Friday, March 9, 2012

Virgo Full Moon (ghost hunting weather report)

  This is great ghost hunting weather! The full moon was yesterday, along with a powerful solar storm that is still going on!! Remember, the waning gibbous phase is a great time for ghost hunting.

 As the Pisces cycle reached its Full Moon climax, this is a great week to tune back into your dreams and emotions. The Full Moon is always in the opposing sign of the current cycle, so it's Virgo that will best help us integrate the Pisces vibration, by either highlighting what serves us or what we should release.  
Pisces and Virgo are both "mutable" signs. Mutable energy is transforming, adapting and dissolving. In Pisces we see this quality in our emotional body, whereas in Virgo, being an earth sign, we find it in the physical plane. Pisces' mutability expresses as invisible messages, through dreams, intuitions, or feelings of empathy—or its shadow expressions of being deluded, overly sensitive and victimized. Virgo's mutability helps us to work, cleanse, and heal—or it becomes criticism and judgment that tears us apart.
The Full Moon enhances energies, so it may make Virgo/Pisces qualities more prominent in our lives now. If we find ourselves overwhelmed by Virgo's inner Critic, we may feel that nothing is good enough at the Full Moon—not our body, our home, our job, or anything else. We will only see what is wrong, even though we want things to look "perfect." These feelings may inspire us to look for an escape—which opens us up to the Piscean "relief" of the Addict. We try to address what's imperfect by taking ourselves out of our body through some other substance (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, fashion, TV, other people—any experience that makes us feel okay for the moment).
Perhaps the healthiest option with these two mutable signs is to listen to our inner Healer. Our inner Healer helps us to recognize that change is occurring. Conditions may feel uncomfortable, but they also bring an opportunity. We can change rather than furiously fixing or denying what is. Rather than being defined by the outer appearance, we see it as a gateway to transformation. We go with the flow of the form, which guides us in making the appropriate change. Through movement, we experience true healing and freedom.
It can be very healing simply to bring the emotional, intuitive essence of Pisces into the body right now, especially if you've been feeling disconnected and out to sea the last couple of weeks. I encourage you to take advantage of the potential for healing in the next few days. Examine your own relationships with the Virgo/Pisces archetypes. Sit under the Moon. Let her light fill your mutable human form and support you in developing a sweeter relationship to your flesh. Get a massage, visit your acupuncturist, chiropractor, energy worker or explore practices like Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
The Vernal Equinox is right around the corner (March 19) and our intentions at this Full Moon, and for the rest of the waning cycle, will initiate our spring blossoming and summer fruition. If we can let Pisces guide us in cleansing emotionally, connecting more deeply to our dreams, and allow Virgo to bring us into right relationship with our bodies and physical connections, we can greet the fiery Aries cycle that heralds Spring with new energy and joy.


  1. I love your website and blog!!!! Its a great combination of paranormal, science, astrology & more!!!!

  2. Thank you! The website is almost finished. Just need to touch up a few things and post more pics & EVPs soon. Post your own ghost stories on our blog page!!!

  3. I have a new thing happening at the house...I will close all the doors upstairs when I leave for work so my dogs won't go in and mess things up..The first few times I came home and the doors were opened I just wrote it off..Now that I started to double check them when I leave in the morning.. Its a little weird but it's not mean and never hurts anyone.
    ..It also unlocks the dead bolt on the front door now and opens it...Love the site it's looking great...

    Starman.........Las Vegas Nv...

  4. Cant wait to get out there again!!! We will come out soon to re-investigate!!!