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Paranormal Investigators Carlsbad CA

Do you have a possible haunting? Think you have seen a spirit in your house? Contact Us, we want to help. The Paranormalistics are a highly trained team of paranormal investigators. This is a free service.

The Paranormalistics do not use aggressive tactics or extreme provoking for the safety of our team and others. Aggressive tactics can be dangerous for the people who live or work in areas that may have high levels of paranormal activity.The Paranormalistics use investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand the unknown. All of our members are understanding of any situation and respectful of your privacy & property. Most situations have logical explanations and we will try and find them, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal. Contact us to schedule an investigation for your residence, property, business or if you want to report, study or to obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential. Please enjoy the website and keep checking for new updates as this is a new site.

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Ghosts & spirits manifest in many ways, shapes and sizes. The more energy an entity has usually determines how it manifests.There seems to be a pattern when entities manifest, starting with vortexes, then orbs, ectoplasm and finally full bodied apparitions. However this is not always the case.

A vortex is a type of doorway to the spirit world. Orbs have been captured coming out of them and many believe this is how some entities travel from one realm to the next. Vortexes usually appear only in photos as a misty funnel like shape and they have been photographed in many different colors. It is believed there could be many types of vortexes going to different places for positive & negative entities.

You must be careful when examining orb evidence so you don't mistake them for dust, reflections of light or moisture in the air. Energy orbs, spirit orbs or ghost orbs , are spheres of energy containing the soul of the deceased or the essence of a non human entity. Some believe this is the easiest way for ghosts & spirits to manifest, because it takes less energy than a full bodied apparition. Multiple orbs are seen in areas that have high levels of paranormal activity and often point to vortexes, portals or doorways within or around haunted locations. They have been photographed in many different colors and sizes as well. But no one is certain if these differences indicate specific types of spirits or ghosts.

Ectoplasm is a thick mist or smoke like substance, usually only seen in photos when paranormal activity is taking place. Faces, as well as other forms have been captured on film within ectoplasm and it appears in many different colors, mainly white, blue and red. Some believe its the energy of an entity trying to manifest. Ectoplasm can also refer to anything left behind by a ghost or spirit.

Full Bodied Apparition
A full bodied apparition is when you can see the complete form of a ghost or spirit. However, most often there is some distortion and transparency to the entities form.

A Haunting is when paranormal activity has been occurring for a lengthy period of time in a certain location. An area can become haunted for many reasons, not just untimely deaths or tragic accidents. Sometimes an area can become haunted because it was the favorite place of a person who has passed. People do not have to die at a location for it to become haunted and it can technically happen anywhere. The architecture of a structure, the minerals in the land, underground springs and other water sources can have a major factor as well. For example, you should never build structures on top of limestone or water tables, because limestone retains energy and water is a conductor of energy. This belief dates back over 5000 years in ancient China and other areas in the region.

Haunted can refer to a person, object, or place that has a ghost or spirit attached to it. Haunted objects can be anything from jewelry to an old piano and often have an aura in photos. Sometimes it can be a person that's haunted and not the area.

Intelligent Haunting
An intelligent haunting is when paranormal activity interacts with the living and shows some type of intelligence.

Demonic Haunting
A Demonic haunting, is when a negative, non human spirit or spirits haunt a location. These types of hauntings usually start out playful but can quickly turn very dangerous and even deadly. Demons destroy families and can haunt people their entire lives. Even if they move, the demons will follow. An exorcism or cleansing must be conducted to rid the victim, object or location of these negative entities, by a demonologist, priest or shaman, but there's is no guarantee this will work.

The term 'Infestation' is used when multiple ghosts, spirits or demons are involved in a haunting. Infestation can also used to describe a very intense rise in paranormal activity at a location.

Paranormal Others

Shadow People

Not much is known of shadow people, but as the technology improves, the paranormal community is getting more and more evidence of their existence. Some call them watchers or observers from another dimension. Shadow people may not be ghosts or spirits. They are described as tall, black humanoid like beings. Some with red eyes and no necks.

This paranormal phenomenon is the most unknown and difficult type of paranormal activity to identify because of its behavior. The term Poltergeist comes from Germany and translates to "noisy ghost". Some of the signs are loud banging, knocking, disembodied voices, and objects disappearing and reappearing in other locations. Poltergeists can become dangerous because objects have been known to be violently thrown at the agent. This type of paranormal activity has often been blamed on evil ghosts or spirits. However, more recent theories show a connection to psychokinesis. One theory is that a human agent can be the cause of these types of hauntings. This could be a type of spontaneous psychokinesis and could be linked to traumatic experiences that have happened to the agent or subject. This can happen to anyone at any age. The good news is that poltergeist activity can stop just as fast as it began.

Keep checking for new updates as technology and understanding improves throughout the paranormal community.

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