Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ghosts & spirits manifest

Ghosts & spirits manifest in many ways, shapes and sizes. The more energy an entity has usually determines how it manifests.There seems to be a pattern when entities manifest, starting with vortexes, then orbs, ectoplasm and finally full bodied apparitions. However this is not always the case.

A vortex is a type of doorway to the spirit world. Orbs have been captured coming out of them and many believe this is how some entities travel from one realm to the next. Vortexes usually appear only in photos as a misty funnel like shape and they have been photographed in many different colors. It is believed there could be many types of vortexes going to different places for positive & negative entities.

You must be careful when examining orb evidence so you don't mistake them for dust, reflections of light or moisture in the air. Energy orbs, spirit orbs or ghost orbs , are spheres of energy containing the soul of the deceased or the essence of a non human entity. Some believe this is the easiest way for ghosts & spirits to manifest, because it takes less energy than a full bodied apparition. Multiple orbs are seen in areas that have high levels of paranormal activity and often point to vortexes, portals or doorways within or around haunted locations. They have been photographed in many different colors and sizes as well. But no one is certain if these differences indicate specific types of spirits or ghosts.
Ectoplasm is a thick mist or smoke like substance, usually only seen in photos when paranormal activity is taking place. Faces, as well as other forms have been captured on film within ectoplasm and it appears in many different colors, mainly white, blue and red. Some believe its the energy of an entity trying to manifest. Ectoplasm can also refer to anything left behind by a ghost or spirit.
Full Bodied Apparition
A full bodied apparition is when you can see the complete form of a ghost or spirit. However, most often there is some distortion and transparency to the entities form.

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