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Paranormal Investigators Las Vegas NV

We now have a new Paranormalistics Las Vegas Nv Chapter & Paranormalistics Boulder City Nv Chapter to better service those regions.

Paranormalistics is the study of all things paranormal using investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena. Most situations have logical explanations, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal. We primarily service California and Nevada but will travel as far as it takes. Paranormalistics headquarters is located in Carlsbad Ca North San Diego County. This is a free service.

Contact us to schedule an investigation or to report, study or obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential.

Haunted Las Vegas NV

North Las Vegas Residence, Paranormal Investigation Case File 1

(exact location classified at homeowners request)

We arrived at the location at 8:07 PM on 3/25/2011. The owners of the house had been experiencing foot steps, things turning on by themselves, doors opening and other paranormal phenomena. After checking the house out, we decided to start with an EVP session in the master bedrooms closet. One of the owners told us his dogs hate this area and often growl at the closet. The owners themselves were uncomfortable with the closet and preferred the door closed at all times. You could definitely feel something was there and unwelcoming but we kept going with the EVP session. Towards the end of the session one of our paranormal investigators asked if it wanted us to leave? Just then my EMF detector went off emitting a high pitch sound. It had clearly interacted with us. The closet had been checked for EMF levels and did not detect anything. The EMF detector was on the entire time during the EVP session as well and we captured its mysterious surge on our digital recorder! When our team was in the garage we all heard loud unexplained knocks as if it was trying to communicate with us as well. We ended the investigation in the garage and decided to call it a night.


The investigation went well and The Paranormalistics will definitely be back to investigate. This is likely to be an intelligent haunting since it interacted with our EMF detector when asked questions and the unexplained knocks in the garage. We captured some great audio from the investigation and the amount of paranormal activity in the house that we felt justifies another trip. We have some possible EVP's from this investigation being re-examined so check back for more updates.
EMF Goes Off! (mp3)
Strange Noises from the Garage (mp3) 

All of our paranormalists and paranormal investigators have been studying their craft for years, long before the popular ghost hunting & paranormal shows came about. We officially decided to form a paranormal investigative group on Sept 1st 2011 because of the number of people asking for help and to support the paranormal community with it's rise back into main stream society. The Paranormalistics do not use aggressive tactics or extreme provoking for the safety of our team and others. Aggressive tactics can be dangerous for the people who live or work in areas that may have high levels of paranormal activity.The Paranormalistics use investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand the unknown. All of our members are understanding of any situation and respectful of your privacy & property.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Syria's Stonehenge'

Mysterious ruins in desert could be 10,000 years old - but scientists can't get near to investigate

  • Strange 'landscape of the dead' found 50 miles north of Damascus
  • Ruins near site of massacres north of Syria's capital
  • Scientist unable to investigate baffling find
  • Stone circles, lines and tombs found in near-lifeless desert

A mysterious ancient building in Syria, described as a 'landscape for the dead' could be as old as 10,000 years ago - far older than the Great Pyramid.
But scientists have been unable to explore the ruins, unearthed in 2009, because of the conflict in the region.
The strange stone formations were uncovered in 2009, by archaeologist Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum, who came across stone lines, circles, and tombs in a near-lifeless area of desert.
The strange stone formations were uncovered in 2009, by archaeologist Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum, who came across stone lines, circles, and tombs in a near-lifeless area of desert near a much monastery (pictured)
The strange stone formations were uncovered in 2009, by archaeologist Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum, who came across stone lines, circles, and tombs in a near-lifeless area of desert near a monastery (pictured)
The strange formations were found around 50 miles north of Damascus. The area has been plagued by violence during the current unrest, including a massacre of 10 people in the village of Bakha north of the capital
The strange formations were found around 50 miles north of Damascus. The area has been plagued by violence during the current unrest, including a massacre of 10 people in the village of Bakha north of the capital

Mason talked about the finds at Harvard’s Semitic Museum, said that more investigation is required to understand the mysterious rock structures - and how old they are - but Mason is unsure whether he will ever be able to return to the ruins.
The strange formations were found around 50 miles north of Damascus. The area has been plagued by violence during the current unrest, including a massacre of 10 people in the village of Bakha north of the capital.
Research teams have been unable to return to the area since the discovery.

Mason thinks that the rock formations could date to the Neolithic period or early Bronze Age, 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.

The stones are arranged simply to stand out from the landscape - and are highly unusual because there are no signs of dwelling places anywhere. 
'What it looked like was a landscape for the dead and not for the living,' Mason said. 'It’s something that needs more work and I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.'
The mysterious formations were discovered near the Deir Mar Musa monastery in Syria
The mysterious formations were discovered near the Deir Mar Musa monastery in Syria

The formations were found near a monastery, Deir Mar Musa, which was occupied until the 19th century, and home to spectacular Christian frescoes
The formations were found near a monastery, Deir Mar Musa, which was occupied until the 19th century, and is home to spectacular Christian frescoes

Mason thinks the monastery may have once been a Roman watchtower destroyed in an earthquake
Mason thinks the monastery may have once been a Roman watchtower destroyed in an earthquake

The formations were found near a monastery, Deir Mar Musa, which was occupied until the 19th century, and home to spectacular Christian frescoes.
Mason thinks the monastery may have once been a Roman watchtower destroyed in an earthquake.

Mason was searching Roman watchtowers when he came across the stone lines, circles, and possible tombs.

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Paranormal Investigators Oceanside CA

The Paranormalistics are a highly trained team of Investigative paranormalists and paranormal investigators. Paranormalists are experts in the paranormal field and occult sciences. All of our members are volunteers and do this to further our understanding of the paranormal universe and to help others in need. This is a free service. Beware of any group that charges a fee. We do accept donations to help with costs, but they are in no way required. All of our paranormalists and paranormal investigators have been studying their craft for years, long before the popular ghost hunting & paranormal shows came about.

The Paranormalistics do not use aggressive tactics or extreme provoking for the safety of our team and others. Aggressive tactics can be dangerous for the people who live or work in areas that may have high levels of paranormal activity.The Paranormalistics use investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand the unknown. All of our members are understanding of any situation and respectful of your privacy & property. Most situations have logical explanations and we will try and find them, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal. Contact us to schedule an investigation for your residence, property, business or if you want to report, study or to obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential.

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Private Residence Oceanside CA Case File 6

(Exact location classified at homeowners request)

This particular case was interesting. During our interview with the resident on 11/01/2011 to decide if Paranormalistics would take the case, their stereo turned on by itself and the volume (which had to be turned manually) went all the way up, blaring music while we were directly in front of it. After inspecting the stereo and looking around the house some more, my fellow investigator and I went outside on the patio to get some fresh air. (Only two members of Paranormalistics were present during the interview), myself and another investigator. While outside my fellow team members purse which she placed on the patio table moved across its surface about a foot. This definitely caught our attention, so we decided to come back a week later for an official investigation.
The investigation took place on 11/07/2011, our team of two arrived at 10:10 PM. The homeowner has reported to have had many paranormal experiences taken place over the last year. Such incidences include the stereo turning on by itself, loud banging from the garage, lights turning on by themselves, her name being called while she slept and objects being moved. The resident told us that a candle, (which was on the wall shelf) was found in the middle of the living room floor lit more than once when she had came home from work. We checked the house for any abnormalities and all was clear. I performed several EVP sessions throughout the night and recorded some very interesting audio of several voices in the house. We captured a photo of an Energy Orb in the master bedroom as well. We ended the investigation at 6:00 AM the next day.
This location is haunted. My fellow investigator and myself both witnessed the stereo turning on by itself, as well as the purse moving across the table. We also captured many EVPs and an orb photo. This haunting could possibly be the result of a Vortex with many entities in and around the house.

How to Deal With a Problem Ghost

Ghosts are rarely violent; often, they manifest their presence through any of your senses. Their presence can be seen, felt, heard, or smelled. Since ghosts are rarely violent, having one in your home should not be a big concern. In fact, there are quite a number of people who co-exist under one roof with ghosts. Not all people want to live with ghosts. A lot of people are scared of them, or at least frightened when the presence of these ghosts are felt.

Before anything else, you must make sure that the presence you have in your home is really caused by a ghost. It just might be the wind that slams your doors and windows, light reflected off shiny objects that appears in your pictures, or a problem with your house's foundation that makes it shift or make loud sounds.

How to get rid of a ghost
Once you have confirmed that it is really a ghost, there are certain things that you must and must not do. First, try hard not to be scared. Fear can only increase the ghost's energy. Instead, act calm. You are in the world of the living and a ghost has no power here, which means it can do you no harm. Panicking will only make things worse.

In most cases, these ghosts do not know that they are dead or perhaps need your help. Talking to them to let them know they are dead may help them move on to the next life. If you are brave enough, ask the spirit what he or she wants from you. You may be able to help.

If you think you can't handle talking to the ghost, just tell it to leave and that the place it is staying is your home. Never shout or get angry. These emotions will generate negative energy. Speak in a calm yet firm voice.

Many ghosts leave when told to, but if this does not work for you, then you will have to resort to other methods. Just take note that you should not use Ouija boards, tarot cards, or any witchcraft. You may risk summoning even more ghosts or spirits in your home that will add to your problems.

When you need protection from problem ghosts, spirits or entities, use these items and spiritual techniques.

The White Light Technique - Pray to any God of your religion. Visualize the calming white light pouring over you. Say "In the name of God" I ask that a capsule of light be cast around me to seal and protect me from any energies, entities or influences that may be detrimental to me. Fill my aura with the light and love of God! You can use any prayer but you must say " In the name of God" and visualize the white light filling your body.

Garlic - Hang over your door, put a clove in your pocket, wear it around the neck. Garlic repels dark entities.

Salt - Dark entities cannot cross a line of salt because it repels negative energy. Salt can be carried in anything and you can cast it in the direction of the problem entity.

Holy Water - Catholics and non-Catholics use holy water as protection from ghosts and evil entities. Cast the water in the sign of a cross in front of entryways, windows and throughout the entire house while praying. You can carry it in a vial around your neck or keep in your pocket. Holy water is also used to anoint candles, crosses, other items and people as well.

Charms, Amulets, Tokens & Talisman - Such as Crosses, Holy medals like St. Michael, Crystal quartz or Silver jewelry. Anything with spiritual or sentimental meaning. Wear these items or place them in your home.

Energy Stones - Quartz crystal, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are good choices. Recharge your stones by placing them outside, overnight on a full moon or let a loved one hold them. Refrain from anyone negative handling your stones.

Sage and Incense - Light sage or incense and walk through every room, making sure to trace every doorway, window and all entryways. Pay special attention to closets, corners (including ceiling corners) and / or basements and attics. Let the smoke fill the area, to make sure every part of the house has been smudged. You can also pray while doing this. Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Pine are just a few of the many incense you can use.

White Candles - Light white candles in your home. It symbolizes positive energy.

Feng shui (or Fung shui) - When you Feng shui your home it protects you from negative energy, dark entities and improves health & happiness. Feng shui has been used for over 5000 years in China and Kan Yu is the original designation for this discipline. It is believed to harness the energy of both Heaven and Earth. Just look up how to Feng shui your home on any search engine.

If all of these ways fail to get rid of the ghost in your home, you may need to have your house blessed by a priest or religious leader to drive out those spirits. In rare cases where the ghost inhabiting the house is violent, you may need to have the area exorcised. Call in a paranormal team to investigate. It is always best to collect evidence of paranormal activity. This will help in getting approved for an exorcism.

Demonic Haunting
A Demonic haunting, is when a negative, non human spirit or spirits haunt a location. These types of hauntings usually start out playful but can quickly turn very dangerous and even deadly. Demons destroy families and can haunt people their entire lives. Even if they move, the demons will follow. An exorcism or cleansing must be conducted to rid the victim, object or location of these negative entities, by a demonologist, priest or shaman, but there's is no guarantee this will work.

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The Paranormal Dictionary

A / Z list of paranormal terms and definitions. This paranormal dictionary is designed to help with paranormal research & investigations.

 Agent : A person who is the focus or cause of Poltergeist activity.

: Without form or shape.

Ancient Alien / Ancient Astronaut Theory : This theory suggests that mankind has been created, assisted or genetically modified in the past by extraterrestrial beings.

Angel : A none human entity, aligned with God or positive energy.

Apparition : When an entity takes a form that can be seen.

Apport : The appearance or disappearance of an object during paranormal phenomena.

: When an object disappears then reappears during paranormal phenomena.

Astral Projection :  Also known as an O.B.E. outer-body experience. This is when your soul voluntarily or involuntarily leaves the body and travels to the Astral Plane or another location on this plane.

Atlantis : A legendary and mysterious civilization. Some believe it was located in the Bermuda Triangle.

Aura : Energy that surrounds living things and sometimes objects.

Automatic Writing : A method of communication with entities where the entity uses the hand of the living to write words or draw pictures.

: When the subconscious communicates with the conscious by means of a vehicle like a pendulum, ouija board or automatic writing.

Banshee : An Irish death omen that manifests when someone is going to die soon.

Benign Spirit : A harmless entity.

Bermuda Triangle : The Bermuda Triangle, also know as the Devil's Triangle, is an area in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where numerous ships and aircraft have mysteriously disappeared. This area has many reports of U.F.O. and U.S.O. activity as well. The Bermuda Triangle shares similarities with the Dragon's Triangle near Tokyo.

Bigfoot : A creature with ape and human characteristics found in legends around the world.

Bilocation : When you, another person or object appears to be in two different places at the same time.

Book of the Dead : Is the modern name of an ancient Egyptian funerary text, used from the beginning of the New Kingdom  (around 1550 BC) to around 50 BC. The original Egyptian name for the text, transliterated rw nw prt m hrw is translated as "Book of Coming Forth by Day". Another translation would be "Book of emerging forth into the Light". The text consists of a number of magic spells intended to assist a dead person's journey through the Duat, or underworld, and into the afterlife. The Book of the Dead was part of a tradition of funerary texts which includes the earlier Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts, which were painted onto objects, not papyrus. Some of the spells included were drawn from these older works and date to the 3rd millennium BC. Other spells were composed later in Egyptian history, dating to the Third Intermediate Period  (11th to 7th centuries BC). A number of the spells which made up the Book continued to be inscribed on tomb walls and sarcophagi, as had always been the spells from which they originated. The Book of the Dead was placed in the coffin or burial chamber of the deceased.

Channeling : Communication by entities through human beings like channelers or mediums.

Channeler : A person who allows entities to temporarily possess their body for communication.

Chupacabra : Chupacabra translates to "Goat Sucker". Physical descriptions vary from a humanoid like creature with spikes on its back to a more animal like form on four legs. This creature is reported to attack livestock and drain their blood, leaving only three puncture wounds.

: The psychic ability to feel things nobody else can.

: The psychic ability to communicate with entities, see into the future, or collect information using the mind.

: Someone with the psychic ability of clairvoyance.

Cleansing :  Nontraditional, occult or new-age ways to remove paranormal phenomena.

Cold Spot
: An area that is colder than its surrounding environment, where ghosts or spirits are believed to be or were.

Collective Apparition
: An apparition that is visible to more than one witness.

Corpse light : Unknown lights that are seen when paranormal phenomena is occurring.

Coven : Is a name used to describe a gathering of witches or vampires.

Crisis Apparition : Usually a onetime paranormal experience when a ghost is seen at the time of its death by family and friends as a way of saying goodbye or giving information.

Crop circle : Crop circle or Crop formations are large patterns created by the flattening of crops.

Cryptid : Is a creature or plant whose existence is suggested but has not been officially recognized.

: Is the study of unknown creatures that allegedly exist but have not been officially documented or for creatures that are considered extinct, but are reported being seen from time to time.

Curse (also called execration) : Is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to some other entity—one or more persons, a place, or an object. In particular, "curse" may refer to a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by any supernatural powers, such as a spell, a prayer, an imprecation, an execration, magic, witchcraft, God, a natural force, or a spirit. In many belief systems, the curse itself (or accompanying ritual) is considered to have some causative force in the result.

Curse of the Pharaohs : Refers to the belief that any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian person, especially a pharaoh, is placed under a curse. This curse, which does not differentiate between thieves and well-intentioned archaeologists, may allegedly cause bad luck, illness or death.

Deep Trance Medium : A psychic who allows a ghost or spirit to enter them for communication purposes.

Deja' Vu : The feeling that you have experienced something before.

Demon : A negative nonhuman spirit. Commonly used in Judeo - Christian terms are “fallen angles”, the term also applies to many different Gods, Spirits and traditions in other cultures that predate Judeo - Christian ones.

Demonic Haunting
: A haunting by a negative nonhuman spirit or spirits.

Demonic Possession : Is the control of an individual by a negative entity.

Demonologist : Is an expert in nonhuman or demonic entities and who performs exorcisms.

Discarnate : Another name for a ghost or spirit with no body.

: Is the ability to feel or perceive something with your mind or senses.

Disembodied : A spirit or ghost with no body.

Disembodied Voice : A voice that comes from no physical body or any person in the area.

: Obtaining information of future events by outside forces.

Dowsing or Divining
: Locating objects, water, portals or supernatural energy with dowsing or divining rods.

Dragon's Triangle :(Also known as the Devil's sea) A region in the Pacific around Miyake Island 100 km south of Japan. This area has officially been declared a danger zone because of the amount of paranormal phenomena that has occurred throughout history. Countless ships have vanished without a trace within the Dragons Triangle. This region has received enormous amounts of U.S.O and U.F.O. reports as well. It has been called the Pacific's Bermuda Triangle because of the ire similarities.

Echolalita : When used in the paranormal field it means when a ghost or spirit repeats what you say.

Ectoplasm : A mist or smoke like substance that is usually only seen in photographs when paranormal phenomena is taking or has taken place.

Electromagnetic field (EMF)
: Is electric and magnetic energy from natural and unnatural sources.

Electromagnetic Field Meter or EMF Detector : EMF detectors are devices used to detect ghosts and spirits by measuring EMF levels.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
: When voices and noises are recorded on audio equipment, but are usually not audible to the human ear at the time of recording.

: A nonhuman spirit with a connection to the elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

Empath : A person sensitive to paranormal activity.

Entity : A broad term used to describe a paranormal being like ghosts, spirits and elementals.

Evocation : The summoning of spirits or ghosts.

Exorcism : The expulsion of demons or other negative entities from a person, place or object. This is usually performed by a demonologist, shaman, priest or witchdoctor.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) : The psychic ability to receive information about future, present or past events not attained through normal human senses.

Extraterrestrial : Refers to an object or being beyond planet Earth.

Extraterrestrial Life : Is life that does not originate from Earth. This can range from bacteria to beings far more advanced than humans.

Fairy : Is a form of spirit. In alchemy they are regarded as elementals. They are also described as ghosts in some Gaelic folklore.

Familiar or Familiar Spirit
: A supernatural entity that assists witches and other people who practice magic. They come in animal or humanoid form.

Full-bodied Apparition : When you see the full form of a ghost or spirit.

Ghost : The soul, life force, energy or essence of a person.

Ghost Light : Larger and brighter than orbs, they are unexplained lights associated with paranormal activity.

Ghost Ship or Vessel : The apparition of a ship that was sunk, wrecked or disappeared years or centuries ago. Sailors say they warn of impending doom.

Ghoul : In Arabian culture, ghouls are desert dwelling demon shape-shifters that can appear as animals and lead travelers to their deaths. Ghouls are also known as undead zombie like creatures found in graveyards or servants to vampires.

Haunted : A person, place or object that has a ghost or spirit attached to it.

Haunting : When paranormal phenomena has been happening for a lengthy period of time in a certain location.

Imprint : The theory that highly emotional situations or feelings can leave an imprint or copy of themselves on this plane of existence and replay again and again like a tape recorder. This can lead to residual hauntings.

:A demon that can appear in male form and seduces or assaults women. These attacks usually take place while the victim is asleep.

Infestation : This is when multiple ghosts or spirits are involved in a haunting. This term is also used to describe a very intense rise in paranormal activity.

Inhuman Spirit : A nonhuman spirit.

Intelligent Haunting : When paranormal activity interacts with the living and shows intelligence.

Invocation : The summoning of spirits.

: When a person or object is raised into the air by no explainable means.

Light Trance Medium : When a person communicates with ghosts and spirits by going into a deep trance.

Lycanthropy : When a person transforms into a wolf.

: An evil spirit or ghost that wants to do harm.

: When an entity takes form.

: When your mind makes things happen.

Materialization : When an entity takes physical form.

: A person who acts as a bridge between the living and the other side.

: The study of phenomena beyond the laws of physics.

Mummy : Is a body, human or animal, whose skin  and have been preserved by either intentional or incidental exposure to chemicals, extreme cold (ice mummies), very low humidity, or lack of air when bodies are submerged in bogs, so that the recovered body will not decay further if kept in cool and dry conditions. Some authorities restrict the use of the term to bodies deliberately embalmed with chemicals, but the use of the word to cover accidentally desiccated bodies goes back at least to the 1730s.

Near Death Experience (NBE) : The experience of death or nearly dead.

Necromancy : The practice of communicating with the dead for obtaining information of future events and other secrets.

Night terror
: Usually a terrifying nightmare or unexplained nocturnal occurrence.

Obsession : One of the initial ways a demon gains control of a victim or subject. The person becomes obsessed with the entity.

Occultism : A belief and practice of mysterious forces and entities.

Occult Science : The systematic research into, or formulation of occult concepts. Various aspects of what have been considered "occultism" are in fact scientific in the same manner that chemistry or physics is scientific.

Orbs : Energy orbs, spirit orbs or ghost orbs , are spheres of energy containing the soul of the deceased or the essence of a non human entity. Some believe this is the easiest way for ghosts & spirits to manifest, because it takes less energy than a full bodied apparition.

: When your soul temporarily leaves the body.

Ouija Board
: A board used to communicate with ghosts and spirits.

Paranormal : A term used to describe anything out of the ordinary.

: The scientific study of paranormal phenomena.

:  Typically a crystal or stone suspended from a chain. Pendulums are used for divination or to communicate with the other side.  

Phenomena : A term used to describe more than one event or occurrence that cannot be explained by traditional science.

Phenomenon : A term used to describe an event or occurrence that cannot be explained by traditional science.

Phantom : An apparition of an entity. This can also be a distortion of the senses, like the sensation that a missing limb is still attached to the body.

Physical mediumship
: A type of communication with spirits or ghosts, using both physical energy and consciousness of the medium.

Planchette : A pointing device used for ouija boards.

: The term comes from Germany and translates to "noisy ghost". This type of paranormal activity has often been blamed on evil ghosts or spirits. However, more recent theories show a connection to psychokinesis.

Possession : When an entity takes control of a person.

Precognition : Having knowledge of future events.

: The feeling or warning of future events.

Progression hypnotherapy
: When you visit past lives through hypnosis.

: A term used to describe psychic power or ability.

Psychic : A person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP), or who is said by others to have such abilities.

Psychic Attack : Is a physical or mental attack by an entity or person.

Psychic Vampire
: A person or being who feeds off the 'life force' of living creatures .

Psychokinesis : The ability to move objects using only the mind.

Reincarnation : The belief that when you die you will come back in a different body.

Residual Haunting : An imprint left at a location that repeats itself over and over again.

Seance : A way of communicating with ghosts and spirits.

Sensitive : A person who can see or feel ghosts, spirits and other entities. Can also be used as a broad term for mediums, psychics and clairvoyants

Sixth sense : A term used to describe psychic powers or PSI.

: An ability to change form.

: Shamans are intermediaries between our world and the spirit world. They are healers of the soul.

Sleep-Paralysis : When you seem awake but are unable to move.

: Can refer to a ghost, spirit or apparition.

Spirit :  A spirit is a generic term used to describe any entity that was never human like angels, demons, elementals or other Gods.

Spirit World : A term used to describe the general dimension or plan of existence for entities.

Spirit guide : A spirit that watches over the living and guides them.

Spontaneous Human Combustion : When a human suddenly catches fire for no known reason.

Supernatural : Anything beyond the definitions of the natural world.

Stigmata : Unexplained markings on someones body that resembles the wounds of Christ.

Subliminal Perception : When you perceive something without conscious awareness.

Succubus : Is a demon that can appear in female form and seduces or assaults men. These attacks usually take place while the victim is asleep.

Table tipping : An old way to communicate with ghosts and spirits by moving a table.

: When objects are moved by only using the mind.

: A way of communication using only the mind.

Teleportation : Instantaneous transportation from one area to another.

Time slip
: When an individual or individuals experience a different point in time, usually in the same place.

Trance mediumship : When the medium shares their energy with an entity through the use of a trance.

  : An unidentified flying object.

U.S.O.   : An unidentified submerged object.

Undead  : Anything deceased and yet behaves as if alive.

Urban Legend : A tale that is told about a friend of a friend.

: A person or being who feeds off the life essence (usually blood) of living creatures.

Vodou / Voodoo
: Vodou is a combination of beliefs and practices from west Africa with Arawakian religious beliefs, and Roman Catholic Christianity. It was created by slaves who were brought to Haiti in the 16th century, as a way to conceal their African beliefs after being forced to convert.
Vortex : A vortex is a type of doorway to the spirit world. Vortexes usually appear only in photos as a misty funnel like shape and they have been photographed in many different colors.

Werewolf : A person who posses the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like being.

White noise
: Background noise behind the intended signal.

Witch Doctor
: A person who uses remedies to protect others against witchcraft.

Wormhole :  A wormhole is a "shortcut" or "bridge" through spacetime.

: An ability to speak or write in a language not known.

: This term can be used to describe an undead or hypnotized person. Some of the earliest known text about zombies comes from 5000 B.C. in Africa.

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Haunted Locations in North San Diego County

Here are some haunted locations in  Escondido, Del Mar, Vista & Fallbrook CA

Haunted Escondido CA
Haunted Elfin Forest Recreation Reserve (also called Harmony Grove)
This is a great place to hike, however these woods are extremely haunted. The White Lady is seen along the trails usually in broad daylight. Hikers report being touched on their shoulders and watch as she floats above the ground and passes through objects. Most see a smiling woman from a distance only to realize its a ghostly apparition. People driving along the dark, wooded road at night have reported seeing her floating in the woods as well.

Some people have reported seeing apparitions of Native Americans bodies hanging from trees. The native Northern Diegueno Indians once inhabited this land, dating back thousands of years. One theory is that this area could also be a Native American burial ground.

Locals say there are stone circles in the forest and that if you pass through them you will experience time lapses.

There was a sanitarium in this area that burnt down years ago. When the place caught on fire many of the patients were trapped and burned to death. Some ran into the woods on fire screaming in terror only to die from their wounds. There are reports of laughing, screaming and apparitions of these patients are seen lurking in the forest. Many people mistake this place with Quest Haven Retreat down the road. Questhaven Retreat has nothing to do with the sanitarium and is private property.

There are also rumors that Gypsy's lived in this area and cursed this land when they were forced to leave.

All this, and tales of a giant killer white owl, along with stories of cults performing dark rituals, makes this place a creepy place to visit.

Strange History of the area
There is evidence that possible ancestors of the Northern Diegueno Indians lived in the Harmony Grove area. An archeological bonanza, many artifacts have been found and efforts to preserve others are underway. Mortars, metates, pictographs, and petroglyphs discovered there help shed light on the Uyman language they were known to have spoken and contribute to a clearer understanding of their primitive way of life more than 9,000 years ago. There are ancient petroglyphs in rocks at the extreme western end of Ninth Avenue. These are Indian symbols and have a connection with others found in Escondido, Hemet, Borrego, and Rancho Bernardo. They seem to be direction finders similar to the magnificent rocks at Stonehenge in England.

Spook's Canyon
In the 1880s, a Welshman named Spook homesteaded in the Elfin Forest valley. As recently as 1971, remains of his orchard could be seen. It is probably because of this man that we hear the term "Spooks Canyon," which has been a nickname our valley has had for years. The meetings of spiritualist groups in Harmony Grove provide another version of the origin of that nickname. The name also fits in well with the ghosts and legends that are also part of our area. The old stage coach route is haunted by the phantom stage of Carrizo. It is seen in the Anza Borrego State Park.
Before the turn of the century, the Butterfield Stage Coach Company used Harmony Grove Road as part of its route from Escondido to San Diego. The route went from Ramona to Escondido, followed the Escondido Creek, turned west to Encinitas and then south to San Diego. A man name Parkrider had a store near the junction of Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest Roads. The road was paved in the late 1950s and after the vacation ranch closed down in the1990s, even the few remaining bricks from the store disappeared.
The area's beauty - year round stream and shade trees, as mentioned earlier, led Dr. Harvey Urban, Jack Donnelley, and George Dew to buy twenty acres at the junction of what is now Harmony Grave and Elfin Forest Roads in 1959. They built a house and a dam to create a lake and began adding spaces for trailers, campers, and mobile homes. Additional land (for a total of 97 acres) was purchased and a grocery store was opened. It was referred to as the Elfin Forest Vacation Ranch. They provided boating, fishing, movies, and square dancing. When Dr. Urban opened those acres up to public camping, the campground and the valley around it became popularly known as Elfin Forest. The campground no longer exists.


More History

Until 1977, the community was sparsely developed. In addition to Questhaven Retreat, Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association, and the Elfin Forest Vacation Ranch, there were a few older homes in the surrounding hills. Many new homes were built between 1977 and 1980. Inflation caused interest rates to rise and home building slowed until late 1984. From 1985 to 1992, there was a boom in building in the area. It is estimated that the population of the area grew to 450 homes, with 15 to 20 homes being added each year. From 1992 to 1995, the economic slowdown in San Diego caused building to almost cease. 1996 saw a pickup in the economy with some new building. The population according to the last census stood at 1,000 in 1996 with a projected population of 2,156 in the year 2015. (Ref: SANDAG)
In 1978, there were heavy rains in San Diego County. The Elfin Forest–Harmony Grove areas were severely impacted as torrents of water rushed down Escondido Creek causing a "40-year flood". The beautiful lake in the Vacation Ranch was swept away, the basin around it was severely flooded and the Ranch was devastated. Dr. Urban, who had plans to develop it into exclusive mobile home estates, died shortly afterwards, and his family was forced to sell the acreage. There were plans to develop the ranch into a "Lawrence Welk" type of mobile home park called Lake Elfin Forest, but the plans were not approved by the county.

The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserves main trail climbs 1200 ft and has many tributary trails. The Escondido Creek marks the trailhead. The main trail is a 1.6 mile which meanders up a wall then leads up to numerous trails of varying difficulties. There is a Botanical Trail well marked describing the various plant life in the area. One can also extend the hike about 9 miles one way over the mountain to Lake Hodges.

Haunted  Vista CA
Haunted Rancho Guajome Adobe Vista CA
Rancho Guajome belonged to the Couts family for several generations. Colonel Cave Johnson Couts was originally from Tennessee, but came to California with the military in 1849. Here he married Ysidora Bandini, who was born in Old Town, San Diego, in 1829. They are said to have met when Ysidora and her sisters had climbed onto the roof of their house to better see the handsome soldiers march into town, and Ysidora slipped and slid off the roof, landing on Cave Couts.
The couple had ten children, the eight youngest born at Rancho Guajome.Ysidora was a headstrong woman who had the family chapel built in spite of objections from the Catholic church. She let the priest know in no uncertain terms that she would have her chapel whether the church like it or not, and that if he wouldn`t come bless it, she would do so herself. Ysidora is said to haunt the chapel. It has been reported to hear a woman crying, when no one is around. Also the halls and courtyard are haunted by a male figure who roams the grounds, and will disappear suddenly into thin air.
In the mid 1970`s when the Rancho was being restored human bones of a unknown male were found in the wall.

Haunted Fallbrook CA
North County Times Newspaper
This building is said to have multiple types of paranormal phenomena occur. There is a floating apparition of a little girl that scares employees, along with glowing white lights that fly around the establishment.

Haunted Del Mar
Haunted Del Mar Fairgrounds
Fairgrounds employees for years had been talking informally among themselves about strange happenings on the fifth floor of the grandstand, now private suites above the Turf Club. Furniture would somehow be in a different place than before. Patio doors would open and slam shut. The elevator one night wouldn’t stop on that floor, and its hallways would get unseasonably cold. An apparition was ever caught on tape.

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Rumors of 'God Particle' Discovery

One of the biggest debuts in the science world could happen in a matter of weeks: The Higgs boson may finally, really have been discovered.
 Ever since tantalizing hints of the Higgs turned up in December at the Large Hadron Collider, scientists there have been busily analyzing the results of their energetic particle collisions to further refine their search.
“The bottom line though is now clear: There’s something there which looks like a Higgs is supposed to look,” wrote mathematician Peter Woit on his blog, Not Even Wrong. According to Woit, there are rumors of new data that would be the most compelling evidence yet for the long-sought Higgs.
The possible news has a number of physics bloggers speculating that LHC scientists will announce the discovery of the Higgs during the International Conference on High Energy Physics, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia, July 4 to 11.

The new buzz is just the latest in the Higgs search drama. In December, rumors circulated regarding hints of the Higgs around 125 gigaelectronvolts (GeV), roughly 125 times the mass of a proton. While those rumors eventually turned out to be true, the hard data only amounted to what scientists call a 3-sigma signal, meaning that there is a 0.13 percent probability that the events happened by chance. This is the level at which particle physicists will only say they have “evidence” for a particle.
In the rigorous world of high-energy physics, researchers wait to see a 5-sigma signal, which has only a 0.000028 percent probability of happening by chance, before claiming a “discovery.”
The latest Higgs rumors suggest nearly-there 4-sigma signals are turning up at both of the two separate LHC experiments that are hunting for the particle. As physicist Philip Gibbs points out on his blog, Vixra log, if each experiment is seeing a 4-sigma signal, then this is almost definitely the long-sought particle. Combining the two 4-sigma results should be enough to clear that 5-sigma hurdle.
Of course, Gibbs reminds us that the rumors come with some caveats, such as the fact that they are vague and not completely reliable. Scientists outside the experiment also don’t yet know how much data has been analyzed from this year, meaning that the rumored results could disappear with further scrutiny.
The Higgs boson is the final piece of the Standard Model — a framework developed in the late 20th century that describes the interactions of all known subatomic particles and forces. The Standard Model contains many other particles — such as quarks and W bosons — each of which has been found in the last four decades using enormous particle colliders, but the Higgs remains to be found. The Higgs boson is critical to the Standard Model, because interacting with the Higgs is what gives all the other particles their mass. Not finding it would severely undermine our current understanding of the universe.
While discovery of the Higgs would be a remarkable achievement, many researchers are also eager to hear the details from the experiments, which may indicate that the Higgs boson has slightly different properties than those theoretically predicted. Any deviations from theory could suggest the existence of heretofore-unknown physics beyond the Standard Model, including models such as supersymmetry, which posits a heavier partner to all known particles.

 The Higgs boson is a small theoretical particle, which is the smallest part of the Higgs Field (assuming it exists). It is necessary for a set of rules in physics that we call the Standard Model, but it has yet to be found in an experiment. If the results of the work at CERN  can not show that the Higgs boson exists, much of our entire understanding of physics will need to be re-written. It is important in the scientific world because many scientists believe that it is responsible for giving mass to all known particles that have mass.

Higgs bosons obey the conservation of energy, a law which states that no energy is created or destroyed, but instead it is transferred. First, the energy starts out in the gauge boson that interacts with the Higgs field. This energy is in the form of kinetic energy as movement. After the gauge boson interacts with the Higgs field, it is slowed down. This slowing reduces the amount of kinetic energy in the gauge boson. However, this energy is not destroyed. Instead, the energy is converted into mass-energy, which is normal mass that comes from energy. The mass created is what we call a Higgs boson. The amount of mass created comes from Einstein's  famous equation E=mc2, which states that mass is equal to a large amount of energy (i.e. 1kg of mass is equivalent to almost 90 quadrillion Joules of energy - the same amount of energy used by the entire world in roughly an hour and a quarter in 2008). Since the amount of mass-energy created by the Higgs field is equal to the amount of kinetic-energy that the gauge boson lost by being slowed, energy is conserved.
Higgs bosons are used in a variety of science fiction stories. Noting the elusive search for the Higgs boson,the term "God particle" was coined by Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman, Director Emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory . However, this nickname is not generally used in the scientific community.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

History of the Summer Solstice

The History of Summer Solstice - The exact summer solstice date varies from year to year, but lands somewhere between the 20th and 24th of June. This is the day the sun reaches its apex resulting in the longest day of the year and the shortest night. The time of year is said to be magical and spiritual to many countries and religions.
The mysticism of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain in England began thousands of years ago. Who actually built the monoliths is uncertain, but Druids and Pagans worshipped among the giant stones and continue to do so today. Christians often incorporated Pagan holidays into the Christian calendar, so it is no accident that the Feast of St. John the Baptist, June 24th, occurs during the summer solstice.

Summer solstice traditions center on the life-giving force of fire and light. Some countries light huge bonfires that glow into the night as a way to celebrate. The Midsummer fires came to be known as St. John’s fires. Villagers gathered around the fires singing, dancing and chanting charms. As the fires burned through the night, people tended and watched over the leaping flames.
A brief history of Litha, ways in which it is celebrated and a correspondence list of herbs, incense and deities and gemstones. 

In the Pagan Celtic year, there are four major Sabbats or harvest festivals and four lesser Sabbats, also known as solar festivals. Litha is one of the lesser Sabbats and is also known as Summer Solstice, Midsummer, Gathering Day and Vestalia.

Typically celebrated on June 21st, Litha is the longest day of the year and a time when the sun reaches its apex in the sky. It is considered the mid-point of summer, which begins with Beltane on May 1st and ends with Lughnasadh on August 1st. In many Pagan traditions Litha is seen as the time when the Oak King, who represents the waxing year, is triumphed over by the Holly King who represents the waning year. The two are actually one God, the Horned God, but the Holly King is seen as the growing youth while the Oak King is seen as the wise and mature man.

The Goddess is also celebrated at Litha by many Pagan traditions. She is seen as the woman heavy with child, who will give birth to the God at Yule. She is also seen as the bounty of coming harvests, of protection and sustenance. The ancient Romans saw this time as sacred to the goddess Juno who was the wife of Jupiter, the goddess of women and children and also the patroness of marriage. Seeing that the month of June is named after her it’s no wonder that marriages are so popular during this month.

Litha is a time of brightness, purification and healing. It is a time to meditate on the aspects of light and dark both within us and in the world around us. Litha is also a time of celebrating outdoors and enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature. Rituals and celebrations that involve bonfires, music and handfasting are common during this time.
Litha is considered a time to harvest your medicinal and spiritual herbs and is also considered to be one of the best times to perform spells and magickal work that foster love, prosperity and healing. It can also be a time for meditating on the balance between light and darkness both within yourself and in the world around you.

The following is a brief correspondence list for Litha

Incense- Frankincense, myrrh, rose, pine, vanilla, lemon
Herbs and plants- Lavender, carnation, chamomile, mugwort, honeysuckle, oak, fern, yarrow, wild thyme, daisy, sage, mint, heather, St. John’s Wort, pine, rose
Gemstones- Lapis Lazuli, diamonds, all green gemstones, especially emeralds
Traditional foods- Seasonal fruits and vegetables, corn cakes, honey cakes, honey. Other foods depend on a person’s tradition or individual tastes.
Deities- Mother aspect of the Goddess such as Isis, Athena, Brigid, Epona, Juno, Freya and Hestia
Consort aspect of the God such as Mercury, Thor, Ra, Zeus and Apollo.
Colors- Yellow, gold, orange, blue, green and red

The origins of the sabbats seem to be a mixture of rites that still exist, such as the great Druidic  festivals of Beltane (observed April 30) and Samhain (observed October 31)

Herbs and larkspur were tossed into the dying fires with the words, “May ill luck depart, burnt up with these.” As morning approached and the fire was nothing but ash, people walked through them to bring good luck.

Evil spirits were said to lurk about on the magical night of the summer solstice. St. John’s wort, an aromatic ancient herb that smells like turpentine or balsam was used to ward off witches and evil spirits. Circlets were fashioned from stems of St. John’s wort and worn on the head. Farmers wreathed livestock with circles of St. John’s wort. Bouquets of the herb were placed in the home, on the doorstep and over the door to prevent evil from entering the home.
Summer Solstice Celebrations
Present day Druids, Pagans and those seeking spiritual experiences converge on Stonehenge during the summer solstice. Dancing to the rhythm of drums and general merry making takes place as thousands wait to greet the rising sun from the ancient mystical location.
The short summers of Scandinavian countries makes the summer solstice especially joyous with Swedish celebrations the most elaborate. Large gatherings take place in towns and villages throughout Sweden. Traditional dress is worn with much merriment taking place through singing, dancing and gathering flowers. A time-honored menu  of pickled herring, boiled new potatoes served with sour cream, red onions, and fresh dill, along with grilled  seafood (such as salmon) is served. In-season strawberries swimming in cream make up the dessert. The meal is accompanied by beer or schnapps. As families gather to share a midsummer meal, each time drinks are poured anew, a rousing drinking song is sung.

Summer Solstice: Ancient Ways of Marking Time
By the time of the New Stone Age (six to eight thousand years ago) there are many signs that seasonal celebrations were at the center of community life. The farmers and seafarers whose lives depended on the weather and seasons, naturally chose to gather together regularly to direct their appeals to the energies they believed controlled the cycles of nature - birth, life, death and rebirth in which crops, animal and human all participate.
Ancient people used four primary ways of marking the solstices and equinoxes. The first involved the creation of spot lighting effects on the walls of passages, chambers or caves. People who used this technique often carved or painted symbols where they would be struck by a beam of light at sunrise or sunset on one of the solstices or equinoxes. An example where this method was used would be Newgrange, an ancient chamber located in Ireland.
A second method involved measuring the shadow of an upright pillar usually at noon. In temperate zones, the shadow is shortest at the summer solstice, and longest in midwinter. This technique was used by Babylonians, Ionian Greeks, Chinese and Peruvians.
A third method used by Central American tribes required a specially prepared ceremonial structure. Only at noon on the longest day of the year would the sun directly shine through a hole or tube in the ceiling and onto a particular spot on the floor.
The fourth way to mark the solstices was to watch, from a fixed position, where on the horizon the sun set over a period of years. The use of this last method was widespread throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Stonehenge, in England, incorporated this last method. The summer solstice sunrise is marked here. In Egypt, the temple at Karnak also incorporated solstice alignments.
From China, the Book of Records describes instruction which "The Perfect Emperor Yao (2254 BC.) gave to his astronomers to ascertain the solstices and equinoxes... and thereby fix the four seasons." The summer solstice ceremony was the complement to the one in December. The winter festival was held to honor and energize the celestial male, yang forces.
In order to counterbalance the natural predominance of yin that occurs in that season, the summer festival was earthy, feminine, and yin in character so as to stimulate those forces. The summer festival took place on the altar of the Earth, which was square to evoke the terrestrial forces. While the winter solstice's sacrificial victim was burned so that smoke could rise to heaven, in summer the sacrifice was buried. -- Excerpts from the article, Summer Solstice, a web page from the American Spirit Newspaper

Toasting Immortality
On the eve of the longest day of the year, twist together wooden branches into the shape of a man and place a piece of foil-wrapped bread inside it. Throw the man into a fiery pit, remove the toasted bread from the charred remains, distribute among friends and eat.
Its the summer solstice Wicker Man ritual, and you wont be seeing it in Martha Stewarts Living.
Witches of the pagan religion Wicca, however, regard...the Gregorian calendar on which it is based as little more than random human constructs, and choose instead to be governed by solar, lunar and planetary cycles. Summer solstice, when the sun hits the Tropic of Cancer and ascends to its highest point, is the longest day, and shortest night, of the calendar year.
It is also one of the eight major holidays of witchcraft.
According to Reverend Marsha Smith, a spokesperson for the Salem-based Witches League for Public Awareness, to practitioners of Wicca summer solstice is a time of heightened creativity, sensuality and eroticism.
During the solstice, she says, the Wiccan Sun God reaches his highest power. "Wicker Man" rituals re-enact the Sun Gods journey and the cycle of changing seasons. Wiccans believe that during the ritual the Sun Gods spirit enters the bread, and that by eating it humans partake of his immortality.
"Because Wicca comes out of a Northern European experience, where winters are awfully cold, people look forward to summer, when you can strip down and be outside," says Smith. It doesnt take a witch to know that more sunlight means more exposed flesh, more hours to frolic and more opportunity to contemplate the joys of, well, ah, procreation.

Summer solstice is also an occasion of transformation. "From winter to summer solstice, the energy builds up. From summer to winter it wanes," Smith says. "Summer solstice is a very passionate period, yet at the same time we acknowledge that its also when we start to slow down."
Along with the "Wicker Man" ritual, Reverend Smith also suggests leaping over a bonfire as a "symbolic passing through the fires of purification." And, in a pinch, "A candle will suffice." -- Edited and excerpted from the article at LA WEEKLY

Midsummer: The Oak King and the Holly King
The Oak King defeats the Holly King on the longest day of the year.
The Holly King and the Oak King are part of Celtic mythology, and they represent two sides to the Green Man, or Horned God.
They battle twice a year, once at Yule and once at Midsummer (Litha) to see who would rule over the next half of the year. At Yule, the Oak King wins and at Litha, the Holly King is victorious. In other words, the Oak King rules over the lighter half of the year, and the Holly King over the darker half. The change from one to the other is a common theme for rituals at Yule, and also at Midsummer.
Another version of the Holly King and Oak King symbolism, is that they do not directly switch places twice a year, but rather both live simultaneously. The Oak King is born at Yule, and his strength grows through the spring, peaks at Beltane and then he weakens and dies at Samhain. The Holly King lives a reverse existence, and is born at Midsummer, waxes more powerful through the summer and fall, to his peak at Samhain. His influence then lessens until Beltane, when it is his turn to pass away. In this perspective, the two Kings enjoy a more intricate interplay of power and is perhaps a better illustration of their duality. At any given time, they both exist but have varying levels of influence throughout the year.
Either way, each King represents different ideas. The time of the Oak King is for growth, development, healing, and new projects. The Holly King's time is for rest, reflection, and learning.
Midsummer has arrived, and if you're looking for more information on this Sabbat, About's Pagan/Wiccan guide can help. You might want to make some traditional foods for a Solstice meal, or try your hand at something crafty. Plenty of ritual ideas too. -- Excerpts from articles by Terri Paajanen,'s Pagan/Wiccan Guide

More about Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Designed and erected by people who existed more than 5000 years ago, Stonehenge is still a traditional gathering place on the Northern Hemisphere's longest day -- the Summer Solstice. Stonehenge is a mystery, one of several stone circle monuments in Great Britain. The relationship and alignment of the standing stones to the sun's seasonal revolution appear to have been designed to function either as some kind of astronomical calendar, or as a sacred ritual site honoring the sun. Whatever its purpose to the ancients, the silent stones still wield an enormous power on tourists to Great Britain.
So much so that the English Heritage organization is going to be shutting the site down to visitors during the coming years while renovations are made including diverting the highway and traffic away from its encroachment on the site itself. Over time, the road and sidewalks have crept so close to the ancient remains that photographers and film crews seeking to recapture the original mystery of the place have been hard put to keep modern automobiles and power lines out of the shots.
Similarly, the modern celebration of the Solstice has been the focus of a conflict of purpose from two fundamentally different types of pilgrims.  Spiritually-inclined Druids, Wiccans, neo-pagans, and new-agers feel quiet meditation and rituals are the appropriate purpose for the sacred site's energies -- while others feel the occasion calls for dancing, chanting, and a thunderous drum circle reminiscent of a Grateful Dead show. Public celebrations of the Solstice at Stonehenge were banned until only a few years ago due to a violent clash between celebrants and police in 1985.

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Humanoid Robot Learns to Talk

With the help of human instructors, a robot has learned to talk like a human infant, learning the names of simple shapes and colors.
“Our work focuses on early stages analogous to some characteristics of a human child of about 6 to 14 months, the transition from babbling to first word forms,” wrote computer scientists led by Caroline Lyon of the University of Hertfordshire in a June 13 Public Library of Science One study.
Named DeeChee, the robot is an iCub, a three-foot-tall open source humanoid machine designed to resemble a baby. The similarity isn’t merely aesthetic, but has functional purpose: Many researchers think certain cognitive processes are shaped by the bodies in which they occur. A brain in a vat would think and learn very differently than a brain in a body.

This field of study is called embodied congnition and in DeeChee’s case applies to learning the building blocks of language, a process that in humans is shaped by an exquisite sensitivity to the frequency of sounds.
'Robot embodiment evokes reactions which disembodied software does not.'
The outlines of this might seem self-evident — babies learn by listening — but nuances of the necessary interactions couldn’t be replicated by a human talking to a glowing screen. “Learning needs interaction with a human, and robot embodiment evokes appropriate reactions in a human teacher, which disembodied software does not,” said Lyon.
Using DeeChee also allowed the researchers to quantify the transition from babble to recognizable word forms in detail, drawing statistical links between sound frequencies and the robot’s performance that might eventually inform research on human learning.
To be certain, DeeChee doesn’t yet think like a human baby. It doesn’t have the software. Asked if this process of learning might be combined with higher-level cognitive programs to produce something like consciousness, Lyon demurred.
“First we have to ask, ‘What is consciousness?’” she said.
What is the next step?

 Humanoid Robots are going to be a reality in next 20-30 years, they will not only be able to imitate human behavior but will also be able to think and act on there own like them. Definitely it will take awhile for Humanoid robots to understand that they are slaves to humans and don't have any status or reputation in human society.
Humanoid robots will further add more complexity to human society, making human beings more lazy, incompetent in front of a machine, but before this happens we can have some fun with these mini-robots which are currently available in the market in the form of entertaining toys .