroom. All four investigators heard this, but none of us could make out what was said. I asked it again to speak and we heard the disembodied female voice, but still could not make out what it was saying although it sounded distressed. A second later we had heard a loud crash from the kitchen area. We looked around the kitchen but could not find anything or any reason for the noise. We started taking pictures of the entire house and we captured some amazing photos.

We recorded an EVP saying " NO" and then something else that we could not make out. When I said " if there is somebody here, speak to me now"at this exact time was when we heard a disembodied woman's voice speaking. The digital recorder did not record a woman's voice but appears instead to be the voice of an angry male. We also captured an orb with what appears to be a womans face in the hall bathroom (not the bathroom where we did the EVPs) that appears to be a ghost orb. We captured an orb floating a foot above the ground in another room. We left the abandoned house an hour later after no other paranormal activity took place. I took a few photos outside the house as we were leaving and captured a very large Orb following us off the property. The air outside was clear, with no fog, rain or wind was present during the investigation.

The womans face in the orb, the crash in the kitchen and the fact that both female investigators began having headaches in the same area, leads me to believe there could be a female ghost and a dark entity present. Also the fact that we heard a distressed,disembodied womans voice wailing for possible help and when we tried to communicate back. Something disrupted our EVP session.The loud crash in the kitchen makes me feel like a dark entity has trapped this poor soul and doesn't want anyone communicating with it. The dark entity appears to have some grudge against women as well. We still have some EVP's from this investigation currently being reexamined, so keep checking for updates. There is definitely paranormal activity at this location, possibly an intelligent haunting with two or more entities, and we will be back soon. We captured a photo of what we believe to be of a dark entity peering around the corner of a hallway. This picture is still being tested to determine its validity before we release it.

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  1. hello... my name is ann parsons.. when I was a little girl I started 3rd grade in Carlsbad after my bio dad was stationed at camp penelton.. from 3rd grade to the 9th grade we lived at 3755 Trieste drive... altho I can not be sure this is where I had my first paranormal experience there... this is the first place I can remember having on.. there was a slow steady knocking at night in my bedroom... I was the only one that heard it.. it always stopped when someone walked in or stayed the night... altho I do not know whether or not it was good or bad.. it was at this time living in this house when my life turned into a nightmare.. my bio father started doing bad thing to me.. and the entire family drifted from me and I felt nothing but hate.. I was so little... I look back and now that I know a little more about the paranormal.. id love to understand if it was this house that affected my life the most... my bio parents name was Krause.. it was the 70's when we moved.. if youd like to contact me my email address is ... .... from there I will give u my phone number... if u can plez help me understand I would so appreciate it... ty for your time and God be w u always...

    1. Hi is your brother named Russell Krause ?..

  2. I will instantly grab your res feed to stay privy of any updates.Carlsbad Commercial Real Estate Solid work and much success in your business enterprise!

  3. As per my investigation, the RMS Queen Mary ship and the Alcatraz are most haunted sections. I have seen the apparitions and images at the pool sections of the ship. At Alcatraz, I felt strange noises and the odd sensations similar to the travel of George that had written about 11 Most Haunted Places In California (

  4. Indeed, I investigated the Queen Mary (Long Beach, CA) a few years back with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson along with many others. Josh Gates, Chris Fleming, Peter, and Mark and Debbie Constantino (RIP) also were there to hunt with. We crossed over 11 German soldiers waiting for the opportunity to join their loved ones and spent some time with Johnny (engineer who was caught in a drill in door number 13 in the engine room in the 1960s) along with seven of his fellow engineers. The EVPs were amazing where we had 'real time' discussions with him and his team. I asked him if there were any women engineers in his team; he chortled and gaffawed while saying in a sarcastic manner, 'Right'. This was one of the best experiences in my life to date. Happy hunting.