Friday, May 4, 2012


Awakening the inner Buddha of compassion is the potential of the yearly Wesak celebration, near the Full Moon in Scorpio. This potent moment is the spiritual New Year, when the dispensation of spiritual energy for the coming twelve months is given to every individual for expression and development. Power, potency, potential, and possibilities for spiritual renewal, rebirth and regeneration are the essence of this celebration of human and evolutionary progress.
Conscious power is attainable only through the confrontation with our Scorpio shadow, the honest examination, exploration and embrace of all that we fear, project and reject in one self and others. Remembering our natural Taurus gifts of worth, talent, capacity to build good that can sustain and please us and contribute to our fellow beings is the foundational strength required to journey into the Scorpio shadow where our losses, betrayals, shames and terrors hide. Each spring at this height of spiritual power, our souls are ready to deepen our knowledge of all that we are, hidden and possible. Meeting our dark demons, who hold the power of full recognition of our innate beauty, is the task of Taurus/Scorpio - to be free of our own betrayed self.
Globally, the events of the yearly Wesak time illuminate our collective shadow and potential. Since 2008's economic collapse, the world has been focused on finances, banks, debt, bankruptcies, currencies, prices, loans, financial instruments, wealth, wages, and institutional betrayals. Taurus and Scorpio together symbolize the arenas of money, wealth, earnings, finances, corruption, debt, losses, and the destruction wrought by excessive leverage, loans, and debt. Living in this time of tragedy and trauma, the word is confronting Scorpio's hidden agendas: Who benefits from policies and who does not. Who has money and who does not. Who owns and who does not. Who has power and who does not. Taurus teaches love, beauty, giving and receiving, and sustainable living that enhances human life - which is the world attainable beyond Scorpio's transformation.
On May 1st, as Wesak approaches, the people returned to a massive, global celebration of International Workers Day, demanding a voice in their own destiny, policies that support jobs, fair wages, solidarity between workers, and people power. The day was filled with both Taurus music, peaceful action, songs, poetry, and demands for humane policies along with Scorpio defiance, calls for an end to corruption, outrage over extraordinary inequality, a rejection of the powerful and demands for institutional death or regeneration. Individually, we may or may not support these rallies and protests. We may identify with the Tea Party or with the Occupy Movement. We may fear or welcome the global demands for a world of equality, opportunity for all, sustainable policies, and worker power. Yet not one of us can look around the world and see the current structure as viable.
Change is in the air, becoming a hurricane, not a soft breeze. Renaissance or ruin, sustainability or catastrophe, love or terror, the choice of what future we build from the end of the 20th century is ours. This is the day of the year when we can tap the power we have to be that change.

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