Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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We strive to be the best that a paranormal website can be. Our paranormal website has some of the best information a person with paranormal interest could hope for. Our paranormal blog & paranormal website has a wealth of information that we gladly share with the world. The Paranormalistics are here to help in the understanding of paranormal phenomena and the advancement of paranormal research.

We want to hear from you. Our blog and website receives a large amount of traffic and we would like to hear any suggestions or topics our viewers are interested in. Please post in the comment box below.

Paranormalistics is the study of all things paranormal using investigative, scientific and spiritual techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena. Most situations have logical explanations, but there are others that defy reason and are paranormal. We primarily service California and Nevada but will travel as far as it takes. Paranormalistics headquarters is located in Carlsbad Ca North San Diego County. This is a free service.

Contact us to schedule an investigation or to report, study or obtain help with paranormal activity. All consultations are confidential. Our website & blog will give incite into the paranormal world.

Ghosts, Spirits & Hauntings
What are ghosts, spirits & hauntings? So we can make things easier to understand, lets briefly talk about our universe, dimension & plane of existence. If we have a better understanding of our surroundings, we can better understand these phenomena and how it's possible for ghosts, spirits & hauntings to exist in our world. Scientific facts and leading theories are great places to start.

The Universe
The universe is made of energy. The discovery of the 'God Particle' helps prove this. Everything around you is energy when broken down to it's purest form of subatomic particles including yourself. Energy cannot be totally destroyed, it just changes form. When you are born, a spark of energy brings you into this world, and within our universe are other dimensions or planes of existence. There are many doorways to these worlds and black holes will soon prove this. Astro physicists agree black that holes exist and we now have the technology to create them with particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. A black hole is a perfect example of how anything is possible in this universe because all the laws of physics go out the window when you reach the center, which is called the Singularity. Leading scientists agree the singularity is a very likely place to enter another dimension or plane of existence. This gives a great argument that doorways to other worlds do exist and how such phenomena like ghosts, spirits & hauntings are scientifically possible on our dimensional frequency in a universe made of energy.

Everything in this Universe is energy
Everything in this Universe has purpose
Everything in this Universe is connected

What are ghosts? Our theory is that ghosts are the energy of a person or animals soul that once lived. Ghosts exist in between our dimension and the next, like a radio signal that isn't quite coming in clear on our dimensional frequency. They have not fully crossed over to the spirit realm. There are multiple reasons why ghosts make themselves known to us and how they interact with the living is usually determined by what personality characteristics they had when they where alive.

Ghost Personality Characteristics
Ghosts were once human, just like you and I. It is believed that you keep your personality characteristics when you die. For example, if you where an evil person in life, you will be the same as a ghost. Mean spirited ghosts usually torment the living at haunted locations, feeding off the victims fear energy. The same goes for good people. If you were a loving person in life, you will be a loving ghost. Good spirited ghosts are usually very protective of families that live in haunted locations.Remember not all ghosts are bad.

Why Ghosts Are Here
There are multiple reasons why ghosts make themselves known to us and why they are still here. However, there doesn't have to be a particular reason, sometimes they just happen.It can happen to anyone, at any age and remains a mystery as to why.


  1. Great site! More haunted locations! Love it!!!

  2. This is one of the best paranormal blogs on the web! Your website is awesome as well, but I read the blog every day. Keep up the great work Paranormalistics!!!!!! More cryptozoology news please!!!

  3. I like how your sites are not confusing. Its easy to navigate and filled with great info.

  4. Best paranormal site hands down! Good job!!

  5. love everything about it Paranormalistics!

  6. Stateroom (325) on B deck is a very haunted suite starboard side of the Queen Mary.

  7. Great work!!
    I am at

  8. Just viewed your Website. Not the least bit impressed. A person can only say and tell what he feels. Your major mistake is you are not getting at subject matter. Even the subject matter that a reader sends to you, you are at a loss as to how to reply. You have brought this website into existence to show that you are deeply involved with the paranormal. To the Editors of this Website, it is all in your head, period. If you were honestly looking for unusual daily workings, then my suggestion to your editing people
    is to change your Website format, namely put the ghosts behind you, become serious
    and ask the public for information they have been reluctant to share in the past, this is what we as the public want, we do not want to hear another ghost story. Suggesion to you is start asking the public for photos of Dietys today in 2014. Ancient Snake People Monuments in 2014 Photos. Tree People photos in 2014. Come-on get real your Website has a dating from 1950 for data.

  9. Hey have a question so it's kind of rot let me explain anything that I get near or around will slowly break down this includes relationships of other people this ends up taking longer but small things like fish that have lasted for years in the houses I've been in. Then I will come and they will die like a scyth has marked them even dogs. People take longer but the longer I'm near them the worst they get mostly aggressive towards anyone and it doesn't take long and some might say I'm being anyyoing well it's hard when your not in the same room as them just being in the same house most people I've seen is it goes from aggressive to pain old or young cancer has happend multiple times and my grandmother was out of work for 2 weeks to a month for her back is it me or does it sound like a shrowd of deaths rot

  10. Amuised at the critque above. If anonymous is such a web expert, maybe he should devote more time to writing on his own.

  11. a much better and more interactive site here ... even has a spirit board.

  12. paranormal visitors as changed its webpage now its an their doing episodes of investigations now an live ghost cam's

    1. yea i've visited their website there great too, im enjoying their episodes at the moment.

  13. paranormal visitors as changed its webpage now its an their doing episodes of investigations now an live ghost cam's