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Best Paranormal Photo Evidence of Paranormalistics

These are some of the best paranormal photo's our team has captured

Carlsbad abandoned house investigation

          Star of India Investigation

         Queen Mary Investigation Room B492                                 10/22/11

              Private Residence Oceanside CA


              Oceanside Cemetery Investigation


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Did Nasa satellite capture giant UFO?

Did Nasa's satellite capture a giant UFO surfing the hellish surface of the sun?

  • Object seems to be alien 'craft' with jointed metal arms
  • Appeared in footage from Nasa's sun-watching SOHO satellite
  • UFO-watchers hail find as evidence of alien 'visitors'

An enlargement of the object makes the enormously large UFO look like a mother ship straight out of a Hollywood movie
‘The unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star.
SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a satellite built to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.

Paranormal News, Long lost pages of 'Book of the Dead' found

Visiting Egyptologist discovers valuable papyrus fragment in collection

 Papyrus fragments from an Egyptian funerary text known as a Book of the Dead have been discovered in the archives of the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia.

 "We are incredibly surprised that we had such a significant object in our collection," museum CEO Ian Galloway told Australian press.

The discovery was made recently during a visit to the museum by British Museum Egyptologist John Taylor.
 While on a tour of the Australian venue's Egyptian collection ahead of its new exhibit Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb (which opened Thursday), Taylor noticed a familiar name — Amenhotep, a well-known ancient Egyptian head of builders — on a fragile piece of papyrus long ago conserved by Queensland Museum curators.

Upon further examination of the collection, he confirmed that the ancient scraps were from The Book of the Dead of Amenhotep, an ancient Egyptian official from approximately 1420 B.C.
Portions of this particular manuscript were discovered in the 19th century, though parts were missing. Some is now held at the British Museum, with other segments at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
"This is not the papyrus of just anybody. This is one of the top officials from Egypt at the peak of ancient Egypt's prosperity," Taylor told reporters in Brisbane.
According to Galloway, a woman donated the fragments in question to the museum almost 100 years ago. Staffers are now trying to track down her descendants.
The fragments will be scanned and Taylor hopes to start piecing the digital images together with the portions in the British Museum's collection.
"After over 100 years we're in a position to reconstruct this really important manuscript, perhaps in its entirety," he said.

 Ancient Egyptians created burial manuscripts known as books of the dead and filled them with spells they felt would help them in the afterlife, as well as images depicting the deceased making the journey into the afterlife. The books were typically papyrus scrolls and were placed in the coffin or burial chamber of the deceased. The wealthier the deceased, the longer his or her Book of the Dead.

U.F.O. News, NASA satellite photographs mystery object near the sun

 A strange object flying close to the sun looks unnervingly like a huge, metallic 'mothership' familiar from Hollywood blockbusters. The picture was released by Nasa's sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, known as SOHO - and has become an immediate cult hit on the internet.

UFO spotters have found something unusual on a picture taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

Opinions are divided on whether the anomaly is an actual object in space or something on or close to the camera. If it was a real object to the scale depicted then it would have to be enormous, even larger than the Earth.

"An enlargement of the object makes the enormously large UFO look like a ship straight out of a Hollywood movie," wrote one enthusiast. News site Gather summarised the phenomenon by writing "the unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haunted Russia


           Russia has a fascinating history & it's share of ghost stories in it's capital, Moscow. 
           The current stories revolve around the country’s infamous leaders.
Mysteries of the citadel
The Kremlin, where in recent times the President of Russia has had his offices, is the oldest part of Moscow. It’s right at the heart of the capital, in the geographical, historical, political and cultural sense.
Along with Moscow itself, the Kremlin dates back to the 12th century. Moscow was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1147. Initially the Kremlin was the fortification of the settlement which appeared on the Borovitsky hill, where the Neglinnaya river flows into the Moskva river.
In the 13th century the Kremlin became the residence of Moscow’s princes. For ages it remained the home of the country’s leaders – from the tsars and the Soviets right up to modern times.
Given this long history, it’s hardly surprising that the Kremlin is associated with many myths and legends. One of these suggests the site is haunted.
The most famous ghost stories about the Kremlin concern three leaders: Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who reigned Russia in the 16th century; Vladimir Lenin, who led the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution; and the notorious Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
Some people say Ivan’s shadow can be seen and his footsteps heard in Kremlin’s Ivan the Great Bell Tower. There are also reports that his spirit visited the last tsar, Nikolay II and his wife, on the night before Nikolay’s coronation. This was viewed in some quarters as an omen that the Romanov royal dynasty would collapse.
Lenin is also thought to be a frequent ‘guest’ in the Kremlin. According to some historians, Lenin’s ghost was first seen by a security chief in October 1923, even though he was still alive at that time (he died three months later). The official wondered why Lenin came with no guards accompanying him, but he was told on the phone that in fact Vladimir Ilich was in Gorky at that moment.
Later, other witnesses came forward who saw Lenin in the Kremlin that night. And discrepancies in their accounts have only added to the mystery. Lenin was very ill at the time and couldn’t walk without a stick and moved very slowly, but those who claimed they saw him in the Kremlin that night said he had no stick and was walking very quickly.
But Joseph Stalin remains the most frequently seen Kremlin ‘shade’. Some say his ghost wants to ‘establish order’ in the country, and thus usually appears when Russia is hit by deepest crises. One of the signs that Stalin is stalking the Kremlin, legend has it, is when the room suddenly gets cold.
UFO above the Kremlin?
Archive notes from the 19th century claim a strange object was seen above the Kremlin. It stopped before a sudden flash of light lit up the sky. It then flew up and away, the documents say. Modern observers say these accounts resemble those of modern UFO sightings.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Haunted Missions of California

Haunted Mission San Miguel

 Mission San Miguel located north of San Luis Obispo along highway 101 not only has stories of ghosts, but also buried Treasure. Founded in 1797 the mission is located seven miles north of Paso Robles 
During the Mexican occupation of California, Pio Pico decided to sell and convert most of the missions in California. As a result, the mission was secularized in 1836 and on July 4th, 1846 Mission San Miguel was sold to a man named John (or William) Reed for the small sum of $250. It was the last mission to be sold, and three days later the Americans invaded Monterey, unfurling the American flag over the capitol.
As the gold rush was going on, a lot of precious metal was being shipped up and down the coast of California. Reed set up the mission as a Bed and Breakfast. He required that payment only be in gold, and thus amassed quite a small fortune, which he buried somewhere on the mission grounds. Rumors state that it was at the time worth about $200,000 in gold.
One night in 1848, he was boasting about his gold to the wrong people, some British pirates apparently who were staying at the Mission for the night. Although they left at first, the lure of Reeds gold caused them to eventually turn around and attack, killing everyone at the mission in their pursuit of the buried treasure. They never found it, and were later rounded up by a posse and executed.
The story is further revealed by the supposed account of one of the murderers, a man named Lynch. Apparently Lynch along with an Irishman killed and robbed two Americans of all the gold they were carrying. Three sailors that Lynch suspected of being deserters apparently joined the two murderers at La Soledad Mission. Additionally a Native American boy known as John also joined them, fleeing the mission. This group of outlaws eventually arrived at the San Miguel Mission and there sold their stolen gold to Reed for about seven dollars an ounce. Apparently Reed bragged to the entire group that he had more gold buried on his property than the Native American boy could lift. The group left in the morning after a staying the night in the mission, but soon returned to confront Reed. One of the men, named Barnberry struck Reed with an axe, after which John jumped up and stabbed Reed with a knife. The group then went through the Mission murdering the rest of the occupants.
All told, thirteen (some accounts say eleven, another states ten although Mrs. Reed was pregnant) people were brutally killed that day including Reed, his families, servants, and his guests. Left in a heap on the living room floor of the mission, they were all eventually discovered by a mail carrier and buried in one large communal grave.
The mission was returned to the Catholic Church by the United States government in 1859 although it wasn't until 1878 that a padre was finally sent to the mission. Legend has it that Reed and the other victims still haunt the mission as spirits. If the gold was ever found by anyone, it was never revealed to the public. The most common spirit that people see is of a woman in a white dress. Is this perhaps Mrs. Reed? A man in a blue peacoat has been seen as well and it is documented by the Indians from the mission that Mr. Reed always wore a blue peacoat. Additionally at least one psychic has had visions of blood and horrible feelings of murder while touring the site. Other ghosts, including one monk, have been seen roaming the Missions museums rooms. It is said that the ghosts of the Mission will not rest until they are moved from the communal grave.
Currently, the Mission is, except for the gift shop and one room, closed to the public while it undergoes restorations and repairs after the December 2003 earthquake that occurred only a few miles to the west. Hopefully soon it will reopen, but work goes slow as it is only financed by donations. When it does reopen, you should visit, tour the museum especially the cemetery, and perhaps run across poor Mr. and Mrs. Reed.

Pirate Ghosts of Mission San Miguel
 The old timers say that if by chance on certain dark nights, you are unfortunate or foolish enough to find yourself alone in the rooms of the oldest part the Mission you will hear the muffled screams of a young woman followed by noises of the ghosts of the murderers running and rummaging through the old Mission forever doomed to search for the hidden gold.
The old timers warn ...if your legs can move... you must run as fast as you can out of the old Mission, but beware! Because outside the Mission, the ghostly white figure of Mrs Reed covered in blood wanders the old Mission grounds, crying  for her murdered children. 

 Bloody History of Mission San Juan Capistrano
 In 1775, Father Junipero Serra convinced Spanish Captain Rivera that a new mission was needed to interrupt the long journey between San Diego and San Gabriel. On October 30, 1775, Father Fermin Lasuen founded San Juan Capistrano Mission, named for Saint John of Capistrano, Italy.
Just eight days later, word came that San Diego de Alcala was under attack and Indians had killed one of the fathers. The fathers immediately returned to San Diego, but first Father Lasuen buried the San Juan Capistrano Mission bells to keep them safe.
The following year, Father Junipero Serra returned to San Juan Capistrano Mission, dug up the bells, and re-founded it on November 1, 1776.
The local Indians, the Juaneno, were friendly and helped build the buildings and church. In 1777, an adobe church was built. In 1791, a bell tower was completed and the bells were moved from the tree where they had been hanging for 15 years.
 San Juan Capistrano Mission grew quickly and soon outgrew its small chapel. In 1797, a building that was to be the largest church in California was started. It was finished in 1806, and continued to grow. 1811 was the most successful year at San Juan Capistrano Mission, when it grew 500,000 pounds of wheat, 303,000 pounds of corn and had 14,000 cattle, 16,000 sheep and 740 horses.
In December, 1812 an earthquake destroyed the church at San Juan Capistrano Mission, killing 40 natives including two boys who were ringing the bells at the time. The church was not rebuilt.

In 1818, the pirate Bouchard attacked the California coast, supposedly in the name of a South American province that was rebelling against Spain. In truth, he used the revolution as an excuse to attack the California settlements. Padre Geronimo Boscano was warned of the pirate's approach and he gathered up the natives and fled. The Spanish guard tried to hold off the pirates but they only succeeded in causing greater damage in the end.


Ghosts of San Juan Capistrano Mission

There is a faceless monk who roams the back corridors at night, his sandals echoing through the stillness as he hurries away to melt into the shadows. There is a headless soldier, who stands guard near the garrison building, and the sound of bells that ring mysteriously in the night. One of the most poignant stories is about the ghost of Magdalena, a young girl who lost her life in the earthquake of 1812. She was a penitent that morning, holding a candle as she walked in front of her peers in the Great Stone Church. She must have heard the roar and felt the walls shake as the roof domes came crashing down on the worshippers. On nights with a fingernail moon, only her face is seen, illuminated by a candle in the highest windows of the ruins of the Church.

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Paranormal News, Pub punters terrorised by bum-pinching ghost!

Terrified regulars at the Queen’s Arms have been keeping their backs to the wall since they realised the randy ghost was stalking the bar.

 And it has become so bothersome that the exasperated owners have had called in a team of ghostbusters to give the saucy spook the bum’s rush.

 Staff at the Birmingham city centre boozer have nicknamed the ghost Grasper after they described feeling a “firm pinch” to the buttocks.

 Assistant manager Paula Wharton, 41, initially believed the tweaks on her body were muscle spasms.

 She said: “One night three of us were talking and I mentioned that I’d felt this pinch on my bum, and everyone else said that it had happened to them too.

“It can’t have been a customer as I’ve never had my bum pinched when I’ve been stood behind the bar.

 “It’s happened to all of us on a few occasions, it can happen at any time, night or day.

 “We’ve nicknamed the ghoul Grasper after Casper the friendly ghost but he’s a bit too friendly for our liking.”

 But it’s not just staff at the pub who have felt the pinch — customers have also fallen victim to the ghoul’s roving hands.

 Pretty Ashley Beland, 26, said she thought she had been groped after her encounter with the ghost.

 She said: “I was stood at the bar enjoying a glass of wine when I suddenly felt a sharp pinch to my bum.

 “My instant reaction was that it might have been a sleazy bloke trying his luck, but when I spun around ready to give him a piece of my mind there was no-one there.

 “I was really confused until the staff explained that there was a ghost running around the place pinching people on the bottom.

 “It was a little scary, but I suppose there are worse things that a ghost could do to you.”

 Customers have also witnessed chairs moving on their own, heard footsteps when the pub is empty and seen plumes of smoke swirling around.

 And it is even thought that several ghouls may lurk around the 170-year-old pub after last orders.

 A bald-headed ghost has been spotted walking through walls to find the bar, while rumours suggest that a young girl died in the building decades ago after falling down the stairs.

 Manager Christian Dixon, 28, said baffled staff could not agree on the cause of the eerie goings-on.

 He said: “We each have our own theories as to what’s causing these occurrences.

 “But whatever it is, it does seem some customers and staff love the place so much they just can’t bring themselves to leave.

 “A team of ghostbusters is set to visit in the next few weeks.

 “They’re in for a tough night.”

Cryptozoology News, DNA alternative created by scientists

Could this lead to a real Jurassic Park?

Bio-genetic mutations like X Men?

Artificial genetic material – XNAs – expected to reveal how molecules first replicated and drive biotechnology research

 Scientists have created artificial genetic material that can store information and evolve over generations in a similar way to DNA – a feat expected to drive research in medicine and biotechnology, and shed light on how molecules first replicated and assembled into life billions of years ago.

Ultimately, the creation of alternatives to DNA could enable scientists to make novel forms of life in the laboratory.

Researchers at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, in Cambridge, developed chemical procedures to turn DNA and RNA, the molecular blueprints for all known life, into six alternative genetic polymers called XNAs.

The process swaps the deoxyribose and ribose (the "d" and "r" in DNA and RNA) for other molecules. It was found the XNAs could form a double helix with DNA and were more stable than natural genetic material.

In the journal Science the researchers describe how they caused one of the XNAs to stick to a protein, an ability that might mean the polymers could be deployed as drugs working like antibodies.

Philipp Holliger, a senior author on the study, said the work proved that two hallmarks of life – heredity and evolution – were possible using alternatives to natural genetic material.

"There is nothing Goldilocks about DNA and RNA," Holliger told Science. "There is no overwhelming functional imperative for genetic systems or biology to be based on these two nucleic acids."

Vitor Pinheiro, a co-author on the paper, said the research could help scientists unpick how DNA and RNA became so crucial in the evolution of life, and perhaps even help in the search for extraterrestrial organisms. "If a genetic system doesn't have to be based on DNA and RNA, what then do you define as life? How do you look for life?" he said.

In an accompanying article, Gerald Joyce, of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, says the study heralds an "era of synthetic genetics, with implications for exobiology [which deals with extraterrestrial life], biotechnology and understanding life itself". He adds: "Construction of genetic systems based on alternative chemical platforms may ultimately lead to the synthesis of novel forms of life."

Other scientists, including a team at the J Craig Venter Institute, in Rockville, Maryland, are hoping to make synthetic organisms from scratch, but the majority of the work so far has used conventional DNA.

In his article on the Cambridge study Joyce alludes to the potential dangers of synthetic genetics. He writes: "As one contemplates all the alternative life forms that might be possible with XNAs and other more exotic genetic molecules, the words of Arthur C Clarke come to mind. In 2010: Odyssey Two, HAL the computer tells humanity, 'all these worlds are yours', but warns – 'except [Jupiter's moon] Europa, attempt no landings there'. Synthetic biologists are beginning to frolic on the worlds of alternative genetics but must not tread into areas that have the potential to harm our biology."

Monday, April 16, 2012

An international team of scientists believes NASA found alien life on Mars over 35 years ago.

New analysis of 36-year-old data, resuscitated from printouts, shows that NASA found life on Mars, an international team of mathematicians and scientists conclude in a paper published this week.
Further, NASA doesn't need a human expedition to Mars to nail down the claim, neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California's Keck school of Medicine, told Discovery News.

"The ultimate proof is to take a video of a Martian bacteria. They should send a microscope — watch the bacteria move," Miller said.
"On the basis of what we've done so far, I'd say I'm 99 percent sure there's life there," he added.

Miller's confidence stems in part from a new study that reanalyzed results from a life-detection experiment conducted by NASA's Viking Mars robots in 1976.
Researchers crunched raw data collected during runs of the Labeled Release experiment, which looked for signs of microbial metabolism in soil samples scooped up and processed by the two Viking landers. General consensus of scientists has been that the experiment found geological, not biological, activity.

 The new study took a different approach. Researchers distilled the Viking Labeled Release data, provided as hard copies by the original researchers, into sets of numbers and analyzed the results for complexity. Since living systems are more complicated than non-biological processes, the idea was to look at the experiment results from a purely numerical perspective.

 They found close correlations between the Viking experiment results' complexity and those of terrestrial biological data sets. They say the high degree of order is more characteristic of biological, rather than purely physical, processes.
Critics counter that the method has not yet been proven effective for differentiating between biological and non-biological processes on Earth, so it's premature to draw any conclusions.

 "Ideally, to use a technique on data from Mars, one would want to show that the technique has been well-calibrated and well-established on Earth. The need to do so is clear; on Mars we have no way to test the method, while on Earth we can," planetary scientist and astrobiologist Christopher McKay, with NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., told Discovery News.

 While not iron-clad, the findings are an additional plank of evidence challenging the popular contention that Viking did not find life, Miller said.
Miller also is reanalyzing the data to see if there are variations when sunlight was blocked by a weeks-long dust storm on Mars, with the idea being that biological systems would have acted differently to the environmental change than geologic ones. Results of the research are expected to be presented in August.

New Jersey couple sues, claiming rented house is haunted

A New Jersey couple is suing the landlord of their three-bedroom ranch house in Toms River, claiming it's haunted, the Asbury Park Press reports.

Josue Chinchilla, 37, and Michele Callan, 36, fled the house in March after staying only one week and want their $2,250 security deposit back.

They claim they had to endure a series of "paranormal activity" at the house, including lights that switch on and off by themselves, clothes and towels mysteriously ejected from closets, unintelligible whispering, footsteps in the kitchen and a mysterious force tugging at bedsheets during the night.
A hearing before Judge Steven F. Nemeth is expected at the end of April, Press reporter Erik Larsen writes.
Backing up their claim is Marianne Brigando, co-founder of NJ Paranormal Investigators of Old Bridge, who tells the newspaper that their investigation show that the house is the site of an active or intelligent haunting, one level above a residual (!) haunting.

A pastor, Terence Sullivan of the Element Church in North Brunswick, who has counseled the family through the ordeal and even blessed the house, has concluded that the house has been subjected to a "demonic possession," the Press reports.

In response, orthodonist Dr. Richard Lopez, who owns the house, has filed a countersuit charging that the couple is using the specter of paranormal activity as a cover for personal financial troubles. In short, he claims they can't afford the place and want their money back.
Moreover, his attorney says no one has ever claimed before that the house is spooked.
Callan counters by saying she would not have plunked down $4,000 for the deposit and rent just to pick up and leave seven days later unless something serious was going on.

"I would not have hired a moving truck, packed and unpacked, had my mother take off time from work to watch the kids," she tells the newspaper. "The whole idea was to get a nice, big home for the kids ... But there's no way I'm going back there."
The couple claim their lives would be in mortal danger if they attempted to move back into the house. The ordeal also has taken a toll on Chinchilla's health, they say. He was briefly hospitalized for panic attacks associated with his experiences inside the home, the newspaper reports.

A glowing U.F.O. is said to have crashed down from the skies in Russia’s Siberia Friday.

An unidentified glowing object is said to have crashed down from the skies in Russia’s Siberia, causing a powerful explosion. A search for the mysterious U.F.O. is underway amid speculations of what on Earth it could be.
­Witnesses describe seeing a bright glow covering the sky, followed by a shining object falling with a strange clanging sound and disappearing in the distance with a blast.
­The unidentified object supposedly fell in the taiga forest of the Irkutsk region, 15 kilometers from the nearest village of Vitim, on Friday night. The head of the regional administration said a group of researchers has been sent to inspect the area and question witnesses.

“We will be able to say what it is, only when we see the thing itself and the place where it fell,” explained head of the region Aleksandr Sergey. “The investigators, together with hunters are going there on snowmobiles”.

There are two possible causes of the incident being examined. The object could either be a part of a large meteorite, or satellite wreckage. Speculations that it could be a piece of the failed, recently launched North Korean carrier rocket have been dismissed. Neither could it be a piece of any other aircraft as there have been no flights in the area.
The director of the astronomical observatory at Irkutsk University however explained that the searches won’t find any traces if it was a meteorite.

“Usually such objects completely disintegrate – they burn down in the atmosphere and split into very small fragments upon falling,”he said.

 This is not the first incident of this kind in the area.
The best-known case, the Vitim bolide, fell in this very area in 2002 causing a powerful explosion. Detected by a US military missile-defense satellite, the event recalled the massive Tunguska blast of 1908, caused by a large falling meteorite.
This March, a mysterious cylinder fell in another part of Siberia, causing widespread speculation as to what it was. While media supposed it was part of a satellite or a fragment of a ballistic missile, the Russian Federal Space Agency denied ownership of the object.

Indian politicians place $2000 bounty on vampires 'who have been sucking blood from cows in the night'

 Indian politicians are offering a $2000 reward for the capture of vampires which terrified locals claim have been sucking the blood out of their cattle.
Villagers around the town of Dharampuri in Tamil Nadu have been staying off the streets after sunset following the reports of strange goings on in the night.
Residents have painted holy signs outside their homes and written messages on doors begging the monsters, known locally as Ratha Kaatteri, to spare their lives.
 However local politicians claim the rumours are being spread by criminals who do not want people disturbing their late night deliveries of bootleg booze.

To prove the whole thing is hoax they have offered reward of 100,000 rupees - almost $2000 - for anyone bringing in a vampire corpse.
Politician O. Jayaraman said: 'It is a big hoax. Anti-socials whose illegal night activities such as bootlegging and liquor brewing have been disturbed are spreading rumours and killing cattle.
'Since people are not willing to believe us, we have challenged them with this reward.'

Although vampires are usually associated with Western mythology, many believe the stories have their roots in Asia and were carried along the silk route to Europe.
Betails (or Vetalas) are supposedly evil spirits which inhabit the bodies of the dead and feed on the living.

Legends describe them as being half-bat, half-man, - extremely similar to the western stories.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Haunted Locations in Los Angeles

 Just a few of the many haunted locations in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Bancroft Middle school – Late at night or in the morning, teachers and even some students claim that in the main building on the third floor they hear whispers and footsteps behind them and when they look back there is no one there. Also, in the gym during physical education the lights suddenly go on and off. Besides that, the janitor claims that all of a sudden the ropes to climb will move by itself and the volleyball nets outside shake very hard.

Los Angeles – Bell Gardens – Suva Intermediate School – A Janitor who committed suicide is said to haunt the 2 story building also one the art class there are many cold spots and out of the corner of your eye you can see someone standing

Los Angeles – Belmont High School – The spirit of a young girl by the name of “Arabella” haunts the Belmont auditorium. She has reported to follow actors and crew around the stage during rehearsals, flickering lights, moving curtains, turning on and off the faucets in the dressing rooms, and occasionally is heard opening and shutting doors. Legend has it, she is the spirit of a young girl who attended the once “Private Belmont School for Girls” during the 1900s and died there shortly after a fire destroyed the school.

Los Angeles – Birmingham High School – It was a hospital in WWII. Reports include voices at night and cold spots.

Los Angeles – Boyle Heights – Roosevelt High School – R Building – biggest from all the rest and the building is 3 stories high and it long, a couple decades ago the building wasn’t 3 stories high it was four and it was to believe that there was a fire and some student died…here’s the story, three students were in a class room and it was a dance night in Roosevelt and one of the students was spying on his girlfriend because he believed that she was cheating on him, so he was just looking out the window down into the other students, and his other friends the one’s inside the classroom with him left and one of them was smoking a cigarette and when he was going out the door he threw the cigarette in the trash and the whole floor burned and one student died the one that was looking out the window and that’s what people believe that cause the fire…now to this day teachers claim that when they stay late at night in the 3rd floor of the “R” building they will hear footsteps, doors opening and closing and TV’s turning on and off by themselves and the same with the auditorium it’s apart of the “R” building as well…some students will say that they’ll hear claps and whispers when trying to skip classes eventually run out of there.

Los Angeles – Cal State L.A. Phase II – In the phase two section of the dorms at CSULA, there is a storage room that is haunted. Once a room till the year 1999 it is has been known to emanate loud moans and screams, as well as residents in that dorm and the dorm next door, being disturbed at all hours of the day and night by persistent knocking and voices. The ghost of a blonde lady has been seen in the area and has been known to ask residents of “her” dorm “Do you think I would not know.” The story goes that she came in to find her roommate sleeping with her boyfriend, distraught and emotionally exhausted from midterms she hanged herself in the hallway directly outside her roommates room for an eerie surprise.

Los Angeles – Cathedral High School – The Cold spots near the senior patio. In the Yearbook/Newspaper room, the staff has heard noises on floor above them, even though they were the only ones on campus. The yearbook newspaper room used to be a chapel (still has the stained glass windows), said to have a negative energy in the room. School was built over a graveyard. Coffin nails are still being found in the football field. When it rains, there is a spot on the field that never gets wet. Strange occurrences during theatre productions held in the gym have also been reported, including a chair flying across the floor.

Los Angeles – Cypress Park Branch Library – This library opened in 1924,Over the years several ghost sightings have been witnessed by numerous people. A ex worker there once spotted a translucent male floating near the old fireplace. Ghostly whispers can sometimes be heard in the men’s room. Cold spots can be felt near the occult section and fireplace.

Los Angeles – Fairfax high School – in the rotunda shadows have been seen and cold spots have been felt. A number of students felt the urge to jump off the 3rd floor balcony “when I walked past the entrance to the 3rd floor balcony, I felt the sudden urge to brake through the gate and jump off”. two people killed by hanging themselves and jumping off. Cold spots have also been felt and light flicker in the auditorium. One person died falling off fixing lights.

Los Angeles – Figueroa hotel – Sometimes the elevator will stop on certain floors for no reason. When the doors open no one is there. Strange sounds throughout the hallways and in the rooms. Televisions turn on in the middle of the night by them selves and will not shut off.

Los Angeles – Franklin High School – This school is haunted by a former student who died when she fell off a balcony on the fourth floor overlooking the quad. Some students claim that if you go to the balcony today and look down on the quad, you will feel the presence of someone standing next to you. If you look over quickly, you will catch a glimpse of the dead girl staring down–before she disappears.

Los Angeles – Fremont High School – The stage in the auditorium. – Strange shadows and feelings.

Los Angeles – Griffith park – this old park known to a lot of people is known for its tragedy history. History has it that previous owners of the park were dying mysteriously. Today the parks camp road has been closed because of strange happenings. Some people report to see sacrifices and other witch like ceremonies been held there. but when they go the next day they would find no sign of such happenings.

Los Angeles – Highland Park – Franklin High School – The ghost of a deceased student haunts the auditorium and the surrounding classrooms. The student had died in the 50′s and continues to be heard and seen by faculty and students alike. loud unexplained noises are heard.

Los Angeles – Houdini’s Mansion – It is a abandoned Mansion of the magician Houdini. Many people say it is haunted and have heard footsteps on the large stairs of Houdini’s Mansion. Many apparitions of a man walking also is seen through pictures.

Los Angeles – I. Magnun/Bullocks building – On Wilshire Boulevard near Vermont. Now part of the Southwest Law School, the old department store built in 1929 was converted into a law library. A security guard working there during its renovation could hear a little girl’s voice crying from the elevator shaft. It was rumored that a man had pushed the girl into the elevator shaft, killing her back in the 1930′s. Other strange happenings observed were lights coming on and off, windows and shades being open and closed with no one in the building, and footsteps being heard on the stairway. Some construction workers reported finding secret passageways that lead from Mr. Bullock’s penthouse in the building. Several construction workers had quit during remodeling due to unexplained phenomena taking place in the building’s clock tower.

Los Angeles – J.F.K. Library Third – Floor South – The story is that some people who had been getting stoned in the third floor bathroom, experimented with some laced substances. Resulting in a loss of their sanity and the bludgeoning of one of them and at least one other. On the evenings near closing time, after hours, and in the early morning the faucets turn themselves on and off, as well as locked doors being forced open. There have also been reports of cold spots in the restroom and in the area surrounding the bathroom. There is an eerie feeling in that area and sometimes you can hear stoned laughter.

Los Angeles – John Marshall High School – Students believe the fourth floor is haunted because of it being restricted. any info please email Haunted Places- April 2005 Correction – The rumor is that a boy was murdered up there in the 4th floor. On the 3rd floor witnesses would hear noises down the hallway, as if someone was touching the lockers. Like someone was trying to open the locker type noise. When the submitter of this update would go to the 3rd floor they always wondered why the stairs that lead to the 4th floor would be caged shut. While they attended that school, not once had they ever seen the stairs that lead to the 4th floor ever cleaned. The 3 yrs they attended the same filth would be there. The school was built sometime in 1936.

Los Angeles – LA County – Walnut – City Of Indusry – St. Mary’s Catholic School – Since the school doubled as an orphanedge, the kids also lived there.When the school was running,kids played in the small field behind the school.One night, a couple of kids (unknown how many) snuck out of their beds and went outside to play. Then the next day the nuns found the kids dead outside. No one knows how they died (or some make up stories) But if you go there at night you can hear running inside the building and the sounds of swings and other children’s toys moving. The are also devil worshipers who write anti-christ slurrs on the walls in blood which can be found through out the school. There is also a story that someone was killed in the bathroom facillities behind the school either by gang members or devil worshipers.You can see the handprints in blood and other stains in side the backrooms.

Los Angeles – Le Lycee Francias (up hill campus) – in the uphill campus for the boys locker room is haunted. The lights go on and of then turn of. The door goes slam and is look but from the inside. Some times the locker open and close by themselves. Last seen in yr 2001-2002.

Los Angeles – Lincoln Heights – Lincoln High School – Underneath the school there are tunnels where they used in case of bombs in the early 1900′s. In the 1960′s a mother of one of the black panthers hid her black panther son there for 3 years. In those tunnels there is an abandoned shooting range and you hear those guns going off during school hours. And early in the morning around 6:30 when the hall lights are off you see student apparitions in the distance of the oldest building there.

Los Angeles – Los Angeles Airport Marriott – Many strange occurrences have been reported over the years. Apparitions of different beings show up in the lounge on the 18th floor & in the parking garage accompanied by feelings of terror, strange smells & sounds. Rumor is that the front office is curse – 6 suicides of people who worked in the front office since the hotel opened in 1972.

Los Angeles – Los Angeles City Hall – Security Officers report of Haunting on the 2,3,4,27 and 28th floors. The 2nd floor is the scariest; the whole floor is in marble. There are noises coming from many directions and there always feels like someone is watching you. Security Officers have reported seeing apparitions in this area. The 3rd and 4th floor always seem as though someone is with you as you walk. The 27th floor “Tom Bradley Room” has paintings of all the Former Mayors of Los Angeles. There is one painting located in the back Hallway that is really eerie. The painting was done in the late 1800 to early 1900. This painting looks like a regular photograph and the man in side the painting seems to watch you with his eyes. This painting is extremely life like. On the 28th floor, there seems to be lot of energy. CCTV cameras have picked up human figure images. It has been believed the at one time or another that City Hall housed a morgue. All occurrences have happened between the hours of 0130-0500 am, but be advised the building is closed to the public at these hours.

Los Angeles – Los Angeles Senior High School – There is a man who sings to Frank Sinatra songs wandering the theatre, sometimes he opens and closes the elevator door or sits in the audience section clapping unexpectedly. Usually he is around, students and teachers have said to feel his presence moving around.

Los Angeles – Loyola High School – Reported noises and movement at night in the field house. A classroom, which used to be a dormitory for students in the 60′s, is haunted by a student who killed himself in a trap door located on the ceiling of the room. Students and even the teacher who uses the room report an eerie presence there. The living quarters for the Jesuits is reportedly visited by an apparition of a nun. The school itself is over 150 years old.

Los Angeles – Loyola Marymount University – The Strub Theatre – Said to be haunted by an old lady who sits in the back of the house watching the stage. Several actors have seen her in the audience while performing on stage and stage managers, while locking up the theatre after rehearsals or productions. have reported seeing her staring intently at the stage.

Los Angeles – Loyola Marymount University – Rains Hall students have reported seeing strange apparitions as well as the ghost of a girl who died there from heart complications in 1998.

Los Angeles – Manual Arts High School – The school’s print shop believed to be haunted by the ghost of its first print shop teacher who worked there for over 40 years. Students have felt someone looking over their shoulder as they worked developing film in the darkroom. Witnesses have seen a man out of the corner of their eye, standing outside the darkroom near the film drying area.

Los Angeles – Norwalk – AMC theater 20 – Little children and screams have been reported.

Los Angeles – Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson Corporation – There is a total of three ghosts here at Neutrogena. The original founders wife was shot execution style here and so was his son. Workers and security officers working late nights will see a woman in a white dress walking around, a child playing in the factory and running (there are no children allowed in the buildings due to the hazards), and a strange growl.

Los Angeles – Occidental College – Erdman Hall – A room in the center, front side of the of the 2nd floor of the Erdman Residence Hall at Occidental College is haunted by two spirits. One of a young person, who plays friendly tricks on the living in order to solicit their attention and friendship. The playful spirit has been known to turn the water faucets on and off (not a plumbing problem – the knobs have been seen turning on their own), the lights are tuned on and off, the chain on the door is taken on and off, and written messages are found on the walls. The other spirit is a dark and heavy presence that resides in one of the room’s two closets. This dark being can be felt late at night typically when a person is trying to sleep – it has been described as a large dark man who stands by the door and watches as you sleep. It is clearly not friendly, but it does no more than make its presence felt. No explanation has been offered as to the source of these spirits, but they are accompanied by a few other manifestations in other parts of the building (but are concentrated in this particular room).

Los Angeles – Occidental College – Newcomb Hall – Years ago, a student who had been having problems being away from home sank into a deep depression. She hung herself inside the dorm on the second floor. Strange things setting of alarms and presence felt.

Los Angeles – Our Lady of Loretto Elementary – There have been reports of a woman with red heels walking down an empty hall on the 2nd floor. Students get the urge to climb the roof stairs and jump off the roof; a 5th grader did this in the 70s. Lights turn on and off inexplicably, and laughter is heard in the auditorium girls’ bathroom.

Los Angeles – Renaissance Los Angeles Airport – Mostly strange sounds in the rooms and the feeling of being followed and watched.

Los Angeles – Roosevelt High School – “R” Building – Most of the staff members and student have reported that strange noises can be heard in the a auditorium and lights go off and on when no one is there!

Los Angeles – The Dodger Stadium – Ghost seen sitting in the seats.

Los Angeles – The over pass over Pasadena Free way – Reports of a residual scene of a murder happening – A woman running, a man running after her, when they reach the edge of the over pass he grabs her to strangle her and throws her over.

Los Angeles – University of Judaism – When the school was first being built, and there, kids and students use to come and hang out at night on the soccer field that was there. A girl was raped, her tongue cut out and murdered. It is said on nights in September and October, she has been seen her wandering the soccer field, trying to scream and call gut the names of her attackers, and that if any males wander down to the filed on nights she is out, they will go mute while on the field.

Los Angeles – Virgil Jr. High Auditorium – Reports of doors opening and closing on their own, low moaning sounds emitted from empty rooms, and ropes hanging from a pipe in a bathroom stall (where a student allegedly hung himself). There has also been sightings of a glowing clown like apparition.

Los Angeles – Walnut – Lemon Ave – The Lady was killed by car accident you can see her crossing the street by 9:00PM through 3:00 AM.

Los Angeles – Westchester High School – It is said that 3 ghost haunt the school. There is a young man believed to be 16-18 haunting the school. Back in the 70′s the boy was playing basketball for his PE class, as he went up for a shot someone took his legs out from under him and he crushed his skull and broke his neck. Late at night after hours you can hear the young man playing and you can encounter a ghostly figure walk up to you and ask ” Do u got game “? then laugh and disappear. The other two ghosts seem to be a couple. They are seen all over the school every now and then. They will disappear when see by other people. The couple will follow and mess with you until you leave.

Los Angeles – Westwood – Dykstra Hall – Supposedly there is a lively spirit still hovering over the third floor of the dormitory, where a couple of years ago a young student (overwhelmed by life) committed suicide by hanging himself in the dormitory closet. It is said that the kid killed himself across from one of the restrooms, where creepy noises can be heard during the night.

Los Angeles – Wilson High School – A running figure can be seen along the track of the high school. This person was said to be running at a time late at night when some gang members saw him, and chased him with their car, killing him. Now this runner haunts the track. Another haunting at Wilson is in one of the dark rooms in the photography class, reports of being pushed around and even locked in the room. Also, a figure of a football player sitting on the bar near the docks can be seen, it has been said that after a game, he was sitting there, and fell back about 8 feet, hitting his head and killing him. Reports of the apparition of a boy seen sitting from a window he was pushed from.

Los Angeles – University of California – Dykstra Hall – Dykstra 10th floor showers turn on by themselves. Not a drip, but a full force shower, when no one’s in the shower area. Residents will turn them off, and they’ll turn back on. RAs have been sent to investigate and the problems were reported to Facilities who didn’t find anything wrong with the showers.

Los Angeles – Venice – Venice high school – it has been said that auditorium lights and sound turn on by themselves sometimes while events are taking place also screams being heard in the control room also the place gets very cold sometimes the auditorium and the school itself has a long past history of many events and the decor itself of the auditorium is very eerie old style just a weird feeling when you walk in there when empty it has been said that in fact there is an entity haunting the place.

Los Angeles – Venice Beach – Westminster Ave. Apartment Bldg. – Charlie Chaplin used to own several of the large buildings that sit near or along the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles. In the day, these buildings were commonly used as bath houses or lodging for wealthy vacationers. Today, these buildings have been converted to apartment buildings for the local artists, musicians, and other creative types that now inhabit Venice Beach. Incidentally these buildings cradle around the famous Building Number 26 on Westminster Ave. It has been documented in print as well as Chaplin’s films that during the early 1900′s he did much of his filming in and around these properties on Westminster Avenue. In 1915, during the filming of “By the Sea” Chaplin’s stunt double mysteriously disappeared from the film set. Production was put on hold for three days and a full on man-hunt was instated. After turning up empty-handed, it was assumed that the long time friend of Chaplin’s must have quit and left on his on recognizance. The studios that were financially backing the film, were losing money. Under haste, Chaplin was forced to replace his stunt double and continue production of the film. On the seventh day after the disappearance, Chaplin returned to his dressing room after a day of shooting. His dressing room was located in the basement of the now famous Building number 26 on Westminster. It is documented that Chaplin, while accompanied by an entourage, entered the room to discover his stunt double and long time friend lying dead on the floor, wet and covered in seaweed. The man appeared to have been deceased for several days. How he had ended up on the floor of Chaplin’s dressing room after missing for almost an entire week, is still to this day a complete mystery. The “now” inhabitants of the famous building claim to still hear strange noises emanating from the walls of somebody walking through shallow water. Other noises include moaning, and sounds of someone distantly crying for help. In addition to the assortment of disturbing sounds, there have been several sightings of what appears to be an apparition of a man bound by the hands and feet standing in luminous corners of the large building. Quite possibly the most blood curdling detail of all these sightings is what the man is seen wearing. He’s dressed the same way he was the day he disappeared. A Chaplin-esque tuxedo coat with tails and the proverbial black derby hat.

Los Angeles – Vista Linda hospital – the elevators, operate by themselves… there are terrible odors in the third floor, the smell of sick people. cold spots, and sudden chills. In the crematory there’s lack of air, its very dry and eerie when you walk in.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Energy Forecast

April marks the end of a cycle and the close to chapter 1 of 2012 energetically speaking. May will start a new cycle for us, so this month will bring an end to the death cycles that so many have been going through these past months. Fragments from the past will finally resolve, physical energy will start to lift, and the hibernation period will draw to a close for most of you.

 I do not need to repeat that these are intense times we are living in, for we are highly aware of this. But what I do need to repeat, is that the difficult symptoms of your journey will be unquestionably improved by greater focus on your physical and emotional well-being. In the month of April, emotional well-being will revolve around the themes of forgiveness, and remembering that you are spiritually safe in our world, even as and if that sense of safety is challenged. Physical well-being will revolve around how well you choose to treat and love your body, and many of you are still releasing physical ailments or viruses that show you need to slow down and give yourself more space to align with this new 2012 energy.

Have you been in a physical or emotional rut for a long while with no change? Can you honestly say you have done everything you can to get out of that rut? Change is always possible, however small, and yet we often find many reasons 'not' to change, due to fear. The trick is, not to judge yourself for experiencing resistance or fear of change, but instead to become aware of and even curious about the resistance. This observation allows a flow to start to emerge, rather than a block. If you feel stuck, focus your intent on creating a shift this month.

If you are struggling through very difficult physical or practical circumstances, recognise that your remedy will need to start small, as you are already under stress. So be patient and loving to yourself while you go through what may be oppressive circumstances. You are at the 'bottom of the abyss' – a stage that many of us have been through. If you are in that place, just keep intending for change, and lovingly support yourself, for the abyss, as hellish as it can seem at times, is designed to return you higher and stronger. Accept that your energy is low in the now, but intend that you will bring it back. Then, feed yourself with as much positive energy as you can daily, for energy is contagious. This positive energy comes in many forms. It could be a spiritual book or video, a comedy movie, or simply (but no less powerfully) a daily connection with a loving supportive friend. Be gentle on yourself but also recognise that even when at the bottom of the abyss, there is a will to live (otherwise you would not be reading this). So harness what is there in that will, however small, and let that spark of life begin to grow.

For the rest of you, if you can see opportunity to elevate your well-being in April, now is the time more than ever. A new commitment to yourself will improve your experience of the coming months immeasurably, lifting you higher through it all. Not choosing to harness elevation from this point on will make the coming months much harder, as beyond April, things will speed up some more. If you want to create a change but don't know how to, start with intention. Simply say aloud “I agree to love and honour myself, and my body more than ever in these coming days and months. I agree to begin now. I will love myself like never before. I am ready.”

This casts your intention, and then the energy you create with these words will support your own divine intelligence in magnetizing and seeing the practical support available to you. If you are more logical in your approach and less intention inclined, create some achievable practical goals; write them down so they become more tangible to you, and steadily begin them.

On the physical side, whether it is beginning exercise for just 10 or 20 minutes a day (remember that even just taking a walk will do), starting (or re-igniting) a practise like meditation or yoga which works on body and balance, or improving and changing your diet; the benefits will be felt within days.

The reason to make this commitment now is because the energies are unstable at the moment, and moving very quickly between dark and light. So your having some kind of goal or stable practise in your life, will allow you to better transmute the denser, darker feelings when they come, and maintain the higher ones.

We are in an energy elevator right now on Earth. We go up a few floors, then down a few. On a human level, it seems as if someone else is calling the elevator, and we are just the passengers, at least this is how it will seem at times. But on the soul level, we elected to take this elevator ride and are co-directing it. The planet and people will change for the better in the coming years, but not without a certain amount of shock and destruction. We are in the period where the dice are being rolled daily on how destructive or shocking it needs to be. Spiritually, the angelics and beings from other realms are daily working to 'lift' the Earth and it's people. It is fast and furious work from a human 'speed' perspective, which is why it can be so turbulent. But know that so many destructive events and energies have already been diverted for us.

You will know a shift has just happened on Earth because you will start experiencing higher than ever moments of peace and connected-ness (especially when out in nature), and greater ease and flow in relationships. You will know a struggle is taking place because you will feel a low energy in yourself as you will be in resonance with that struggle.

Those of you who strongly feel these surges of low energy when they come, allow them to catalyse you emotionally if you need them to, but don't buy into the feelings as purely your own. We are all going through this together, and remembering that togetherness will help if you feel isolated.

Remembering this will also help to dis-empower any negative 'inner voice' you may have which wants to blame or judge you for what you are feeling. Just accept that this is where you are at right now. Doing this will quicker transport you to higher realms of emotion and thought – the higher consciousness. Many of you will be feeling like you are regressing at times. Remember, life just 'is' and we are meant to roll with it, whatever comes along. This regression confuses our societally trained 'achiever' minds and our old linear sense of time, as they are still present in us, albeit at ever decreasing levels.

You will also be feeling more connected to the psychic highways. You will be thinking of someone, then they will call you, or you will receive an email from them. Your thoughts are opening more and more to your third eye, so allow yourself to enjoy and notice the synchronicities as they happen. The relationships and communication between us on telepathic levels now grows stronger daily. Send a friend some love in your thoughts, and you can be sure they will feel it.

Fears of safety will continue to be activated again this month, and be wary of the 'weighted in the negative' pictures painted by the media, and people around you who are connected to fear that is more dense than your own. Invites to fear, are everywhere, hence the rise in your activations. So be aware of, but not attached to, inner feelings/visions you may have around safety in the coming month. Just observe the thoughts and breathe through the feelings until the body's nervous system becomes calm once more. The darkness is literally experiencing a fight behind the scenes, and it is a fight to the death. Be it a fight within an individual, a government, or a whole planet. It does not matter where it is happening for we are all connected.

Imagine a crocodile, thrashing it's prey around in the water. This should give you a sense of the level of violence taking place energetically at these moments. It's a strong energy, and it ripples out into the world. Let yourself remember this image on days where you wonder what on Earth is moving through you. The answer is EARTH is moving through you. And for those sensitives among you who don't like looking at or feeling these types of visuals, I am with you, and I understand. But my using this example was deliberate, for it is time for us to be strong, and not blinkered to what is going on. When fearing death, try to see the difference between the part of you that is a soul, and does not care about physical death, for it is just moving on to a different plane. And the part of you that is human, in a body that is genetically hard wired to fight for life and full of ancestral genetics carrying wounds and fears of survival. This is the bridge. The place where you will find your conflict around safety. You are safe for you are a soul. Breathe out the fear in the human body when it comes. Literally, sit down, gently rub your stomach in a circular motion, and breathe out the anxiety. Do this consciously, and you will start to ease the human trauma in this conflict.

Finally this month, Forgiveness will be key to happiness in human relationships. It is the next stage of you creating a new future so invite yourself to forgive those who in the past triggered pain, shame, anger or blame in you. No human that is fully connected to love in themselves creates an unloving action toward another. If you experience these emotions at the hands of another, something in you needed and wanted to in order to balance yourself and to learn. Trust this and again, rub the belly and breathe as you remember any past events. And forgive yourself for any times in the past where you hurt others, let them down, or didn't treat people with as much love or kindness as you would now. The past is gone and this act of forgiveness frees so much energy for you and those you are forgiving, even if you do not get to express this to them at anything other than a soul or telepathic level.

Deeper forgiveness allows your heart to open in places where it has shut down, or seized up.
Allow yourself to be forgiven. Allow yourself to forgive.

We are opening, and it is time to open more. Our world needs us to, and our soul wants us to.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Haunted locations in Las Vegas NV

 Popular haunted locations in  Las Vegas NV

 Las Vegas has a rich history & great locations for paranormal research.

Las Vegas - Aladdin Hotel -  7th floor in the Panorama suite - visitors report hearing a key in the door and quiet whispering in the foyer for quite some time. They also report they felt a presence. The door buzzer rang a couple of times but no one was there. Items appeared from nowhere.

Las Vegas - Armagosa hotel - it is said that a little girl named Mary was murdered in her room {room 34 as seen on Criss Angel} as you walk in the room you will see a tall figure in the window of the murderer and you will feel an undescribed feeling in the room and the theater.

Las Vegas - Bally's Hotel/Casino - It used to be the old MGM which burned down (with people in it) and Bally's bought the property. (The new MGM is located further south.)

Las Vegas - Bellagio - formerly Dunes Hotel and Casino - in 1993 before the closing of the hotel. you could feel cold spots through out the resorts main tower and casino. and after hours in the lounge on the top floor of the hotel you could see a blue glow and the voices of people when no one was there... the hotel was imploded on Oct.23 1993 and has been replaced by the Bellagio.

Las Vegas - Caesars Palace Hotel Casino - a cocktail waitress on the graveyard shift at Caesars reports that in the bathrooms down the escalator in the Forum Casino, the sensory water faucets turn on and off of their own volition. If you try to put your hands under a already running faucet it will turn off. She saw the faucets turn on and off many times with her being the only one in the room.

Las Vegas - Circus Circus - loud cries for help are herd in the poker rooms and also rooms 123 230 576 and 203 in the bathroom at night you here the words help me and screaming bloody murder that they want help also a 76 year old man that worked there for 20 years claims that 3 people were killed in the kitchen on the same night  and the lady in room 123 shoot her and her little boys brains out and ever since then the little boy and his mom haunts the place looking for there husband/dad and anyone with same name as Robert and has black hair gets murdered and hung from the ceiling

Las Vegas - Dell H. Robinson Middle School - Many sightings of an old man walking the halls of this school have been reported by new students coming from another state. They always see a man dressed as a janitor walking around in the hallway with blood on his hands. when school is out, the man follows them all the way home then disappears. The student will have nightmares and see this man in their dreams. This only happens to new students enrolling to this school and will happen until next time they go to church.

Las Vegas - Edwards Elementary School - There have been many reports of 4th grade teachers and students that have seen a girl dressed in white that follows the students around the school. Only the teachers and 4th graders can see her. This girl appears out of nowhere and is often seen in room 26 and in the computer room. Stories tell that this girl was a former student at Edwards. She enrolled in the school in 1990 and died during her fist year @ this school. she was in fourth grade and that's why only the children that are currently in this grade can see her. Some kids claim that when they saw her face was deformed and she would screech really loud and would appear in the child's dream at night and this dream wouldn't go away until they told this entire story to another student or teacher.

Las Vegas - The Excalibur - Walking down the hallway on the 10th floor you feel as though someone is directly behind you, hovering over your back, and then you hear a whisper, directly in your ear as if their lips were only an inch away.

Las Vegas - Flamingo Hotel & Casino - This Las Vegas landmark is haunted by its founding father the infamous mobster Bugsy Segal. Guests lounging by the pool in the late evening hours when the pool is less crowded see the apparition of him. And a cleaning lady quit after seeing Bugsy on the fifth floor.

Las Vegas - Las Vegas Academy Main Theatre - Since the opening of the theatre students have reported hearing strange sounds and seeing the apparition of an elderly main named "Mr. Petre". The legend says the man used to live on the property before the theatre was built in the 1930's and appears when the theatre is empty.

Las Vegas - Las Vegas Gladiators Office - The second floor of the Las Vegas Gladiators offices are said to be haunted by a ghost in a former surgical suite. Apparently, a man died during a procedure and is known to stomp after the sun goes down.  There has been evidence of bizarre dark colored liquid seeping down the walls into the first floor.

Las Vegas - Little Choo Choo Daycare - The daycare was closed because of a teacher who committed suicide and a little boy who was killed getting dragged underneath the tracks of the toy train. Some people said usually at night or sometimes in the day there is a presence of a little boy digging with his shovel in the ground. Nobody knows who he is, but sometimes he appears out of nowhere and some said at night a black woman can been seen trespassing and disappearing out of thin air.

Las Vegas - Luxor Hotel and Casino -  is said to have a ghost of two construction workers that died while building the Pyramid.

Las Vegas - MGM Grand hotel & casino - if you work night shift (12:00-8:00am)you see a figure of person laying on the bed. Most cleaning ladies in the emerald tower (green tower) hold rosary beads walking through those halls.

Las Vegas - the Mirage - Rumors that the Bath Rooms by Danny Gans' theatre are haunted. The automatic sensor faucets go on by themselves when in there late and alone. 1 cleaning lady won't go in there and holds her rosary beads as she passes the area after witnessing the sinks while cleaning it. There are rumors a wall fell down on workers when the casino was being built.

Las Vegas - Nellis Air force base - a grayish figure and footsteps are observed here.

Las Vegas - Redd Foxx' home - Said that Redd Foxx ghost is playing pranks on the current tenants.

Las Vegas - Sahara and Sandhill - If you drive down the dirt roads in that area you may be chased by an elderly woman in a car. If you leave the street she won't follow.

Las Vegas - Sandhill and Charleston - If you turn off of Charleston Blv. onto Sandhill Rd. heading toward Sahara you will shortly pass a set of flood control tunnels that pass under the freeway and let out onto a small neighborhood street named Olive. Many neighborhood residents use this as and uncomfortable but fast shortcut to the other side of the freeway and neighborhood children often play in them. Many people including have heard the voices of two people whispering in the tunnels late in the evening when there is none around. They sound like a male and female and coincidently just before those tunnels were built a young couple were flying down Olive on motorcycles and hit the pile of construction debris that was there at the time. They crashed early morning and were not discovered until around 6 am.

Las Vegas - Sun coast - Witnesses report hearing of foot steps in one of the stalls. Then bathroom sink goes on by it's own.

Las Vegas - Tropicana Hotel & Casino - Over the years visitors to this hotel are greeted at the entrance by a large tiki mask face, and many people have reported getting a terrible purple rash after touching it. And when people take pictures in front of it they report seeing a strange purple hazy cloud of smoke in the picture after they developed the pictures.

Las Vegas - Vo-Tech High School - Late at night around 11:00pm there is a shadow in the figure of a man that stands by the gym doors.

Las Vegas - Whiskey Pete's Casino -  Whiskey Pete's ghost is watching players play in his casino.

Haunted locations in San Diego CA

 San Diego has many haunted locations, here are some of the more well known sites.

San Diego - Bonita - Bonita rd - Reports of an older man appears in the backseat of the witnesses’ cars. He is said to be the ghost of a man that was run over here.

San Diego - Bonita Vista High School - In the boys locker room, showers sometimes turn off and on by themselves. The boy's bathroom in the gym's front room has been reported to have loud whispering coming from it when no one is inside, and a malevolent force is often felt in the bathroom. In the gym, cold spots are often felt on the bleachers, and at times you can feel a hand grab your ankle or shoulder, even if you are alone.

San Diego - Brooklyn Elementary School - Janitors claim to see children running throw the hallways at night. and When the Janitors try to go home after there shift is over the doors wont open they say it feels like someone is on the other side pushing the door. They also say there’s cold spats and hear children crying

San Diego - El Cajon - One of the Mobil home spaces - In one of the spaces There is said to be an old man that appears occasionally in the house where 2 old people live; a women and a man. Once when the man who lived there was saying a prayer the ghost would get really mad and start throwing stuff off the shelf. Then when the man was out of the house the woman thought that he was back and she heard the doorknob starting to twist but not open so she went to look and no one was there. Another time was when the man was fixing up his car he saw the ghost and said hi because he thought that it was a person who lived in there park. He put his screwdriver down looked back at it and it wasn't there he looked down the street and up the street and the ghost was nowhere in sight. Still to this day they see the ghost he is very pale and you can only see his upper body.

San Diego - El Cajon - Rios Canyon - The ghosts of two cowboys can be seen at the back end of the canyon on the old dirt road. Some say "they’re looking for the lost gold".

San Diego - El Fandango Restaurant - a woman in white appears at a dark table in the corner.

San Diego - Horton Grand Hotel - Located in downtown San Diego has 1 or more haunted rooms. Temperature changes and sightings

San Diego - The Hotel Del Coronado - Kate Morgan reportedly killed herself. Her body was found on the steps leading to the beach. It was also thought it may have been murder. She is seen not only in her room, (which is now room 3312) but other areas of the hotel and grounds as well.

San Diego - Lake Morena Campground - Across from one of the campsites, in a wooded area, there appears the ghost of a young woman in a long white dress. There is a cold and eerie presence near the boulders that lie beneath the trees, and her apparition has been seen on two occasions by two different men. The first sighting occurred on a warm July night around 9:00 p.m. A group was setting up camp when one of the men ventured over to the dark area and found the young lady looking at him. He was startled and turned away. When he turned back, she had vanished but he could still feel her presence. The second sighting occurred around 3:00 a.m., a couple of days later. Another man from the same group of campers got out of his tent after being awakened from a deep sleep by an unknown presence. He looked over his tent and saw the lady pacing. She stopped, looked right at his face, then continued to pace as if she were waiting for someone. The man went to wake up his friends, but by the time he woke anyone she had vanished. Not being able to sleep after the sighting, he decided to stay awake with another camper and start a campfire. In the distance, they could hear the voice of a woman laughing and singing. There seemed to be no explanation for it at that time of the morning. On other occasions the same campers have heard heavy footsteps around their tents during the night that do not fade as if someone were walking away, but simply lift and disappear. In a photo taken of one of the campers in this area, there appears a large orb floating right next to him.

San Diego - McDonalds on Miramar Rd. - Strange things would happen during the dead of night while McDonald workers would be closing and preparing for the next day. Tubs of Mustard, straws, etc. would be thrown across and scattered the next morning. In one of the bathroom stalls, there would be a picture of the devil create from the wood grains of the stall door. The door has been replaced due to too many visitors wanting to see the "face".

San Diego - Mission Valley - Taco Bell - employees have reported whispers coming from the bathroom. Trash doors swinging one time at closing there was three closers one manager and two crew one of the crew members was washing dishes he seen some one who he thought was a employee walk behind him and go in the walk-in freezer" so the employee thought he would play a joke on the employee as he held the door tightly the door was moving like there was some one in there when three minutes went by then the employee let go of the door. he went to go see if the manager was coming but he was shocked to see both the manager and the employee was working he was really scared he had goose bumps.

San Diego - Montgomery High School - Floating lights can be seen late at night in the football stadium .Witnesses have heard screaming and then saw balls of floating lights came towards them. chasing them until they got to the front of school near the main office. Reports of voices in the bathrooms as well.

San Diego - Muirlans Middle School - The school was built in the early 50's. There was a girl that once went to the school in the 60's who died by bumping her head during a PE class. Ever since people have said of strange noises from behind them only to see that no one is there.

San Diego - NAS Miramar - Hangar 1 is haunted by the crew of a F-8 Crusader that crashed there in the late 60's.

San Diego - Nijiya Market - In this small Japanese grocery store an elderly customer suffered a heart attack and died in the store. Sometimes objects fall from the shelves on their own and with no explanation; one manager while there in the middle of the night heard strange noises and his name whispered several times.

San Diego - El Campo Santo Cemetery - Formerly posted as "Old Town Cemetery" - This was partially paved over with a road. It is said ghosts appear to be crossing that section of the road at night. - February 2004 Correction: The proper name of the "Old Town Cemetery" in San Diego is "El Campo Santo Cemetery." Among the numerous other spirits sighted at the location (including the paved portions under the adjacent sidewalk and streets), psychics claim that the site is to this day overseen by the spirit of the gravedigger whose own grave is near the cemetery's SE corner.

San Diego - Point Loma National Cemetary - just north of the city of san diego is a normandy-sized cemetary that was a favorite place for marines awaiting to leave for westpac ground forces.the marines used to go there on short liberties to lay amongst the grave stones,smoke and get drunk and near midnight witness souls rising from their graves to walk near the one thousand foot cliffs and look out over into the pacific ocean to see if their country was secure and then they would return to their graves.not to many young marines wanted to talk about this experience back at the old mainside of camp pendleton as the cemetary is the location of thousands of buried marines from the first and fifth marine divisions killed in action durring world war two.

San Diego - Presidio Hill (Old Town San Diego) - Locals call it witches tower. Its the "storage shed" in the parking lot adjacent to the mission. yet it has a huge pentagram built into cobblestones atop of this shed. Well the shed was used as a "cell" to hold prisoners. Visitors have seen apparitions such as, a guardian to the tower that looks like he is dressed in druidic clothing or a black cloak with glowing eyes. Reports of possession, & strange darting figures.

San Diego - Presidio Park - A little white dear can be seen running around but then it vanishes when it is spotted.

San Diego - Ramona High School - Students in the band room have reported instruments in cases being ejected out of lockers (locked with combination locks) And their cases being flung open during private tutoring sessions

San Diego - Screaming Tree - In the suburb of Lakeside, at the end of Willow Road, there is a narrow dirt road, down this road some distance (and after passing a slaughterhouse of some sort) there is a clearing with a tree, supposedly if one blasts one's car horn three times a ghost of a girl will start screaming. Mostly this area is a hangout for dubious characters so it may not be a good idea to go alone.

 San Diego - The Star of India, originally named 'The Euterpe' is a mysterious ship with a long dark history. Built in Ramsey on the Isle of Man, England in 1863, it was one of the first ships made of iron as well as one of the fastest. On its maiden voyage it suffered a collision and a mutiny. On her second voyage in 1865, The Euterpe was forced to cut her masts in a gale and barley made it to Trincomalee and Calcutta for repair. Captain Story died and was buried at sea during the return voyage to England. In 1873 alone, the ship had 8 passenger deaths from various causes. On 1884 a young stowaway that was put to work on the ship was showing off and climbed up the rigging and fell 100 feet. The young stowaway died 3 days later of his injuries. Shortly after, passengers and crew started to report the ghost of the boy touching them near the mast where he fell, making 'S' shapes on their bodies. This was how the game of tag was played during that period and was a favorite pastime on the long voyages. Many report hearing the giggling of a boy as well, along with cold spots. Another ghost of the Star of India, is reported to be of a Chinese crew member who was slowly crushed to death in the anchors chain locker. The chain locker is reported to have a cold spot when the ghost makes its presence known. There is a tale of a captain who slit his own throat in a drunken, frenzied state. The ships physician stitched up the distraught gentleman, but he later pulled out his stitches and bled to death in the First Mate’s Cabin. This area of the ship is reported to have a dark presence felt and guests that sleep in the room are usually awoken by something touching them or ripping the sheets off in the middle of the night. Other ghostly encounters have been reported on the lower deck of the ship where many sailors and passengers have died from diseases and injuries throughout its long history at sea. Some visitors report smells of freshly baked bread coming from the galley as well.

San Diego - The Whaley House - haunted by Thomas Whaley & it is believed there are others. This house was once the city's courtroom. The haunting extend beyond Thomas Whaley and to a man hanged just outside the house. He was hung for stealing a boat. One visitor strongly felt the presence of a woman while touring the house, in one of the upstairs bedrooms. “It was not frightening...the presence was actually welcoming. There are tours in this place.

San Diego - U.S Grant Hotel - This hotel was built in 1910, and apparently a man walks the hallways of the hotel, and at times goes into the rooms and makes noises.

San Diego - Vagabond Motel near 5 Freeway & Garnet - Tangible feeling of dread, oppression, and sadness in room 325 and nearby hallway. Occasional glimpses of spirit of "Amanda", a tall blonde or red-haired young woman. Apparently, she was a former beauty queen and model who, depressed over her inability to conquer a drug habit, slit her own throat in that room. Apparently, she wants your prayers praying replaces the air of dread with an air of calm and peace and scent of jasmine, and you can feel her saying "thank you".

San Diego - Villa Montezuma - On K Street, near Barrio Logan. Built in 1887 for a musician named Jesse Shepherd. The house has a very dark, heavy feeling. After Jesse Shepherd’s death, the house went through a succession of owner's, all of which claimed bad things happened to them while in possession of the house. Shepherd had once enjoyed wealth and fame, but at the end of his life, he was very poor and emotionally unstable. The house is said to be haunted by Shepherd himself and an elderly widow who previously owned the house. She is seen looking out of the window in one of the towers. Reason for Shephard's haunting said to be the fact that Shephard was known for being able to "channel" famous piano players while playing and was once reported to be playing Mozart with one hand and Chopin with the other. It is believed that while channeling the great composers, he channeled some negative energy into the house. Beautiful stained glass portraying pictures of famous composer, writers, and artists. In some of these, hair seems to be turning gray and beards seem to be growing. Strong presence is felt, and reports of seeing scenes the past (1800s some time). It feels like something was actually looking out the window, through your eyes. It was a very uncomfortable, evil feeling. There are tours in this place.