Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Ghost Hunting Camcorder

Whats the best camcorder for ghost hunting? Many ghost hunting camcorders claim to be the best, but we recommend the Moditronic  PARASPECTRUM Camcorder for ghost hunting. They are the best priced & most effective ghost hunting camcorders on the market. 

PARASPECTRUM tm CAMCORDER (PERFECT for Paranormal Investigations!)

This is a high quality, feature rich camcorder with many Paranormal Investigation features. The Paraspectrum filter is made specifically for Moditronic by an optical laboratory contractor.

(Tell them Paranormalistics sent you) for a paranormal discount!

On the left side of the light spectrum you have the ultraviolet which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

In the middle of the spectrum you have visible light (blue to red)

On the right of the spectrum you have infrared which is beyond the red and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Our "full spectrum" is opened to all wavelengths / colors (seen and unseen) but the problem is that there is a phenomenon called "wavelength overlap" kind of like a bright light in your eyes, you miss some colors.

In order to fix this, we block the visible spectrum (colors blue to red) and that's where our filters come in.

The Deep IR filter blocks the visible and only allows infrared in the camcorder.

The Paraspectrum blocks the visible and allows not only the infrared but also the ultraviolet.


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