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Haunted Rooms Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has many haunted rooms & is one of the most haunted ships in the US. This haunted rooms of the Queen Mary list contains guests reports from the haunted ship.

The Queen Mary's Most Haunted Rooms

M001 - Guests have witnessed a dark figure of what seemed to be a woman wearing clothes from the 1930's or 1940's.

M007 - Guests reported waking up in the morning and finding all the drawers open.

M029 - Guests have witnessed their bags move across the floor.

M123 - Guests reported the end of the bed shaking in the middle of the night, and the sound of a flute playing.

M107 - Guests have woken up to see a man sitting in the chair next to the bed watching them sleep.

M114 - Guests have reported seeing a woman in a brown dress with a pink bow tied at her waist sitting on the chair under the port hole. When she stands up and walks towards the door she turns to mist.

M128 - Guests have awoke to find themselves being levitated.

M140 - Guests have reported lights going on and off in the middle of the lights.

M154 - Sounds of clothes being shuffled around in empty closets.

M202 - Guests have reported the feeling of being watched or someone else in the room.

M220 - Guests have heard soft voices and whispers in this room throughout the night, as well as lights going on and off.

A001 - Guests have witnessed the bathroom door open and close & have heard door knocks with no one there.

A004 - Towels fall off the rack when no one is in the room.

A013 - Guests report the water faucet in the restroom turning on in the middle of the night.

A110 - Guests have seen a man sitting on the right hand side of the bed.

A123 - Guests hear laughing.

A116 - Guest was in the twin room and felt coldness on his shoulder for five seconds and then the bathroom door shut.

A119 - The antique fan in room has been known to go on and off from time to time even though it is no longer connected. Guest have also reported hearing a male laughing, along with reports of the bed shaking.

A128 - Guest heard tapping, saw a little girl pop up and say hiya, and disappear. The remote disappears and reappears. Bed shakes in the middle of the night. On 4-23-2011 The curtain shook and snoring was heard. Then the ipod radio started turning off the music.

A135 - Drawers in the room open and close.

A138 - Multiple people have witnessed the shower turning on and off throughout their stay, as well as their bags being moved from one side of the room to the other.

A141 - A women has been seen crying in this room by several guests.

A162 - Sounds of hangers being moved around in the empty closet.

A185 - Guests reported feet being grabbed and shook while sleeping!

A204 - Guests have reported cold spots, and the portholes open and close.

A207 - Guests have seen the chairs in the room move across the floor, and the lights turn on and off.

B404 - Guests report hearing scratching in the closet and seeing a dark shadow pass from the door to the TV.

B425 - Dresser drawers open and close in this stateroom.

B433 - A guest was held down and couldn't move from the bed!

B430 - Multiple guests have reported seeing a man walking around the room and disappearing right befor their eyes.

B444 - Guests have seen a woman walking down the hallway wearing all white and as she came closer she just vanished into thin air.

B479 - Guests report blankets being pulled off of them while sleeping.

B492 - Guests have reported feeling someone watching them or someone else in the room, as well as lights going on in the middle of the night.


Haunted Queen Mary Investigation Room B492, Long Beach CA Case File 5

The Queen Mary is an amazing ship and a wonderful place to visit for history & paranormal buffs alike. This great ship was built in Clydebank Scotland and mainly sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. During World War II, she ferried Allied soldiers to Europe till the ed of the war. The Queen Mary officially retired service in 1967 and sailed to port in Long Beach Ca, where it remains to this day.

The front desk was very helpful and provided us with a list of rooms that had reported paranormal activity. We stayed in room B492, guests have reported the feeling of being watched, or something standing next to them. The lights are reported to turn on in the middle of the night as well. We checked into room B492 at 4:15 PM on 10/22/11. Our team of two set up our equipment, took some photos and ran tests, checking for high EMF levels etc. Everything appeared normal until we looked at the digital camera. We had captured some orbs around our heads so we decided to do an EVP session and take more photos. After an hour of no other paranormal activity taking place we decided to have dinner and restart the investigation later in the evening.

We restarted our paranormal investigation at 11:05 PM in room B492. At 12:30 AM, we decided to walk around the ship exploring various areas for any signs of paranormal activity. Unfortunately we had no such luck so we decided to returned to our room at 3:02 AM. We stayed up till 5:00 AM conducting EVP's and other methods of communication and experiments until we went to sleep. At 5:32 AM my team member was awoken by footsteps coming towards her that ended at the foot of the bed. She felt the presence of something terrifying staring directly at her. She was paralyzed with fear for a few seconds, then woke me up and we immediately began taking photos and EVP's. An hour went buy with no other paranormal phenomena so we went back to sleep exhausted from our long night. We awoke at 11:30 am and decided to take more pictures of the room before we ended the investigation. We captured an amazing energy orb directly in front of my hand. That is one of the best orb photos Paranormalistics has caught to date. The investigation ended at 12:00 PM on 10-23-2011.


Queen Mary's Room B492 definitely lives up to it's reputation as being haunted. The frightening personal experience our team member had with the entity and the amount of orbs we captured in this room leads us to believe that there is paranormal phenomena occurring at this location. This room may have an intelligent and a residual haunting attached to it. Paranormalistics looks forward to coming back in the near future to this fascinating ship. We have some possible EVPs being reexamined.

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  1. Creepy room at Queen Mary to celebrate my Mother in Laws Birthday. Update of Room A119 on 4-09-2016. My family and I stayed in this room over the weekend. My daughter and her husband to be stayed in a room in the hallway before ours. First thing I noticed when I walked into the room and went into the bathroom, I could not go in there without my daughter to do anything. I had the creepiest feeling about the shower and felt like we were being watched. I avoided going near the bathroom the rest of the trip, unless I had my daughter in tow. Secondly, the same day later on, we were waiting for my daughter and son in law to be to come back to the room to have happy hour and my husband was lying on the bed and I was standing by a dresser, heard the door knock and sounded like someone trying to open the door. So my husband asked me to go the door and it was already opened as I noticed and called out to see if my daughter was down the hall. Nope, she wasn't and I had nudged the door completely open and saw they were just arriving to the hall. My husband and I both witnessed that one together. After that, I thought about it, they would have had to have a key to open our door, if that was the case. We all know the door was shut before. Wait, because this is not the only thing we observed. The room past the bathroom has a twin bed with a door that does not open at the end of the hallway and my mother in law stayed in that room. I looked down and noticed a shadow passing the door quickly. I kind of scuffed it off as someone standing on the other side for a few moments and then moving. They would have had to be awfully close to the door to make that happen, I realized. Also, later, much later my son in law to be, noticed a red skirt with a shoe stepping in front of the same door quickly and I hadn't even said anything about what I had witnessed. I didn't want to scare anyone. So that confirmed that. His observation was inside the room. I'm not even sure about what side mine was actually on after he told me about his experience. Okay, it gets worse from here. BATHROOM...... my husband and I both on unknown separate occasions tried to go the restroom and it was locked for both of us. For seemed like hours, until I tried to open the door again.....still locked. I thought my mother in law was in there and I was yelling, "are you okay?????" No answer so bed I went. The next morning I told my husband and he said the same thing happened to him. I asked my mother in law and she said she went quickly one time over night, but was not in long at all. So something had the door locked for hours. My husband finally got in later, I waited until daylight. When my husband finally got in, he freaked out ..... and called us all down to the bathroom. By that time, my daughter and my son in law to be were both there. Please note: My husband has been plumbing for over 30+ years and this even freaked him out. Someone had made a bow, like with 5 ripples or loops perfectly and placed it underneath the toilet seat between the porcelain and the toilet seat...on purpose. We all looked at it and tripped out. After we left and went to breakfast somewhere off the ship, we all confirmed and talked about our experiences and we all had the same ones pretty much. Then we came home and it affected us all so much, we googled A119 Q.M. haunted rooms and it came up. We read all the logs and recognized that many other people had most of the same experiences in or around that room. So many occurrences in a short amount of time.

  2. My boyfriend and I stayed in A143. We went to bed around midnight. I woke up and saw a man standing by my feet at the end of the bed. I screamed out to my boyfriend that there was a man in the room. A few minutes later the bathtub started running quite loudly. We tried to turn it off. It would not shut off with the knobs that worked, however it worked with the old knobs. As soon as we turned it off, it went right back on. When we woke up we tried the knobs and they would not move. We spoke to the front desk about it and told us the old knobs were disconnected and did not work and she told us she would report it to the engineer. I am a believer now.

  3. October 31 2016. After a middle of the night potty break in Rm. A035, I went right back to bed, my girlfriend sound asleep beside me. I was there for a few seconds, lying on my back, when I felt a quick, gentile squeeze on the toes of my right foot. I hadn't been drinking, I was awake & definitely didn't imagine it. I laid there a little shaken, eyes wide open, with goosebumps for the next hour. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to see the ghost or not. As it turned out, nothing else happened that night.

  4. Recently stayed the night in room A001 for Easter weekend middle of the night the doorknob from bathroom door was turning rapidly the sound is pretty loud couldn't miss it and heard some moving of the shower curtain for a good 10min then stopped :) was a good time on the ship do get eriy feelings going into the ballroom my son and I got lost and ended up in there alone and just was creepy

  5. This is a great ship for ghost hunting!

  6. I stayed in room 464 ... I had just turned off the light ... got comfortable (mid-bed) and turned to my left .... it felt like someone got in bed ... the weight of the mattress ... I looked and saw nothing ... no indentation .... thought maybe I imagined it ... turned back and heard rattling noises ... like something being unwrapped ...cellophane... I looked again .... took a bunch of pictures ... nothing ... then a light turned on outside my window


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