Thursday, May 17, 2012

Haunted Locations in San Diego


Star of India Investigation, San Diego CA Case File 4

10/09/11 at 8:00 PM

The Star of India, originally named 'The Euterpe' is a mysterious ship with a long dark history. Built in Ramsey on the Isle of Man, England in 1863, it was one of the first ships made of iron as well as one of the fastest. On its maiden voyage it suffered a collision and a mutiny. On her second voyage in 1865, The Euterpe was forced to cut her masts in a gale and barley made it to Trincomalee and Calcutta for repair. Captain Story died and was buried at sea during the return voyage to England. In 1873 alone, the ship had 8 passenger deaths from various causes. On 1884 a young stowaway that was put to work on the ship was showing off and climbed up the rigging and fell 100 feet. The young stowaway died 3 days later of his injuries. Shortly after, passengers and crew started to report the ghost of the boy touching them near the mast where he fell, making 'S' shapes on their bodies. This was how the game of tag was played during that period and was a favorite pastime on the long voyages. Many report hearing the giggling of a boy as well, along with cold spots. Another ghost of the Star of India, is reported to be of a Chinese crew member who was slowly crushed to death in the anchors chain locker. The chain locker is reported to have a cold spot when the ghost makes its presence known. There is a tale of a captain who slit his own throat in a drunken, frenzied state. The ships physician stitched up the distraught gentleman, but he later pulled out his stitches and bled to death in the First Mate’s Cabin. This area of the ship is reported to have a dark presence felt and guests that sleep in the room are usually awoken by something touching them or ripping the sheets off in the middle of the night. Other ghostly encounters have been reported on the lower deck of the ship where many sailors and passengers have died from diseases and injuries throughout its long history at sea. Some visitors report smells of freshly baked bread coming from the galley as well. Our team of 2 went aboard the Star of India at 8:00 PM for a quick investigation of this fascinating ship. We began on the top deck and worked our way down, taking pictures and checking EMF levels. I personally felt a presence near the anchors engine. Perhaps this was the crew member who was slowly crushed to death by its chains? I took photos and did a quick EVP session, but unfortunately no evidence was gathered. We did capture some exciting orb pictures in other areas of the ship and after an hour and a half of investigating we decided to call it a night.

The personal experience I had on board the ship near the anchors engine and the orbs we captured leads Paranormalistics to believe there in some form of paranormal activity taking place. The unique design of the ship along with its dark history of tragedy and the fact that it is surrounded by water makes it a perfect environment for a haunting. We cant wait to come back to the haunted Star of India.

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