Friday, June 1, 2012

Haunted California Campgrounds

California has many haunted campgrounds.
Here is our list of haunted California Campgrounds.

Fernwood Campground - Big Sur, CA : For many years this area was considered sacred by the Esalen Indians and today stands as a commercial campground. ACTIVITY TIMES: Between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. – employees and guests have seen a ghost of an Indian wearing a corn mask near the cabins.

Lake Morena Campground - San Diego, CA : On the remote eastern slope of the Laguna Mountains, at least one campground is haunted in the confines of this park. The apparition of a ghostly young woman in a long white dress has been seen several times. Campers have heard her singing and laughing in the distance and have also heard heavy footsteps around their tents.
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Crystal Lake Campground - Angeles National Forest, CA : The last California Grizzly Bear was supposedly hunted and killed in 1922 however the history of Crystal Lake tells a tale quite different. In 1934 the Majors family was attacked and slaughtered by a Grizzly and the family's ghosts still haunt Crystal Lake. 

Calico Ghost Town - Yermo, CA :Calico is an old West mining town that has been around since  1881 during the largest silver strike in California. Calico Ghost Town is one of  the most haunted locations in California, with many types of ghosts & paranormal phenomenon. Calico has Shadow people, orbs, full bodied apparitions, ghost lights & more. The campground is located next to the cemetery! 
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Mount Madonna State Park - Gilroy, CA : About 12 miles west of the town of Gilroy is the Mount Madonna County Park. It's said that the ghost of Sarah Miller, the daughter of one of Gilroy's founders Henry Miller, haunts the land that used to be owned by her family.

 Vallecito County Park - San Diego, CA :The campground is located in the Anza Borrego desert. This area offers Ghosts, Spirits, Cryptids, Ghost Lights, Treasure & more!
 Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA : This is an ancient forest protected by the spirts of the Native American Peoples that once lived there. This area of California has numerous  BIG FOOT sightings every year. There are many campsites to choose from. 

 Jack London State Park - SONOMA VALLEY, CA : Wolf House was once one of the most unusual houses in the state of California.  Although Wolf House is gone... spirits remain here. In years past, before the Jack London State Park was closed after dark, visitors who came to Wolf House (located in the park) at night reported hearing strange sounds and experiencing odd things among the ruins. They often claimed to be touched by unseen hands or to hear footsteps climbing stairs which burned away long ago. Occasionally, visitors reported that seeing apparitions who bore no resemblance to anyone associated with Wolf House. Stories began to be told about these strange spirits. The legends claimed they were the ghosts of characters from London’s stories.... as if the vivid and fevered imagination of the author had brought them into existence.


  1. Many thanks for your information. I'm a writer from Spain who has just finished a horror novel about a summer camp and I was almost sure that there were well-know haunted camp histories in America much before Friday the 13th!, like Camp Rouletdge in Georgia. Here in Spain the most haunted camp is the Alfaques; in July 1978, a truck full of gas propane exploded and the majority of campers turned into human coals. Camp was moved but the original place is very haunted, and many night drivers had seen campers with summer clothes when they passed in their cars. You will find it in internet writing "Camping los alfaques", despite it probably will written in Spanish: but photographs will be enough.

  2. You should have Alvarado Park in Richmond, California on here. When I was a kid I wandered past the play area onto a trail toward the canyon and saw a real Indian (PC term today is "native American") staring at me. I looked away and he was gone but there was no way he could have left my sight that quickly. When I was a little older I saw a woman hanging from a tree I ran screaming, we had the cops out there and everything but there was no sign of her when we went back. There's also Lake Ladoga in northern California. As well as being haunted, it's a magnet for strange sights in the night skies...loved these places growing up!

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