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Paranormal Investigators Carlsbad CA

Paranormalistics headquarters is located in Carlsbad Ca North San Diego County. We primarily service California and Nevada but will travel as far as it takes.This is a free service. Contact us to schedule an investigation or to report, study or obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential.
Paranormalistics is the study of all things paranormal using investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena. Most situations have logical explanations, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal.

Carlsbad abandoned house investigation, Carlsbad CA Case File 3

We arrived at the location at 11:36 PM on 9/10/2011. Our team of four, entered the house through the back kitchen entrance. We checked every area of the house with flashlights and EMF detectors for any persons, animals or high amounts of electricity that could contaminate our evidence. All was clear, so we decided to set up the equipment. It was a very old house that had been abandoned for ten or more years and had no utilities. The only thing unusual was what appeared to be blood on the walls, curtains and ground throughout the inside of the house. This could have been leftover from a practical joke, but we are still unsure of this and it looked very disturbing. We set up in the main bedroom where the air was thick and you had the feeling something was watching. Everyone all agreed, this would be a good place to start. It was the darkest part of the house and you could feel a presence toward the corner, where a small, add on bathroom, with no door was located. This is where we started our EVP session. Three minutes into the EVP session both of the two female investigators experienced migraine like headaches on the left side of their head. We stopped the EVP session and made sure they were all right and the headaches ended as fast as they started. We then started taking photos of the area and went back to the EVP session. A few minutes later we heard a woman's voice come from the bathroom. All four investigators heard this, but none of us could make out what was said. I asked it again to speak and we heard the disembodied female voice, but still could not make out what it was saying although it sounded distressed. A second later we had heard a loud crash from the kitchen area. We looked around the kitchen but could not find anything or any reason for the noise. We started taking pictures of the entire house and we captured some amazing photos.

We captured an EVP saying " NO" and then something else that we could not make out. When I said " if there is somebody here, speak to me now"at this exact time was when we heard a disembodied woman's voice speaking. The digital recorder did not record a woman's voice but appears instead to be the voice of an angry male. We also captured an orb with what appears to be a womans face in the hall bathroom (not the bathroom where we did the EVPs) that appears to be a ghost orb. We captured an orb photo next to a bloody curtain. We left the abandoned house an hour later after no other paranormal activity took place. I took a few photos outside the house as we were leaving and captured a very large Orb following us off the property. The air outside was clear, with no fog, rain or wind was present during the investigation.


The womans face in the orb, the crash in the kitchen and the fact that both female investigators began having headaches in the same area, leads me to believe there could be a female ghost and a dark entity present. Also the fact that we heard a distressed,disembodied womans voice wailing for possible help and when we tried to communicate back. Something disrupted our EVP session.The loud crash in the kitchen makes me feel like a dark entity has trapped this poor soul and doesn't want anyone communicating with it. The dark entity appears to have some grudge against women as well. We still have some EVP's from this investigation currently being reexamined, so keep checking for updates. There is definitely paranormal activity at this location, possibly an intelligent haunting with two or more entities, and we will be back soon. We captured a photo of what we believe to be of a dark entity peering around the corner of a hallway. This picture is still being tested to determine its validity before we release it.

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The Paranormalistics are a highly trained team of Investigative paranormalists and paranormal investigators. Paranormalists are experts in the paranormal field and occult sciences. All of our members are volunteers and do this to further our understanding of the paranormal universe and to help others in need. This is a free service. Beware of any group that charges a fee. We do accept donations to help with costs, but they are in no way required. All of our paranormalists and paranormal investigators have been studying their craft for years, long before the popular ghost hunting & paranormal shows came about. We officially decided to form a paranormal investigative group on Sept 1st 2011 because of the number of people asking for help and to support the paranormal community with it's rise back into main stream society. The Paranormalistics do not use aggressive tactics or extreme provoking for the safety of our team and others. Aggressive tactics can be dangerous for the people who live or work in areas that may have high levels of paranormal activity.The Paranormalistics use investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand the unknown. All of our members are understanding of any situation and respectful of your privacy & property. Most situations have logical explanations and we will try and find them, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal.

Contact us to schedule an investigation for your residence, property, business or if you want to report, study or to obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential. Please enjoy the website and keep checking for new updates as this is a new site.

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