Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paranormal Fire Deaths in India

Paranormal Mystery of Fire Deaths in India
Several girls have reportedly set themselves on fire in a spate of mysterious paranormal deaths in India.

14-year-old Henna was the most recent of around 20 cases in which young girls were alleged to have died in mysterious fires that were said to have either occurred without explanation or as a result of the victim setting themselves on fire for no discernible reason. Many have cited paranormal influencing as a factor in the deaths and some have reported seeing two strange girls talking to the victim beforehand.
Indore: A bizarre ghost story is in circulation in a part of old Indore after the parents of a 14-year-old girl, who was found with cent percent burn on Wednesday afternoon , told the police that two mysterious girls had asked their daughter to pour kerosene on self. Their neighoburs are also attesting to the ghost story and claiming that around 20 girls died under similarly mysterious circumstances in the last few years. 
Goma Ki Phel and Kazi Ki Chawl, the two downtown localities in Indore, are agog with feverish rumours of paranormal power behind the death of Henna, who succumbed to burns in MY hospital. 
Henna's father Abdul Razzaq and brother Feroz were shocked when the dying girl told them that two girls had come to her and asked her to douse with kerosene and accompany them. However, no one saw the mysterious girls entering in or going out of the house before or after the incident. They were also shocked as Henna was absolutely normal and had meal with family before she was found 100% burnt. 
Investigating officer sub-inspector Qureshi told us the family members and neighbors stated that Henna had told them she was under influence of some paranormal power who asked her to commit suicide and she followed the order.
The police officer claimed similar incidents occurred in the past too where minor girls committed suicide by immolating inside their houses and they cited the same reason behind the extreme steps. 
Vimla Bai, who had taken Henna to hospital, claimed that she too had lost her son Dharmendra in similar grotesque circumstances. He immolated self inside the small house, the woman said. She also claimed before her death Henna told her about two girls who asked her to accompany them. 
Two years ago, a minor girl Aatesha, daughter of Atiq, was found with cent percent burns in the house. Atiq had then claimed that barring his daughter all the other items in the house were found intact. Besides, the reason behind her suicide is unclear till date. In her dying declaration Aatesha had also told about some paranormal powers influencing her. 
Rafiq Khan, a resident of Kazi Ki Chawl claimed that family members do not get wind about immolation of girls until they burn completely even in a adjacent room. A family after losing a school going daughter had shifted from the locality before Aatesha’s death.
Local officials have confirmed details of the cases but remain perplexed. The exact reason the victims set themselves on fire and the identity of the two mysterious girls seen talking to them in several of the cases remains so far unexplained.


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