Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Alien Hunting Instrument Developed By SETI

SETI Alien Hunting Laser : SETI Has developed a new way to hunt for Alien life! Known as "Laser SETI", the project is now under development and is seeking supporters!

How does it work? What if an advanced alien civilization were 'pinging' us with short pulses of laser light in an effort to get our attention?

Conventional telescopes cannot pick up such pulses, so we would never seem them.

SETI has come up with a new type of instrument specifically designed to scan space for short pulses of light.

The SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

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Photo From SETI

Monday, July 17, 2017

Observatory Receives Alien Signal From Nearby Star?

Strange Alien Signal Detected From Dwarf Star Ross 128 :  GETTY Researchers think they may have found evidence of alien life. The signal is coming from a red dwarf star know as Ross 128. There are no known planets around Ross 128, adding to the mystery. University of Puerto Rico astrobiologist Abel Mendez said that the star was observed for 10 min using the Arecibo Observatory - a massive radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

Mr Mendez said that the signal was "almost periodic", and although it is unlikely that it originates from alien beings, it cannot be ruled out.

He said: "Success will be to find the signal again in the star but not its surrounding[s]. If we don't get the signal then the mystery deepens.

Has E.T. phoned home? We will know someday.

Picture : Ross 128 is a small red dwarf star in the constellation of Virgo. ESA/NASA