Friday, March 23, 2012

Aries New Moon

Have you been visited by any wild-and-crazy notions this month? Mercury and Uranus joined on March 5, and will rendezvous twice more—on March 18 and April 22. During this period, pay extra attention to strong inner promptings to put yourself out there—or make long-overdue changes. Sky god Uranus throws bolts of lightning to catalyze radical ideas and acts. He animates the Universe with life–and it’s time to get him on your team.
Mercury/Uranus in fiery Aries also coincides with the most intense solar flares we’ve seen in six years. Expect to see more such activity through April as the cycle continues. When the Sun’s magnetic storms release super-hot gases that rocket to Earth, they disrupt our magnetic grid. These solar flares shake up our lives, help us break through old patterns and take risks—but they can also make us feel jittery, irritated or exhausted. If you’ve been unusually emotional or anxious lately, or your brain feels like it’s short-circuiting, breathe deeply and relax. This too, shall pass. Mercury and Mars in retrograde through early April help us uncover old patterns and release them. Allow yourself to grieve, get angry or sleep more than usual. As old feelings get cleared, you can move forward on a more authentic path.
Uranus is in the spotlight again at the March 22 Aries New Moon (7:38 am PDT). Falling less than three days after the Equinox, or astrological New Year, the March 22 conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus is a wake-up call. Whatever area of your chart is activated by this New Moon reveals where your true self longs to be exposed. If it’s in your second house, you may suddenly start to value your talents and pursue an exciting new way to make money. If the seventh house is triggered, you might be ready to leave an unfulfilling relationship and embark on a solo path. If, like me, you have the lunation in your eleventh house, it’s time to ask others to help you realize a dream.

 On March 29 the Sun squares Pluto, catalyzing the intense Uranus/Pluto square that becomes exact in May (through 2015). In the past, this square has sparked great tension and innovation. So far this time, we’ve had the Occupy movement—with more activism to come as the square develops.

 Aspects happening near the Equinox set the tone for the astrological New Year, so with Uranus/Pluto so prominent, we can expect the next 12 months to bring huge amounts of change and growth. Letting go of ultra-stressful situations and staying heart-centered will help us flow with this energy.

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