Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Attract Spirits

This is how we attract Spirits & attract ghosts!
The Paracorder 667 is our choice for EVP's, spirit detection & attracting entities. Attracting ghosts & attracting spirits is made easy with the Paracorder 667.

The good people at build the best ghost hunting equipment on the market. We use the Paracorder 667 on every paranormal investigation. It attracts ghosts, communicates with spirits & feeds them energy. It's like an EMF pump, but much more.

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What does the Paracorder 667 do?
Ghost Detector and Communicator using ION and Electrostatic metering to identify and communicate with ghosts, plus emits a natural EMF Vortex pattern known to attract and energize ghosts. Unlike any other EMF Pumps on the market, this unit uses Tesla coil technology emitting a natural EMF pulsation at a gentle Schumann resonance frequency (Earth's heartbeat) with the added bonus of detecting ghosts!

Paracorder 667 is Great for EVP's
EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, are some of the best evidence for the existence of paranormal activity. By definition, an EVP is a disembodied voice which is not physically heard at the time of recording, but later heard upon playback. They are typically graded via an A, B, C rating system, with A being the clearest and most likely of being paranormal. At times, a disembodied voice may be physically heard and also picked up by the recording device. These, along with other unexplained sounds, we refer to as audio anomalies.

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