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Haunted Hotels California

Here are some of the most haunted hotels in California. Haunted hotels are great places for ghost hunting. Enjoy our haunted hotels in California list.


Haunted Hotels: Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, California

The Queen Anne in San Francisco. As the legend goes, Miss Mary Lake haunts the hotel as she was not ready to let someone else purchase the hotel. She is quietly wandering the halls and stairwells, making appearances regularly. She is said to be haunting her room, The Mary Lake Suite, room 410. She makes tapping noises, periodically plays the piano and can be mischievous. She pulls the hair and shirts of some of the staff and is regularly seen primping in the mirror on the second floor. Many guests have seen Miss Mary Lake and are excited that they have had the privilege of meeting her face-to-face.

Haunted Hotels: Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA

The Hotel del Coronado is believed to be haunted by the ghost of young Kate Morgan, who committed suicide. 

Haunted Hotels: The Haunted Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California

A historic ship, once a hospital, now a hotel, the Queen Mary is haunted by numerous ghosts from stern to bow. This hotel/ship is one of California's most haunted locations.

Haunted Hotels: Dorrington Hotel in, California

Built in 1852 as a stagecoach stop, this historic hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of one of the original owners, Rebecca Dorrington Gardner.

Haunted Hotels: Grande Colonial Hotel in, California

Throughout the hotel’s almost 100-year existence, employees have been compiling not only a log its lively history, but tales of its ghostly hauntings as well. It’s a list that runs the gamut, from run-of-the-mill accounts of doors slamming during the night to the more bone-chilling reports of children and couples from decades past seen roaming the halls.



Haunted Hotels: Groveland Hotel in, California

Lyle is a friendly, reclusive spirit who plays tricks on the guests of this Groveland, California haunted hotel.
Groveland Hotel guests report all kinds of odd happenings in "Lyle's Room" (which is also the hotel's most popular room). Lyle, who is said to be tall, thin man with a beard who wears a straw hat does not like ladies' cosmetics on his dresser and will either knock them to the floor or carry them to the bathroom. Lyle is also known to turn the water on and off, an event owner Peggy Mosley and her husband once experienced when they were the only people in the building.

Recent investigations have revealed that Lyle has company. The Northern California Paranormal Investigators found at least two more ghosts, one of them a man (who may have died during a violent event following a card game) who is often seen in the dining room and a young woman in wedding dress who wanders the courtyard looking for her groom.

Haunted Hotels: Georgian Hotel in, California

The Georgian Hotel was opened in 1933, which was near the end of Prohibition. It is believed that the Georgian Hotel served alcoholic spirits. In the present day,the hotel's Speakeasy restaurant has been the location of otherworldly spirits.

One visitor, who could not be seen, sat down next the the hotel's chief engineer and let out a loud sigh. The engineer asked the ghost if it was going to speak and the spirit left the area.

Employees have seen transparent guests that dissipated. One employee heard an invisible entity say "Good morning" to him repeatedly.

Haunted Hotels: Holbrooke Hotel in, California

This historic hotel in the Sacramento area has been the scene for a couple of ghost sightings, including a 19th century woman who appeared in an upstairs hallway and a cowboy in the Iron Door. Many rooms in the historic Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley have their eerie histories, characters and tales. Sleep in the Black Bart Room, used by the highwayman who robbed the stagecoaches of the rich. Fall asleep to the sounds of little ghost children jumping on old mattress springs.”

Haunted Hotels: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotelin, California

Celebrity spirits like Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift reportedly are still detected in this haunted hotel in Hollywood, California.

Haunted Hotels: Hotel Leger in, California

George Leger, the original owner of this haunted hotel in Mokelumne Hill, died in 1879, but his spirit is said to haunt the salon and several of the guest rooms.

Haunted Hotels: Hyatt Hotel St. Claire in, California

This haunted hotel in San Jose, California may have a smoking ghost. Stories indicate that the hotel also has a resident ghost named Julia. She is a prominent young woman who was married at the Palm Room in the 1930s. Her fiancé abandoned her at the altar and she took her life at the basement.
Guests experienced hearing footsteps of a high heeled woman and background pictures that contain a wedding gown train with bride's feet. There was also a strange incidence at the second and sixth floor.

Haunted Hotels: La Playa Hotel & Cottages in, California

This haunted California hotel (and its ghosts) are linked to the Ghiradelli chocolate family of San Francisco. The legend often tells that Angela drowned in Carmel Bay and now haunts the shore and hotel. However, it was actually a visiting cousin who drowned, not Angela. It is believed that the ghost is Angela's, watching over the guests of her beloved hotel.

Haunted Hotels: Madrona Manor in, California

This haunted hotel in northern California is home to the spirits of two young girls & others. 
During the renovation of this old mansion, workmen and carpenters told Mrs. Muir of the eerie feeling of an unseen presence watching them. 
Since the Madrona Manor has opened, employees also have felt that they were being studied by a presence they couldn't see. 
Guests have found their belongings in strange, unusual places, much to their annoyance.
One guest, who was in Room 101, got quite a surprise, upon awakening during the night, of finding an unexpected visitor, an apparition of a 30 - something woman, wearing a long black dress and had a black ribbon tied around the collar of her dress, standing right next to the bed. She went from the side of the bed, to sit in the blue velvet chair by the window. This visitor disappeared, after the guest asked her what she wanted.After having finished a wonderful dinner, a guest, Mrs. P, looked up and saw one of the French doors, leading to the dining room, open up and an apparition of a small, gray-haired lady, dressed in clothes from the 19th century, came into the dining room. In utter awe and fascination, Mrs. P continued to stare at this elderly lady as she came over to Mrs. P., and stood right beside her. The lady told Mrs. P, "I'm glad you can see me. I feel so bad that no one else can. This was my house once and I like what's been done to it! I'd like to tell someone that. Now, you can tell them." 

Haunted Hotels: Mendocino Hotel And Garden Suite in, California

A Victorian woman haunts the mirrors and rooms in this haunted resort hotel in California.

The Mendocino Hotel is said to be haunted by a Victorian woman. the woman haunts restaurant and appears in mirrors. She also also been reported in guest rooms. She likes to play tricks on the staff of the hotel.
Guests of the hotel have been frightened when they looking into the antique mirrors in the hotel and saw an apparition looking out at them. Frightened guests have also reported seeing ghosts bellied up to the antique bar and gazing out the windows.

This haunted Mendocino hotel was chosen as the headquarters for the 2006 California Ghost Hunters Conference. The ghost hunters gather with the goal of liberating spirits who might be trapped and need directions to move on.

Haunted Hotels: Napa River Inn in, California

This hotel in an 1884 historic mill and warehouse is thought to be haunted by several ghosts, including Albert Hatt, the son of the original mill owner. 

Haunted Hotels: Pierpont Inn in, Califronia

This haunted hotel in Ventura, California has a former manager that still keeps an eye on things.

Haunted Hotels: Paso Robles Inn in, California

This haunted hotel in San Luis Obispo, California is watched over by a night clerk who is always watching for fire.

Haunted Hotels: Sierra Nevada House in, California

This haunted hotel, built in 1850, has a mischievous but friendly ghost the staff has named "Christopher." A less friendly spirit, "Mark," was persuaded to leave Room 4 by a psychic.
California has many other haunted hotels. We hope you have enjoyed our post. 


  1. Staying at La Playa Hotel, Carmel by sea all alone during recent renovation. I can state was an amazing experience,I had my share of experiences with paranormal activity, exposing areas of mansion that had been sealed, discovering the water well, and more. The place is definitely haunted, by a female.

  2. Would love to hear more about your experience. Drop us an email.