Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Return To Babylon

Haunted Film
This movie is said to have real paranormal phenomena occurring right before your eyes. The ghosts of dead actors or demons can be seen morphing in the film! “Return To Babylon” a silent film by Alex Monty Canawati is gaining interest among paranormal researchers as well as cinema experts for its spontaneous morphing of the actors into hideous monstrosities.

“Return To Babylon” is a silent, black and white film based on Hollywood scandals and tragedies from the early 1900′s. Mr. Canawati ,who became a professional film maker in 1993, wanted to make a old style silent film. While walking back to his car one night he came upon a bag of what appeared to be trash, but after looking in the bag he found a case of factory sealed black and white film. This is how “Return To Babylon” came to be. As strange as it is to find 19 rolls of unopened black and white film it is nothing compared to what he would find while going over the raw unedited footage.

Mr. Canawati along with a photography teacher from the Brooks Institute of Photography found the first anomalies while watching the film frame by frame in Febuary of 2004. No special effects were used in the production of “Return To Babylon” yet there are frames where actors hands morph into long, pointy, webbed hands. Noses suddenly become long and pointy, and faces hideously distort. According to the Brooks Institute of Photography the film “breaks all rules of cinema logic.”

The frames have also been looked at by Dr. Albert Taylor, and several paranormal groups have seen the stills online and can offer no explanations for the strange morphings.

There are other paranormal anomalies in this film as well. Watch this short clip.

The cast includes: Jennifer Tilly as “it” girl CLARA BOW    Maria Conchita Alonso as LUPE VELEZ    Debi Mazar as GLORIA SWANSON  Ione Skye as VIRGNIA RAPPE (who would meet a tragic end in the Fatty Arbuckle tragedy that would destroy his life as well)    and Tippi Hedren as MRS. PEABODY, a studio executive.

During the production, many of the cast and crew felt strange sensations. Jennifer Tilly was particularly vocal about “ghosts and spirits” touching her. This could very well be because they filmed in the mansions/estates of silent movie stars such as Norma Talmadge, Antonio Moreno, and Rudy Valentino.

These locations are known to be haunted!!!!!!!!!!

What appeared on the actual negatives of the film was completely baffling. The actors took on various appearances, including some sinister images. The film was studied extensively by professionals and said the actors were “morphing” – a costly and time consuming animation process. How could this manifest on its own? We must come to conclude rationally that there is some Higher Power that is behind this phenomenon.


What you are seeing is not the product of special effects!


  1. This is so fascinating. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on the movie now that my curiosity is getting the best of me.

  2. Omg...yeah,me too Sheila,this is crazy...have you looked on YouTube?I'm about to right now.Wow...

  3. Yeah this is some scary scary stuff. I saw a documentary on this in 2012 on cable. They showed part of the film and then were interviewing the director and he was baffled upon watching the dailies. He came to the conclusion that the bag of old silver black and white film he found was haunted. This kept me up for a week.

  4. Strange....https://hauntedpages.wordpress.com/

  5. Does anyone know where to find this movie. I have been fascinated since seeing it on my ghost story in 2012

  6. Does anyone know where to find this movie. I have been fascinated since seeing it on my ghost story in 2012

  7. The bag of film was said to have survived unscathed in a mansion fire and was thrown from a moving car by previous owner.Absolute proof of demonic entities subliminally making their presence known through this film probably due to the debauched lifestyles of the actors depicted.Scary stuff!

  8. Simple really. California is renowned for horrors. Anything from serial killers, hauntings, strange mysterious, bigfoot, ufos, ancient Indian legends, etc. Never think evil or the paranormal is spread evenly upon the Earth like spreading butter over bread; evil often is concentrated in an area or place, and it can be detecting through the human senses or technology, often on accident.

  9. You won't find the movie anywhere. It's never been released. I think cuz of financial problems.

  10. You won't find the movie anywhere. It's never been released. I think cuz of financial problems.

  11. My God, you people will believe anything. BOO! See? I'm a ghost!