Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paranormal Investigators Las Vegas NV

We now have a new Paranormalistics Las Vegas Nv Chapter & Paranormalistics Boulder City Nv Chapter to better service those regions.

Paranormalistics is the study of all things paranormal using investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena. Most situations have logical explanations, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal. We primarily service California and Nevada but will travel as far as it takes. Paranormalistics headquarters is located in Carlsbad Ca North San Diego County. This is a free service.

Contact us to schedule an investigation or to report, study or obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential.

Haunted Las Vegas NV

North Las Vegas Residence, Paranormal Investigation Case File 1

(exact location classified at homeowners request)

We arrived at the location at 8:07 PM on 3/25/2011. The owners of the house had been experiencing foot steps, things turning on by themselves, doors opening and other paranormal phenomena. After checking the house out, we decided to start with an EVP session in the master bedrooms closet. One of the owners told us his dogs hate this area and often growl at the closet. The owners themselves were uncomfortable with the closet and preferred the door closed at all times. You could definitely feel something was there and unwelcoming but we kept going with the EVP session. Towards the end of the session one of our paranormal investigators asked if it wanted us to leave? Just then my EMF detector went off emitting a high pitch sound. It had clearly interacted with us. The closet had been checked for EMF levels and did not detect anything. The EMF detector was on the entire time during the EVP session as well and we captured its mysterious surge on our digital recorder! When our team was in the garage we all heard loud unexplained knocks as if it was trying to communicate with us as well. We ended the investigation in the garage and decided to call it a night.


The investigation went well and The Paranormalistics will definitely be back to investigate. This is likely to be an intelligent haunting since it interacted with our EMF detector when asked questions and the unexplained knocks in the garage. We captured some great audio from the investigation and the amount of paranormal activity in the house that we felt justifies another trip. We have some possible EVP's from this investigation being re-examined so check back for more updates.
EMF Goes Off! (mp3)
Strange Noises from the Garage (mp3) 

All of our paranormalists and paranormal investigators have been studying their craft for years, long before the popular ghost hunting & paranormal shows came about. We officially decided to form a paranormal investigative group on Sept 1st 2011 because of the number of people asking for help and to support the paranormal community with it's rise back into main stream society. The Paranormalistics do not use aggressive tactics or extreme provoking for the safety of our team and others. Aggressive tactics can be dangerous for the people who live or work in areas that may have high levels of paranormal activity.The Paranormalistics use investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand the unknown. All of our members are understanding of any situation and respectful of your privacy & property.


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