Friday, August 9, 2013

UFO Conference this Weekend

Contact in the Desert : A UFO convention/conference is going on this weekend in Joshua Tree! Aug 9-11th 2013 UFO's, Aliens, Crop Circles and more! A must see event for all paranormal fans!

This will be a signature event for the UFO community in 2013. Scheduled for Joshua Tree, California, a UFO contact point, CITD is headlined by George Noory of Coast to Coast radio fame. This conference is committed to a serious, academic look at the UFO phenomenon and how it has impacted us as a race and what it means to us going forward in time.

A weekend of exploration into ancient aliens, human origins,
crop circles, UFO sightings, and the need to know.


George Noory, Steven Greer, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, David Wilcock, Graham Hancock [Live Stream from London], Jim Marrs, Michael Tellinger, William Henry, Michael Salla, Jason Martell, David Sereda, Richard Dolan, Marshall Klarfeld, Michael Cremo, Carol Rosin, Travis Walton, William Brown, Laura Eisenhower, James Gilliland, Roger Leir, George Filer, Alfred Webre, Byron Belitsos, Paola Harris, Yvonne Smith, Suzanne Taylor, Celeste Yarnall, Douglas Taylor, Mark "Dr Dream" Peebler, Barbara Harris, Michael C. Luckman (Live Stream from New York City) and many, many more...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Paranormal UFO Webcam

UFO Webcam Carlsbad :The Paranormalistics UFO webcam is located in the heart of Carlsbad Village. Carlsbad, CA has many UFO sightings and is probably due much in part to the close proximity of the Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base. A large part of UFO sightings occur near military installations and along the coast as well. Check out for all your supernatural needs and follow our blog for the latest in paranormal news. 

See any interesting craft flying by? Right click over the screen and send us the pic! or

Carlsbad UFO Webcam (click the link)

Hosted by your source for live ghost webcams from Haunted Preston Castle, lone CA !!! Check it out!!!!