Friday, February 17, 2012

Haunted San Diego

Demons are negative none human spirits, commonly used in Judeo - Christian terms as fallen Angels. The term also applies to many different Gods & Spirits in other cultures that predate Judeo - Christian ones. It is believed there is a hierarchy with demons as well, ranging from the very powerful to lesser ones. Demons are very deceptive about concealing their true identity, often disguising themselves as harmless spirits or ghosts. A demon can appear as many entities to confuse its targets and to extract more fear energy out of victims by making their numbers seem greater. However they usually attack in waves starting with the lesser Demons leading the way. Once the victim has been morally broken down over time the more powerful Demons step in for the possession. It is important to obtain the Demons name, as this will help the Exorcist or Shaman in the exorcism or cleansing. Foul smells like rotting garbage and sulfur are tell tail signs of a demonic presence. The sounds of animal grunting are associated as well, and their appearance can range from a human- like form to horned, half animal like creatures. Never taunt or challenge a demon unless properly trained, as this usually increases the violence at a haunted location.

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