Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paranormal Protection

When you need protection from problem ghosts, spirits or entities, use these items and spiritual techniques.
The White Light Technique - Pray to any God of your religion. Visualize the calming white light pouring over you. Say "In the name of God" I ask that a capsule of light be cast around me to seal and protect me from any energies, entities or influences that may be detrimental to me. Fill my aura with the light and love of God! You can use any prayer but you must say " In the name of God" and visualize the white light filling your body.
Garlic - Hang over your door, put a clove in your pocket, wear it around the neck. Garlic repels dark entities.
Salt - Dark entities cannot cross a line of salt because it repels negative energy. Salt can be carried in anything and you can cast it in the direction of the problem entity.
Holy Water - Catholics and non-Catholics use holy water as protection from ghosts and evil entities. Cast the water in the sign of a cross in front of entryways, windows and throughout the entire house while praying. You can carry it in a vial around your neck or keep in your pocket. Holy water is also used to anoint candles, crosses, other items and people as well.
Charms, Amulets, Tokens & Talisman - Such as Crosses, Holy medals like St. Michael, Crystal quartz or Silver jewelry. Anything with spiritual or sentimental meaning. Wear these items or place them in your home.
Energy Stones - Quartz crystal, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are good choices. Recharge your stones by placing them outside, overnight on a full moon or let a loved one hold them. Refrain from anyone negative handling your stones .
Sage and Incense - Light sage or incense and walk through every room, making sure to trace every doorway, window and all entryways. Pay special attention to closets, corners (including ceiling corners) and / or basements and attics. Let the smoke fill the area, to make sure every part of the house has been smudged. You can also pray while doing this. Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Pine are just a few of the many incense you can use.
White Candles - Light white candles in your home. It symbolizes positive energy.
Feng shui (or Fung shui) - When you Feng shui your home it protects you from negative energy, dark entities and improves health & happiness. Feng shui has been used for over 5000 years in China and Kan Yu is the original designation for this discipline. It is believed to harness the energy of both Heaven and Earth. Just look up how to Feng shui your home on any search engine.

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