Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Troll Creature in Pennsylvania

Troll Creature Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania : Recently a woman has brought forth a picture of a Troll like creature in the forests of Pennsylvania.

A women named Polly posted to Facebook a picture of a Bigfoot like Troll creature on her friends rural property. Unfortunately, the original picture is not the best, but Paranormalistics has enhanced the contrast on a few photos and you can almost make out the face of this strange creature dubbed the Troll of Pennsylvania.

Polly told Facebookers that the creature was definitely not afraid of humans and moved like a juvenile primate :

A friend of mine lives in Pennsylvania and saw this as she called her dogs in. She was scared, because it didn't run off. She has 2 big black Chows. We think she saw a baby sasquatch. And that is what she thinks also, because she has never seen anything like this. She knows what a bear looks like, and she said it looked like a little gorilla. – Polly

The gangly creature does not seem to fit any Bigfoot like profiles and that's why many have started calling it a Troll.

This is the original photograph of the Troll of Pennsylvania

These two photos below have had the contrast turned up to better make out the creature.

Whatever this creature is, its definitely  interesting and worth further investigation.


  1. I found a cool app that you can make troll videos from your Iphone! It lets you take your current background and make a troll video with it. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it since there are other forms of multimedia art here. The program is called Creatures FX.

    Here is a quickie made in Arizona. Thought you all might like it!


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