Monday, July 16, 2012

Haunted Ghost Town Locations in Nevada

Here are some of the most haunted ghost towns of Nevada

Haunted Virginia City NV
The Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City Nevada is said to be one of the most haunted places in Virginia City. When you spend the night in the hotel it is said that people hear the sound of a huge fight some where in the hotel. Many people complain about the noise the next morning but of course it was only paranormal fight. A white mist is also seen floating around the hotel at night. It has been seen for many years. People also see the ghost of a 7-8 year old little girl in a pretty dress.
Many people claim to see the ghost of a cowboy dressed all in black walk into traffic on main street and simply vanish. Many people who see it think its a trick put on for the tourists but its not.No one has ever been able to figure out who he is but he's still being seen by many people.
There is the ghost of a large Collie Dog that people have seen all over town for many years. It has been seen to run into the sides of buildings and simply vanish. 

Haunted Virginia City Cemetery
All kinds of strange paranormal things go on in the Virginia City Cemetery from a glowing tombstone to a tombstone that just won't stay put. People say the tombstone weighs several hundred pounds and it would take several men to moe it. The tombstone has been moved several times and no one has ever seen it move. The strange thing is that you can clearly see the path it takes when it moves.
There is a strange fire in the cemetery that has been seen for years. People say it appears to look like a regular campfire but when you get to it there is no fire and no sign of one. Some people including some police officiers have claimed to see shadows moving around the fire. Some people have also claimed to see and hear horses near the fire. 

Haunted Rhyolite Ghost Town
Hard to imagine that the town of Rhyolite Nevada once had a population of 10.000 plus persons. There is even a house here built of beer and whiskey bottles because lumber was in such short supply. Its interesting to think that people once lived here and went about their normal every day activities and then one day everyone just left. Hard to imagine indeed.
And with every ghost town of course you have ghosts. There are many tales about the ghosts lurking in Rhyolite Nevada and probally more than a few of them are true. There's the brown man said to be a gold prospector who died in the town after he brought huge nuggets in to town to be tested. The legend says he was poisoned by the barber to get the gold. He is seen as a brown shadow with a big floppy hat wandering around town.

Haunted Goldfield NV

The Goldfield Hotel (above) is said to be haunted. The story goes that room 109 is haunted by a pregnant woman. Rumor has it that she was a prostitute named Elizabeth that was chained to the radiator in the room by the original hotel's owner George Winfield. After she gave birth she was left to die in the room and the newborn infant was thrown down a mine shaft, which the hotel was built over. She is said to be seen in room 109 and her presence felt by those who visit that room. The baby is said to be heard crying on lonesome nights.
There are reportedly several other ghosts on the property as well. The ghost of several small children on the lobby staircase, a ghost that "stabs" people who visit the hotel, and even the ghost of George Winfield himself.

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  1. I will be moving home to Sacramento soon and driving through Nevada, I thought it would be interesting to visit the haunted places along the way do you have any suggestions?