Thursday, September 6, 2012

Haunted Death Valley

Death Valley has some interesting haunted locations. Here, some haunted places in Death Valley. The haunted Skidoo ghost town & The haunted Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in Death Valley.

Haunted Skidoo Ghost Town

A cemetery, a few mines and a stamp mill is all that's left of this little gold mining town.

The Ghost of Joe Simpson

This creepy ghost town located in the Death Valley desert is the home of one of the strangest deaths in the history of the Old West. In 1908, a saloon manager named Joe “Hooch” Simpson murdered the town’s banker. In retaliation for the murder, he was hung in a lynching by a mob. They buried him, but exhumed his body to pose it for pictures when a L.A. Times reporter came some days later. The locals hung him back up as they had hung him the first time for the photos.

Then, the unthinkable happened. A local Skidoo doctor made the strange decision to test Hooch for syphilis. Instead of taking some blood, he decided to cut off Hooch’s entire head and test it. Now, according to legendary reports, a headless Hooch continuously haunts this small town located in the center of Death Valley.

The ghost of headless Hooch has been seen walking around town at night. Others have reported ghostly activity at the old cemetery.

The Haunted  Amargosa Opera House and Hotel

The Amargosa Opera House and Hotel is located a few miles west of the California-Nevada border, near Death Valley National Park, Amargosa was constructed in 1923-1925 as a company town by the Pacific Coast Borax Company.

Ghosts of the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel

The Armargosa is filled with multiple ghosts of all ages and genders. Room 34 is well known to be haunted by the ghost of “Mary”. People report seeing her apparition and experience feelings of unease at this location.

In other parts of the property, guests and workers have reported phantom smells, the sounds of babies crying and full bodied apparitions. Many paranormal teams have captured ghostly photos, videos & EVPs from this haunted location.

The un-renovated section of the property is called "Spooky Hallow". Within spooky hallow there are several individual spirits with distinct personalities. One of these spirits is known as "Boss Man". "Spooky Hallow" is known for it's murders, suicides, and hangings here. 

With such a paranormal infestation in the Amargosa Opera House & Hotel, it's no wonder paranormal investigators flock to this location.

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