Thursday, July 25, 2013

Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera?

Poltergeist  Caught on Camera : A U.K. video which appears to show a poltergeist in a Whitstable shop is proving an internet sensation. 
Poltergeist : The term comes from Germany and translates to "noisy ghost". This type of paranormal activity has often been blamed on evil ghosts or spirits. However, more recent theories show a connection to psychokinesis.
The clip on YouTube films security footage apparently taken at the Whitstable Nutrition Centre.
As a shopper browses, a box emerges from the shelf behind him and hovers in the air.
Another box then falls to the floor, startling him.
Since it first when online, it has attracted more than 10,000 views.
It appears to be mobile phone footage of security cameras at the shop.
A man giving a running commentary to the girl tells her: “This guy here, watch behind his head. Keep watching – just look at the shelf. It’s the weirdest thing.”
As the package emerges, she says repeatedly “Oh, my God” and adds: “What is that?”
He tells her: “I don’t know” and she helpfully suggests: “It might be a poltergeist or something like that. I don’t like it.”

Poltergeist Video Link

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