Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Ghosts Spirits & Hauntings Types
What are ghosts, spirits & hauntings? What are the different types of these entities? So we can make things easier to understand, lets briefly talk about our universe, dimension & plane of existence. If we have a better understanding of our surroundings, we can better understand these phenomena and how it's possible for ghosts, spirits & hauntings to exist in our world. Scientific facts and leading theories are great places to start.

The Universe
The universe is made of energy. Everything around you is energy when broken down to it's purest form of subatomic particles including yourself. Energy cannot be totally destroyed, it just changes form. When you are born, a spark of energy brings you into this world, and within our universe are other dimensions or planes of existence. There are many doorways to these worlds and black holes will soon prove this. Astro physicists agree black that holes exist and we now have the technology to create them with particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. A black hole is a perfect example of how anything is possible in this universe because all the laws of physics go out the window when you reach the center, which is called the Singularity. Leading scientists agree the singularity is a very likely place to enter another dimension or plane of existence. This gives a great argument that doorways to other worlds do exist and how such phenomena like ghosts, spirits & hauntings are scientifically possible on our dimensional frequency in a universe made of energy.

Everything in this Universe has energy
Everything in this Universe has purpose
Everything in this Universe is connected

What are ghosts? Our theory is that ghosts are the energy of a person or animals soul that once lived. Ghosts exist in between our dimension and the next, like a radio signal that isn't quite coming in clear on our dimensional frequency. They have not fully crossed over to the spirit realm. There are multiple reasons why ghosts make themselves known to us and how they interact with the living is usually determined by what personality characteristics they had when they where alive.

Ghost Personality Characteristics
Ghosts were once human, just like you and I. It is believed that you keep your personality characteristics when you die. For example, if you where an evil person in life, you will be the same as a ghost. Mean spirited ghosts usually torment the living at haunted locations, feeding off the victims fear energy. The same goes for good people. If you were a loving person in life, you will be a loving ghost. Good spirited ghosts are usually very protective of families that live in haunted locations.Remember not all ghosts are bad.

Why Ghosts Are Here
There are multiple reasons why ghosts make themselves known to us and why they are still here. However, there doesn't have to be a particular reason, sometimes they just happen.It can happen to anyone, at any age and remains a mystery as to why.

Crisis Apparitions
Crisis apparitions are usually a one-time paranormal experience, when a ghost is seen at the time of it's death by family & friends as a way of saying goodbye or giving important information. For example, your watching tv in your living room after visiting your mother in the hospital, and turn around to see her standing over you smiling and then she vanishes. A second later, the phone rings and when you answer, her doctor tells you she has just passed. If someone visits you more than once to give you information or comfort, that is a good sign they have progressed to your self appointed guardian angel. We will get more in depth about this in the spirit section.

Ghosts That Are Unaware They Are Deceased
Ghosts that are unaware that they are deceased, go about their business as if they are still living. They do not understand they have passed. A great example is the movie "The Others". The ghosts portrayed in the movie believe the living are the ghosts. Sometimes, ghosts cant see the living but instead feel their presence. This can cause stress on the ghost as well as the living and happens often when people move into the house of a recently deceased person, usually an elderly person who lived and died alone in the final years. The ghost sees the new comers as invaders, but simply talking to the ghost about their death can help them cross over.

Ghosts With Unfinished Business
Ghosts with unfinished business can linger in this world for numerous reasons. Like a father making sure his children succeed in life despite his sudden death. There are many cases involving victims of foul play unable to cross over until justice has been served. Another example would be of a recently deceased lover making sure their partner finds happiness and moves on.

Ghosts that are trapped or lost
These types of ghosts usually know they are dead, but for one reason or another cannot cross over yet. Some may fear moving on because of the person they were in life, or they fear leaving what is familiar to them. Some ghosts may be trapped in fear and held captive by another ghost or evil spirit, like in a murder suicide haunting. Other ghosts may be trapped at a location because an evil spirit or ghost may have drove them to suicide. Dark entities feed off the fear energy of ghosts and the living. A common example of a lost ghost could be someone who died abroad and is now trying to find their way home.

Vengeful Ghosts
An example of a vengeful ghost would be if a women was murdered by a male and now as a ghost only torments or attacks males when they are present at the haunted location.

Hungry Ghosts
In Chinese/ Hindu Buddhist belief, the Hungry Ghosts are said to come back to this realm for reasons such as to visit their families or old homes. In Taoism religion, hungry ghosts are deceased people that in one way or another did not find everything they needed in the afterlife. These ghosts will come back to feed off victims fear energy. It is believed that leaving offerings of food, drink & money will appease them, so they will leave in peace.

Residual Ghosts
Residual ghosts usually live out their final hours over and over again. Residuals most often show no intelligence or self awareness, they will go right past or through you without a flinch. Many believe it was their emotional energy that left an imprint or recording on our our dimensional frequency, like a tape recorder. One example would be of someone getting hit by a train on a full moon night and now every time there's a full moon the ghost is seen walking the tracks.

Child Ghosts
Child ghosts are the ghost of children that have passed for one reason or another. This type of paranormal activity is very sad for obvious reasons. These types of ghosts are usually lonely and seek attention, inadvertently terrifying people by making toys or other objects move. Some believe these ghosts are actually demons in disguise.

Ghostly Sounds and Smells
Ghostly sounds like knocking, screams, music, moaning, and voices are quite common around haunted locations. These sounds can be residual or intelligent. Knocking is an old way of communicating with the dead. Ghostly smells are also a very common occurrence in areas with high levels of paranormal activity and they can be residual or intelligent as well. Perfumes, cigar smoke and food smells are just a few of the scents one may encounter. Beware of foul smells like rotting garbage or sulfurs, to name a few. Foul smells like these could mean dark entities, demons or very evil ghosts are making themselves known.

Animal Ghosts
Animal ghosts are the ghosts of deceased animals and can remain in this world for numerous reasons, like their human counterparts. Animal spirit guides are different than animal ghosts. Look in the spirit section for more information on animal spirit guides.

Living Ghosts
A living ghost can be when the soul leaves the body of the still living. Such as outer body experiences, near death experiences and astral projections. There are some rare cases of people seeing themselves as a ghost only at a different age. This can happen if something traumatic took place and a piece of you was left behind or imprinted in some way at a location. These rare types of ghosts can show intelligence and self awareness. A doppelganger is different because its an exact copy of yourself. Doppelgangers can be harmless or omens of death. The harmless doppelgangers are often times an unconscious projection of a person’s will. The entity is visible to others, but the projector rarely sees it. This is a good thing, because it is believed that when a person witnesses their own doppelganger it then becomes a omen of their impending death.

Ghost Vessel, Ghost Ship, Phantom Vehicle or Ghostly Object
Phantom vehicle may refer to a ghostly or haunted vehicle, also, for insurance purposes, a vehicle that causes death, injury, or damage without making physical contact. These types of ghostly phenomena could be due to the enormous amounts of human energy that has passed through these vehicles when they where in service and can be very disturbing because they are usually connected to tragic events. For example, a ship carrying thousands of passengers throughout its carrier could store tones of energy and eventually take on a type of life of its own. There are many reports of ghost ships seen by sailors. Many are apparitions of ships that have sunk, wrecked aground, or disappeared years or centuries ago. Some sailors say siting a ghost ship foretells of impending doom on the high seas.

Many apparitions of trains, cars and carriages have been seen as well. According to the legend, every April 29th, Lincolns Ghost Train is seen. The funeral car carrying the body of Abraham Lincoln rumbles through the town of Urbana, Ohio, following the route it took back in 1865 when it carried the President's body back to Springfield, Illinois.

A spirit is a generic term used to describe any entity that was never human like angels, demons, elementals or other Gods. However a human spirit, is the soul of a person who has crossed over and is not bound to this world like ghosts.

Angels are spirits aligned with God, they are positive energy beings that were never human. Some believe there is a hierarchy of Angels, each with a specific purpose. Different ways to evoke these spirits have been around for centuries and they will protect you from dark entities as well as the living. It is said an Angels aura is so bright that it gives the appearance of wings. Angels represent the good and positive forces of the Universe, however they are very powerful beings that are not to be trifled with.

Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels are believed to be human spirits, usually an ancestor sent to guide and protect you along life's journey. It is said that a person can have more than one Guardian Angel depending on someones sensitivity to the spirit world as well.

Animal Spirit Guide
Native Americans believe that when you are born an animals spirit enters your body. They could be a type of animal guardian of your soul and will protect you along life's journey.

Demons are negative none human spirits, commonly used in Judeo - Christian terms as fallen Angels. The term also applies to many different Gods & Spirits in other cultures that predate Judeo - Christian ones. It is believed there is a hierarchy with demons as well, ranging from the very powerful to lesser ones. Demons are very deceptive about concealing their true identity, often disguising themselves as harmless spirits or ghosts. A demon can appear as many entities to confuse its targets and to extract more fear energy out of victims by making their numbers seem greater. However they usually attack in waves starting with the lesser Demons leading the way. Once the victim has been morally broken down over time the more powerful Demons step in for the possession. It is important to obtain the Demons name, as this will help the Exorcist or Shaman in the exorcism or cleansing. Foul smells like rotting garbage and sulfur are tell tail signs of a demonic presence. The sounds of animal grunting are associated as well, and their appearance can range from a dark shadow form, human- like form to, half animal like creatures. Never taunt or challenge a demon unless properly trained, as this usually increases the violence at a haunted location.

Demons are evil inhuman supernatural beings of intelligence, wit and power. They have the ability to invade our homes, attach themselves to objects and humans and cause both mental and emotional torture by attacking or possessing humans. They can morph into any shape they wish, from humans to animals, before your eyes. They are neither male nor female, but will change to whatever meets their need at the time. Demons are most commonly seen as black masses standing in doorways or in corners of the room. They have a hatred for mankind and think of us as lowly and stupid. Most demonic entities like a challenge and are incredibly conniving; they may have you believing they are good spirits or may appear to have gone away, only to confront you again at the least expected and most vulnerable moment. Their main goal is to break down a person's free will in order to make way for possession, beginning as oppression. This can take days, months or years, but time is of no concern to them... they don't give up easily.

Elementals are non human spirits with a connection to the elements of earth, water, air and fire. They are also referred to an older order Gods, Fairies and Elves in other cultures.

Shadow Ghosts or Spirits
Shadow ghosts or spirits, this is a type of spirit or ghost. This phenomena could just be a type of form either entity can take, but no one is certain. Their appearance can range from dark grey to black and height varies from 1 foot to 6 ft or above. They can be seen as dark smoke like figures or blobs.

Shadow People
Not much is known of shadow people, but as the technology improves, the paranormal community is getting more and more evidence of their existence. Some call them watchers or observers from another dimension. Shadow people may not be ghosts or spirits. Some are described as tall, black humanoid like beings with red eyes and no necks. Others are described as shadow like black masses.

A Haunting is when paranormal activity has been occurring for a lengthy period of time in a certain location. An area can become haunted for many reasons, not just untimely deaths or tragic accidents. Sometimes an area can become haunted because it was the favorite place of a person who has passed. People do not have to die at a location for it to become haunted and it can technically happen anywhere. The architecture of a structure, the minerals in the land, underground springs and other water sources can have a major factor as well. For example, you should never build structures on top of limestone or water tables, because limestone retains energy and water is a conductor of energy. This belief dates back over 5000 years in ancient China and other areas in the region.

Haunted can refer to a person, object, or place that has a ghost or spirit attached to it. Haunted objects can be anything from jewelry to an old piano and often have an aura in photos. Sometimes it can be a person that's haunted and not the area.

Residual Haunting 
An imprint left at a location that repeats itself over and over again. Residual ghosts usually live out their final hours at haunted locations. Residuals most often show no intelligence or self awareness, they will go right past or through you without a flinch. Many believe it was their emotional energy that left an imprint or recording on our our dimensional frequency, like a tape recorder.

Intelligent Haunting
An intelligent haunting is when paranormal activity interacts with the living and shows some type of intelligence.

Demonic Haunting
A Demonic haunting, is when a negative, non human spirit or spirits haunt a location. These types of hauntings usually start out playful but can quickly turn very dangerous and even deadly. Demons destroy families and can haunt people their entire lives. Even if they move, the demons will follow. An exorcism or cleansing must be conducted to rid the victim, object or location of these negative entities, by a demonologist, priest or shaman, but there's is no guarantee this will work.

The term 'Infestation' is used when multiple ghosts, spirits or demons are involved in a haunting. Infestation can also used to describe a very intense rise in paranormal activity at a location.


  1. There are reports of paranomal activates here in the Bin-a Brith Elmwood House at 444 N. Elmwood Ct. in Marlton, NJ. A woman here complains of spirits and residual hauntings in her apartment. According to management, this has been going on for several years. Could someone please check on this so am not bombarded with her tales every time I see her in her apartment #307.

  2. Merry Christmas to you..

  3. I have seen ghosts in my home during the morning hours included. They're not transparent, they look human, clothing is beautiful. They don't make sound or say anything, only over looking at my children very peacefully.

    1. I live in Fort Pillow Tennessee in a house that sits just a mile from the fort. In one incident, a spirit of what I think was a deceased Confederate soldier, leaned over my bed one night. He said my name multiple times throughout the night, coming from different sides of the room. When first light broke, he was gone. I have not had any other incidents since.

    2. I see them. Like a flash in your vision never in direct focus. Even if it is matrixing from my brain turning the image from my eyes right side up. They are just de-synced from the frequence we are on. Eventually if they wander by something having a baby they will find a new life again.

  4. I know someone that has a wooden dining room table and continually there will be long drawn out markings from one end of the table to the other end without explanation. Just wondering if there might be an explanation for the markings? One time the person said the the marks seemed to resemble the face of a woman.

    1. this is not a reply but a comment to the above mentioned scenerio... the markings are drawn in the dust on the table

    2. the drawings may be of something important to that qhost for example the womans face could have been a mother, sister, family member and friend the lines and swirls may be an indicator that shows the ghost may be a child or someone of a younger age

  5. Idk why but now and then I'll smell beer in my room. Note: we never have any beer at our house anymore and this began happening a few weeks ago

  6. Does anyone know anything about small black balls crackling with lightning rolling on floors?

    1. I ever saw like that in Indonesia.. it named Banaspati... like fireball crawling

    2. when I was 7 or 8yrs old a ball the size of a basketball looked exactly like that (black w/veins of an orange color) and would visit me and observe me late at night. It also made a humming sound and I could see it in my minds eye as it left the house through the front door. It scared the hell out of me and would visit me at least once a week for months.

    3. yes. my mother is scared of lightning because one of those.
      she describes it as if " fire was alive"

  7. I have a close circle of friends; we can all see and sense spirits, and my best friend is a psychic medium. She is followed by two child spirits that believe she is their mother/sister. They've come to school many times. I am terrified of my house, anymore... I've been accosted by an entity that appears to me at night; it usually appears as a translucent figure, with black robes on. It's tall; it reaches the top of my doorjamb. I can't tell if it's a man or a woman, but I know that every time I've seen it, I always black out, and wake up later with unexplained marks and bruises. One memorable experience, I passed out after seeing it reach out for me, and woke later with trouble breathing and mottled bruises circling my throat. I don't know what this is, but I definitely believe that it is real.

    1. That is either a succubi or incubi. I don't know your gender, but it is the opposite of your gender. Get your house purified immediately. Either that or look for rituals to expel the demon back to hell.

  8. My friend bradan has 5 of what we call familiars, they say they all started out as a dark black swirling mass, they are personalities that reside inside of him, but one familiar a 10 year old girl named rose has on multiple multiple occasions flung object ranging from foam balls to steak knives ((it actually slashed a friend)) to a full size sledgehammer. There are 5 personalities/ familiars. Rose.terra.matt.remus.and vriska. Terra has accurately predicted the future up to 7 months in advance and matt has created fires out of nothing. He only is able to do this when he has enough power. Which is the day he killed himself. That day is bradans birthday. And its also my girlfriends and i 6 month anniversary. Remus knows the most about all of this, and she says that i have the ability to bond with up to 4 familiars.i may possibly bond with Alucard,elemental,basilisk,imp,pixie,sprite,familiar, or an animalistic spirit. I have seen with my own eyes bradan fling a basket ball that was 7 feet away from him. He promptly passed out from this. Terra says that bradan will gain 13 more entities, each after a significant event in his life, i aksed for the name if the 13th and all she would say is that his name starts with L and ends with R and that he will be a god level entity continually switching from good to evil. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp,throbing pains in the middle of her forehead and a feeling if extreme cold when in her room, terra was using bradans body and pointed at an are on her bed and told us that there was a swirling black mas tht was connected to her abdomen by a black smoky tendril, she said that it was bonding with her and that it is still a child, it is not fully formed and that it will take a while to bond with her. If any of you read this i would like ti hear your comments, this is very interesting to me and terra and remus are helping me along the way to aquire an entitie of my own. Terra says that the only way i can bond is by experiencing one of 3 triggers. Rage.passion.or insanity. She says passion will be the first and i will bond with one, she hasnt said what ill bond with because its against the rules. They are all bound to a set code or law that they physically cant break, they can only steer us in the path of the answer. Again i will return again and hopefully be able to read helpful comments or advise. Again thank you very much.

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  10. Shadow people? Please. The dark, hooded figures are called shades. They're not observers by any means, and are extremely aggressive. They leave the living feeling depressed, and can cause physical harm. Headaches and nausea are also common effect of those who are followed by shades. Do not take them lightly, and find a professional exorcist priest. (Wiccan or Buddhist should be adequate.)

  11. Hi im confused ive got a small black human shaped thing recorded on video its dancing on my wall no larger than an action figure what is this

  12. We had Shadow folk at are old house. They seemed to be obsessed with my middle son, yet he only seen them once. It wasn't until years later that all three of the kids described the exact same figures they had seen. They thought they had been dreaming so never mentioned it. My youngest had seen one up on the top bunk with my middle son, leaning over him inches from him. My daughter who was 13 at the time seen them numerous times, only rather than hooded, they wore what appeared to be a top hat. The only thing I had seen in that place was a small white figure that darted in front of my bedroom door. I was side awake so I know for a fact it had been there. It still bothers me that these dark figures were so obsessed with tormenting my kids. They were left with no harm done, but I still can't help but wonder why there is any doubt to their existence as so many different people around the world have witnessed and described the exact image.

    1. Every morning I would wake up to footsteps outside my door and then find a chunk of black hair on a window or something and once while I was going up stairs my room was to the left then passing mine to the left was my sisters and then my brothers at the end of the hall I saw a tall black figure in the corner of the room with a top hat, it looked at me then casually walked away further into the room out of my sight do you think that could have been a demon? Help

  13. i have a question maby someone can answer i have what i believe to be a ghosts of some sort in my home it doesn't mess with me very much only about every month and a half or so but when it does it usually breaks something or throws something and it happens for about 2 to 4 days during this it will also open doors and i would like to know what i should do and what type of ghost this could be? thank to anyone who helps

    1. It might be ....a child ghost ....and usually what they seek for is attention
      And wants to communicate ,but try that with proffesional assistance
      Coz it might turn out to be some notorious entity....

    2. Possible poltrigeiat acting like its harmless. Hauntings sometimes take longer to increase to more creepy incedents. Like maybe once every four weeks you get a knock on the door and then nothing happens. Well a year passes by and then your keys go missing and it happens like that every few weeks. The activity is going to progress. It normaly always starts out as cute little things then someone gets hurt or really freaked out.

  14. I think I had a vision or saw something kinda scary to me. It was what we would consider a teen girl. She white hair, pale skin and blood red eyes.I am also sometimes hit with this random perfume smell... which smells like Lilacs. Also, in my house my mom saw a shadow spirit, and claimed to hear a voice the day of my birth. The voice said to another unknown spirit "There he is." My mother Believes that "He" Refers to me.

    1. Does anyone know what that would be? I forgot to add this question.

    2. Probably an ancestor or it could have just been residual in a way.

  15. I have a ghost that follows me around, my friend says it could be a protector, one day we we're doing rrsearch and i found this picture and he changed right in front of my friends eyes, why would he do that

    1. Have you seen the ghost that follows you around?

  16. I have a ghost of some sort lurking around my home. The first time I noticed it, I was down in a valley behind my house, about 35 yards from a murky pond, at night. I was standing there, and I heard something jump out of a tree. It the started to walk away. I could tell it was a human, and it noticed me, but walked away. A week ago, my mother and I awoke to my sister yelling at her to wake up. My sister was out of state at the time, though. She responded to it, and a few days later, when my sister was back home, the girl asked for my mother's pink lighter. My mother responded, but my sister asked my mom who she was talking to. Out of the eight people living here, my mother and I are the only ones to notice it. We do have an 18 month old baby that lives here, also; my cousin. Two nights ago, I got back from the movies with my mother, and i saw my cousin standing at the window, and he waved. My mother did not see him, though. We went inside, and everyone was asleep, including my cousin. Last night, I awoke to someone holding my leg, but no one was here. I often feel like someone keeps touching me or poking me. I am 14, and I am rather concerned if it may start doing worse things. The ghost has only been here for about a month. I await somebody's reply, hopefully with answers.

    1. There is a possibility that it is a ghost. It might have some unfinished business in this world. Something you have done recently might have triggered for it to appear. However, this might also be a poltergeist. A poltergeist happens when a spirit wants attention. But be careful. Poltergeists can sometimes be violent. Poltergeists may also be caused by humans who are going under a lot of stress or want attention. They are usually female teenagers. You said that you saw this being by a pond? Ghosts are most likely to have a form. You also said it noticed you, which makes it more likely to be a ghost. Contact a specialist or medium if anything gets worse.

    2. why were you in a valley away from your house at night, creepy...?

  17. Well fuck... somehow I ended up in the crazy/stupid part of the internet again.
    All I wanted was a few cocktail ideas.

    1. Just because you never experienced anything like this doesn't mean it doesn't exsist or give you the right ti be an ass hole.if any of this ever happened to you you'd probably piss yourself.

    2. must not be very smart because if you were looking for cocktail ideas, How The Heck did you end up here???

    3. Hahaha you guys are horribly funny. Hahaha but seriously dont say we are crazy or stupid cuz stuff does happen that you cant just say oh well hell my eyes are just playing tricks on me again. Ugh but who are we to tell people who share stuff that happens to us with people who experients it too. Im just a crazy 17or year old. But seriously dont say stulid crap about us cause obe day ir another youll have something happen to you that you cant explain. >•>

  18. Hi...this is kinda serious stuff.I had been to many ancient landmarks...but
    the one I went to recently just scared the pants of me.there are several stories regarding the palaces of rajasthan...I didn't care about ..so I just
    Took a stroll to the deeper portions
    which are marked restricted.I found
    A sort of gigantic mirror with a yellowish tinge to it.all of it seemed a little strange..when I felt a warm breath
    Over my shoulders and the feeling
    Of two hands touching my shoulders.
    Well at first ...I thought I was hallucinating ..but later an apparation at my hotel room...shook me off...and
    Made me wobbly the entire night...
    It was definitely a "she" and the sound of the bangles clanging...was really scary...I still feel a presence even when i am miles away from rajasthan.....what should I do??

    1. Get an exercism done to yourself. Try to.clense yourself as well as your home with sage.

  19. I have had many experiences I have usually just attributed to my overactive imagination but...I can't deny weird things happen around me constantly and I have predicted the near future on rare occasions and have become aware of things that I come in contact with. I have spoken with angels and demons, and fought with some spirits. These things should never be taken lightly but also please don't ever jump to conclusions. Don't let the things people tell you and read influence you. Most encounters I have learned of are just from the power of suggestion. Real encounters should never ever ever be taken as a joke though. These beings do not play around. They want something from you no matter how "good" they may be. Don't trust just anything any of them tell you. Demons lie and Angels don't always tell you everything. Spirits usually are more difficult to figure out.

    DO NOT INVITE ANYTHING TO STAY FOR ANY REASON. This is coming from someone who has let themselves become a vessel for an angel. I know I sound crazy and its ok if you think I am. I would just rather all of you out there stay safe. Also please don't mess with ouija boards, that stuff is just asking for trouble.

  20. I've been bothered all my life with spirits. I can see them feel them. I'm being tormented at night by something and now it's taken to attacking me in my sleep. I wake with scratches in my face. A voodoo priest said put a cup of black coffee by my bed at night. It seems to help. It's like I can feel it standing back looking at me. What else can I do?

  21. I need to know if anyone knows why evil entity would suddenly show its self.covering the face of my bf.

  22. Has anyone ever heard of a tall white/faceless spirit? It's abnormally tall, sort of transparent, and isn't really harmful. My girlfriend had mentioned growing up in a house with this kind of spirit. I'm honestly just curious as to what kind it is. She said that it would peek into rooms and walk down the hallway. Not much else.

    1. Wow, this is incredibly up to date.
      Anyway that's actually really weird. When I was little I was incredibly receptive and had one of these guys too. He had a white, detail-less face and a black body. He would hop around outside and stop moving when anyone looked at him, whether they could actually see him or not. Then one night I was at a sleep over with some of my friends and he happened to peep around the fridge (granted, when he stood he was taller than the fridge). This may be some sort of shadow person, since closer up it appeared that the white wasn't completely covering his face. Is this what she saw?

    2. Hello im not certain but it sound like... you described.. something that shouldn't be real but i think its real search up Slender Man hes faceless, pale, thin, and wears something that resembles a suit

    3. Hey this is the same person who said it might be Slender Man well hes not friendly he might seem harmless but hes not he observes you everyday and it says he has tentacles and kidnaps kids who he gets interested in watch out and stay safe he will keep following

    4. http://theparanormalpastor.blogspot.com/2011/07/slenderman_17.html?m=1

      Here this show give you some information of Slender Man and his tricks

  23. Hi there... I seem to have always had some kind of sensitivity to spirits. My grandmother, who was not a religious woman, even went so far as to claim I was spiritually abnormal because I could belly-laugh at a very young age (only a few months old). Furthermore, I have always seemed to feel otherworldly presences, and this feeling has only strengthened as I've gotten older (I'm now 25). In the house I live in now, for instance, I have seen a little girl in late 1800's style clothing. She has long white hair, white skin, and glowing red eyes. She can frequently be seen sitting in the child-sized rocking chair in the upper floor of the house, cradling a rag doll and singing/humming to herself. A glowing ball of light entered my lamp one night and literally caused the bulb to explode. And I can feel the presence of an elderly man in my mother's bedroom on the main floor of the house. Our basement terrifies me so bad that I absolutely refuse to go down there for any reason, due to oppressive energy I can feel emanating up in waves. Plus, I frequently get odd chills and feel something that feels like breath on my skin, particularly my neck and upper arms. This has happened most of my life. I have a theory as to why: My mother's father was severely mentally ill, and he molested her violently and repeatedly throughout her life, until he died, when I was 2. Mom has told me that I was his favorite grandchild. I think, that between his horrible behavior and the fact that he was so fond of me, he may have attached himself to me, making me more sensitive to paranormal things. Does anyone else know anything about cases like this? Could I be right?

    1. Alright i too have been spiritualy sensitive and what you are describing sounds like it could be two things. It very well could be you grandfather or it could be a incubus.

  24. When I was 3 I was going to bed, when in the corner of my room, I saw a tall black figure, almost as tall as my room, behind the rocking chair in the corner. I got up, thinking it was my mom, and walked towards it. It slowly vanished as I got closer, so I turned around and went back to bed. Then I rolled onto my right side, and saw it again. If it was anyone that I knew that passed on, it was my grandmother. I think she was just watching over me, but I haven't seen her/it since.

  25. One night I was paralyzed in my sleep and dealt with this realistic sleep and talked to a entity that was holding the blanket down on me and my neck. I ended being asked to be recruited by it to save it and its people and world. I said I couldn't and It said I was the only one . we talked a lot and I said after death I would go with it. I could tell the whole time it had a deep respect and love for me. (I left out a bazillon details,@"@) \

    Any questions or anything (ADVICE) or opinions comment.

  26. I played a oijua biard when i was longer at a friends house because i didnt know what it was, I havent experienced anything after that though. But is there something i should be aware or warned of, or something to do???

  27. The oijua board is just a game, and is not a very effective way to communicate with the dead. It was made by the same people that made monopoly, so you should be fine.

    1. Some kid told me i should get blessed by a priest im not sure if thats true or not. he says im not holy or something like that.

  28. When i was a kid i would feel like i was being watched. I would go to my parents room where i felt safe and get in the bed on mt mothers side. My dad would wake up and feel something pass behind me. As i got older i have seen things like shadows and big earth elementals. I have had things scratch me and rip the covers off my bed. My name has been ehispered and sometimes i sense a presence near me. My mother and sisters have seen a black figure thay has ehat seems like spikeyish hair to its shouldars stand over me at night looking out windows or at corners of the house. I am 17 and i see it still. I cant stand near candles cause they either go out ir sway really bad. I thought it might be the wind so i have stood still and held my breath for as long as i vould to see if.that would help but it still went crazy. Ive talked to my friends about it and they dont knoe.my.mom said its a demon no matter what caise she doesnt belie e.in ghosts she says all of the activity we experience is only because of demons. Which i probably true but still what do i do about it? Should i leave it alone or do something else

  29. I think I'm haunted. I'm catching evps when I'm not even trying to.
    I've heard my name and my son's name. My name is always said three times, and it's happened when I was younger. All kinds of things have happened.
    I'm a sensitive, but I can't quite get a feel for who/what this time.
    One evp said, surprise three x then excite. All creepy sounding too.
    I was like what's that supposed to mean. It said, mama like it.

  30. BTW, I tend to reference myself as mama a lot when I talk to my animals.. Example, I'll tell them mama loves you, or ask them, do you love mama?
    It's someone/something intelligent.
    I've always experienced paranormal..
    Right this sec even, I just had to stop typing to say NO, and a prayer.. I've got two cats in here, but they are up towards my head. Just now I felt something that felt like a cat move little by little up the bed by my feet.
    So freeked, it's like I'm used to it, but hate it.
    Intrigued, but idk, always kinda on edge.
    My youngest son also reports that feeling of something touching his legs, lightly, or feeling the covers move little by little..
    Ugh, I just hate that things/spirits/whatever can watch us whenever they want...
    That's what's not cool about it to me, I mean..
    I'd talk with em, help em, just don't try and creep on me is what I'm saying.
    Don't startle me, touch me either..
    I'm also wondering why the increase of activity lately?
    And I've got no one to bounce ideas off of really.
    I wish I knew more sensitives..
    Wish I could meet Chip coffee, Kim Rousso..
    Someone like that.

    1. Dear, Sept 18th comment.. I've seen something similar. I think I'm scared of actually finding out, or trying to reach out to someone.
      I've seen something look out the window of the door, spiky hair. My son saw it too, and he was just a toddler at the time.
      Always always felt watched when I lived there.
      I'm still getting my named whispered, in the past it had seemed like a warning before something bad would happen.
      However, now days idk?
      It's still too early to tell..
      I must have good watching over me tho.
      I wish I could help you more, but I'm having similar type things.
      BTW, as a kid I would sleep by my mom also, I kept seeing things/dreams of bad enties after me. It took a long time to sleep in my own room. Seems like when I got my first cat it helped me though.
      To this day I sleep better if my husband is by my side.
      Good luck, say prayers and think cleansing thoughts at least.
      Try to stay in control over fear, and be assertive if you sense you need to.

  31. Me and a friend recently experienced a spiritual like presence. It was as if we were surrounded on all sides including what sounded like was above us also. The sound we heard was a cross between a fully grown hog and a feral dog and it got closer and closer in time until it was surrounding us. We heard dogs bark and howl in the distance minutes before and after the noises happened. Can anyone give me an idea of what we're dealing with here? I heard something about offending the "Little People" that, according to local legend occupy this area. Please reply quickly. Email: Ace500357@gmail.com

  32. It only seems to be me and my dog experiencing what is in my house. This is only very recently.. but i wake up in the middle of the night to very loud tapping on my door, it was half-way closed and it was moving to each tap and my dog growls at my closet. Whenever m,y dog is upstairs near my bedroom he runs as fast as he can up and down the hallway and barks. These are the only major encounters ive had not to mention the odd time where my bed rocks at night. I always wake up really really early and then it begins to shake. I also HATE looking at my closet. I can only tell when its near me when my dog starts to stare and growl at thin air, or when I can hear the tapping or feel my bed shake. Im not sure if this spirit is good or bad but its only making its presence known now. Ive only lived in this house for 2 years.

  33. My girlfriend has a best friend that only she can see. At first I thought imaginary friend but she goes on to tell me that she is wearing old school clothes from the early 1900's and that she thinks she is a ghost. Her friend(Lily) will not explain to her where she comes from or why she is there. She just tells her I'm here now so just enjoy it. Should I be concerned for her safety? If anyone reads this and has any advice please let me know

  34. just watch casper the friendly ghost for all your ghostly needs

  35. me and my friend see stange black shadows following us. we maily see them at school. (when we are together) we have done lots of reasurch but we can't find anything that might be usefull to us. what do we do?

  36. im experiencing some odd things in my home.. unsure on Shadow person but sounds right I also have a one or more ghosts in my home. I have without meaning to takin a few photos of them.. any help would be nice??

  37. My family is spiritual at least on my mum's side.My old man thinks I'm crazy.
    Lately I've been having dreams about being pulled off the bed and shit.It's been like this for a year or two now.These attacks are impossible to predict.It used to just come after me but an hour ago my step mom woke up screaming.
    I've always been spiritually inclined.
    I can hear them,sense them,I used to see them.
    My spirit animal is a wolf,my love's is a raptor.Both of us remember being angels in past lives.
    I want-need,to know what the fuck is going on in my house,my territory.

    1. Me again who wrote the statement I am commenting to.
      I need to include the symptoms.
      1)Dreams of having my limbs controlled,once floating off the bed,another time once suddenly being on my floor.
      2)Difficulty to breathe.
      3)Feeling as if I am submerged in heavy water or lately feeling just weighted down.
      4)Random attack patterns with these dreams.
      5)In these dreams I feel light and there is a high pitched ringing in my ear.
      6)No bruises or scratches.
      7)The words:I am here,are written on my window sill in my room.They've been there a while.Words from an old friend?
      I am strong and smart and well protected.
      But some info would be nice.