Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Haunted Locations in Old Town San Diego

The Haunted Cosmopolitan Hotel is one of Old Town San Diego's most haunted locations. This is part 3 of our series on Hauntings & Ghosts of Haunted Old Town San Diego.

Ghosts of the Haunted Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Isadora Bandini room.  Once the building was converted to a hotel, Bandini’s daughter used to go there to remember her childhood days.  She used to stay in the same room at every visit. A lot of people believe her spirit is still in the room.  The ghost likes to open the curtains, move the position of the mirror and put the bathroom robe on the floor (this is what guest and hotel staff has experienced). Guest can also hear a cat purring at night.  Paranormal investigators have examined the room. When they started to get readings and ask questions, they weren’t getting anything.  Then, they realized that Isadora spoke Spanish when she was alive.  They started to ask questions in Spanish and, at that moment, she told them her name. They also caught the cat and some Indians who lived in the area way before the adobe house was constructed.

History of the Haunted Cosmopolitan Hotel
The history of this building goes back to 175 years. It all started with a pioneer named Juan Lorenzo Bandini.  He settled the area in the 1800s.  Between 1827 to 1829, he built a magnificent and extended residence with the idea of proving maximum comfort to his wife and two daughters.  The result ended up being the largest residence in San Diego at that time.  The house was built in a Spanish Colonial style.  It included abode walls, muslin ceilings and brick lane patio.

When Bandini died, a man named Albert Seeley acquired the property.  His dream was to build a place where travelers could rest, eat and get some entertainment.  In order to do that, Seeley added a second level to the originally adobe structure.  He was able to create a hotel with 20 rooms.  The new edification was built in a Greek Revival style.  Seeley was able to keep the hotel full because he was also in the transportation business. He used to run coaches between Los Angeles and San Diego three times a week. 

We hope you have enjoyed our series on Hauntings & Ghosts of Haunted Old Town San Diego. Contact Paranormalistics for more info.

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